Arizona style: What to wear in 80 degree weather

Insider Insights: What to Wear in 80 Degree Weather and Beyond

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We have become professionals at the idea of what to wear in 80 degree weather. Heck, most of our summer days start at 80 degrees in the early mornings and then only get hotter from there.

Quote of the day: “I can’t tell you how much time is spent worrying about decisions that don’t matter. To just be able to make a decision and see what happens is tremendously empowering, but that means you have to set up the situation such that when something does go wrong, you can fix it.” Ward Cunningham

The ability to make fast, reversible decisions is super helpful when considering what to wear in 80 degree weather. Especially because of how each of us “feels” temperature is very unique.
There are also other factors that tie in with weather and clothing that were discussed when Charlotte talked about 60 degree weather.
I decided to explore the differences with the 70 degree days especially compared to my mom’s options.

The other part we worry about when deciding what to wear in 80 degree weather is how to cover the parts of our bodies we are embarrassed about as we age.
PLEASE, PLEASE reevaluate your thoughts about this. The words we speak to ourselves are very powerful.
Because it’s quite sad to think we should be embarrassed about our bodies. If we went around trying to cover up everything that didn’t look like the magazine ad models, then I should be wearing a paper bag over my head!

And I know even younger women feel the need to “cover-up” if their body isn’t perfect. Hopefully, by now, we are starting to realize that our bodies are perfect as they are. They may have scars or wrinkles or other such marks, yet we love babies with chubby thighs. So why shouldn’t we love our own extremities??

Just think how much time and energy is wasted by worrying about our imperfect bodies. I bet we could be much kinder and more productive if we focused on the positive aspects instead.

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Skirt: Apt. 9~~ Cardigan: Lauren RL-thrifted~~ Top: Josephina -Macy’s ~~ Shoes: Italian Shoe Makers ~~ Purse: thrifted~~Hat: San Diego Hat Co

Lesley’s Words on What to Wear in 80 Degree Weather

Living in a retirement community has given me a different perspective on fashion and older women. And nothing makes me happier than to see women embracing the changes that have come with each passing year.
In fact, it’s silly to think that our bodies wouldn’t change. They’ve been changing our entire lives, and are quite remarkable. So let’s stop trying to cover up because you judge certain issues as “bad.”

In Lesley’s words: “When temperatures get high I like to wear shorts or a skirt to keep my legs cool.  In the summer I like skirts because you can swish them to create a breeze on your legs.   I usually have a sweater, wrap or shirt with me for when I go into a store or restaurant that thinks they need to freeze me out. YES, I do wear sleeveless tops in the summer. YES, I do have “Hello Dollies, bat wings, or whatever you want to call them. They are mine and I like to keep them cool too. No one has complained yet.

So let’s explore the details about what Lesley wore for 80 degree weather. She has been living here in Arizona for 3 summers now, and one of those summers was the hottest one on record. That and the fact that we try to get out and explore even in the heat, has given all of us the experience needed to weigh in on this subject.

The Basics of Clothing for Hot Weather

Flowy skirts and dresses are seriously the best options when you need to stay cool in the hot weather. Because you get some air circulation between your legs and there isn’t material rubbing against your skin.
In fact, one thing that makes us hotter is when the sun hits our bodies. That means that long skirts are perfect too.

With the flirty skirt that is above knee height, Lesley added a sleeveless tank top and sandals. Then the lightweight cardigan is something to always have with us for when we go inside the air-conditioned places.

Insider tip: I’d like to point out that both the outfit with and without the cardigan show how the 1/3 to 2/3 proportion works. If she would be wearing a mid-calf-length skirt instead, then it might not look as nice because the proportion would be half and half.

Accessory Facts

For the three of us, an outfit isn’t complete without some extras. Even in the dead of summer, there’s no reason to give your outfit that cherry on the top with some kind of accessory.

Now when the high of the day only gets to 80 degrees, then we are open to wearing a necklace. This is especially true when the necklaces are lightweight instead of heavy metals.
You won’t see a scarf around our necks but we have shown 3 other options for wearing these magical pieces of material on the hotter days.
1-As a belt
2-On our hat
3-Tied on the purse

Insider tip: The advantage to styling a scarf these ways during the summer, is you can grab it and tie it around your neck if you are inside and the air-conditioning is too cold. So don’t think it’s only for pretty…this idea is very functional too.

The other 3 extras that stand out in Lesley’s what to wear in 80 degree weather outfit are the earrings, hat, and purse.
Finding colorful and somewhat bigger earrings has been my goal for the summer days since I am not usually wearing a necklace. Lesley wore both and they worked well together since the necklace is longer.

A hat in the summer may seem counterproductive since we think of hats to keep us warm in the winter. Yet, the fact that the hat keeps the sun off our heads is a huge factor in keeping us cooler in the summer. Plus finding a colorful one is fun.

Even though I never understood the significance of purses as part of the outfit when I was working, I totally understand it now, haha!
Adding a bright-colored straw purse gives the outfit a fun boost. And I love the idea when it doesn’t match, but brings in other colors instead.

Sandals for what to wear in 80 degree weather

Let Your Toes Breathe

When we talk about what to wear for 80 degree weather, the shoes make a huge difference. Maybe when 80 degrees is the highest it ever gets, it may not be as important; however, once the temperatures rise into the 100s, sandals are the shoes of choice.

Insider tip: Having covered feet in the summer really makes a difference in how hot your body feels. If you have to wear sneakers, then look for perforated ones.

This pair of flat sandals have been a favorite for both Lesley and me. In fact, between the 2 of us, I think we have 5 different colors of them. They are flat enough for our all-day walking excursions and there is enough arch support too.
Some sandals that have the band between the toes can be annoying, but these are not!!

Woman over 70 in what to wear in 80 degree weather

Does the Material Make a Difference?

You hear all of the time that you should choose breathable materials when considering what to wear for 80 degree weather. Materials like cotton, silk, and those natural ones.
And I agree that those materials are helpful. But personally, I have found that the looser and lighter-weight pieces are the winners for me. Many of the cotton items have a heavier feel, and while they may be breathable, they also add weight to your extremities which can be more annoying.

When in doubt, come visit us in the dead of the summer to compare for yourself. That’s the only way you’ll know for sure, LOL!

Ageless style
What to wear in 80 degree weather

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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