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Insider Information: Superfeet/New Balance Therapeutic Comfort Insoles

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It’s no secret that women our age need shoes that are more comfortable. Yet, the biggest problem with shoes is how everyone’s feet are so different, and yet you can’t alter shoes the way you can alter clothing.

That’s why I’m here to discuss the therapeutic comfort insoles that are a marriage between Superfeet and New Balance created by New Balance featuring the doctor recommended Superfeet shape.

Quote of the day: “The world is more malleable than you think, and it’s waiting for you to hammer it into shape.” Bono

Don’t you wish you could hammer your shoes into the shape you need?? Well, maybe with the addition of comfortable orthotics, you can forget the hammer and step into a shape that feels more like it’s
made for you.


What you’ll learn in this article
The combination of Superfeet + New Balance
Details of these Therapeutic Cushion Insoles
How to Size
How to Fit
Review of Superfeet Insoles
Do they work?
Other versions

Superfeet and New Balance’s Marriage

If you have ever researched comfort insoles then you may have learned about Superfeet. They are a leading company that has been making insoles for more than 45 years.
In fact, Superfeet likes to brag that they have made a science out of fine-tuning their signature Superfeet shape to create the best kind of comfortable orthotics.

The therapeutic cushion insoles that I’m reviewing today were a marriage between Superfeet and New Balance. New Balance has been around for over 100 years and was originally associated with the New Balance Arch Support Company.

With these two powerhouses working together, they came up with this combination to give your shoes the extra support and cushioning that our older feet need.

Therapeutic Cushion Insoles

What you first notice when you take these insoles out of the box are
1-Contoured heel area
2-Foam from heel to toe
3-Cushioned heel pad on the bottom (this is my favorite part)
4-Arch support
5-Flexibility so it moves with your foot

All of these factors come together to help support our feet and take the pressure off areas that can hurt.

How to Size the Superfeet Comfort Insoles

Size chart for Superfeet insoles

This is the size chart to figure out which ones are right for your shoes.
Even so, you will need to trim them, and that’s the advantage of these Superfeet comfort insoles. They can be altered to fit in your shoes for your foot needs.

How to Fit Your Insoles

Instructions for fitting of insoles

Because these comfortable orthotics are created with flexible foam, they can be trimmed to fit into your favorite shoes.
The advantage of this is you can make them work for most any type of walking footwear.

Trimming your insoles is easy! First, check to see if your shoe has a removable stock insole. If it does, remove the insole and use it as a template to trim your New Balance insoles. Line up the heel and arch side of the insole; using a pen, trace the outline of our shoe’s existing insole on the New Balance insole. Once you have your outline in place, trim your new insole.

My Review of the Superfeet Comfort Insoles

I decided to try these out in a pair of converse-like sneakers that have absolutely no support in them. Because they are so flat, I tend to only wear these shoes for days around the house.

Since I was adding support to make them more comfortable I decided
to take them on a day trip to the art museum and walk around to test them out. We walked around for half of the day on concrete floors.

Insider tip: Because these kinds of comfortable orthotics add a vertical element to your shoe, you might need to loosen the laces of your sneakers.

Therapeutic insole in my sneakers

Do they work?

Undoubtedly these insoles did provide the arch support my sneakers were lacking, and I was able to wear the shoes all day without issues.

The full-length foam on the insoles helped my feet feel better even while walking on hard surfaces. It was a great exercise to show that the foam really helps with the impact of walking after a long day on your feet.

BTW, I did wear my no-show socks with the insoles, but they are said to be safe and gentle for sensitive skin if you don’t wear socks.

Insider tip: These can easily be taken out of one pair of sneakers and used in another pair too. There is no adhesive that will wear out over time.

Other Versions of Superfeet Insoles

I noticed that there are many different varieties of the Superfeet/New Balance insoles available.
1-Metatarsal support
2-Sport active
3-High impact & high arch support
4-Slim fit
5-And more, so definitely check them out if you are looking for a way to make your feet happier.

Comfort insole review

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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