Instructive Lesson-Which Shoes to Wear with Ankle Pants

Instructive Lesson-Which Shoes to Wear with Ankle Pants

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Instructive Lesson-Which Shoes to Wear with Ankle Pants

The idea of which shoes to wear with ankle pants was a suggestion by Gail!! The three of us will be showing 3 different kinds of the more cropped styled pants and different options of shoes to wear with them. Including a wild card which means a type of shoe that we aren’t always comfortable styling with this item.

Quote of the day: You don’t have to love your body today, but you can be friends with it. We all have parts of our bodies that just don’t feel right. We have things we’d like to change. YET, you can befriend your body today. In fact, the more at ease you are in your skin, the more confidence you have in all parts of your life.” Belong Lifestyle

This quote is everything. And I’m using it for Charlotte because I have to twist her arm to wear ankle pants. She would rather have long pants to cover her ankles and veins. Yet one of my favorite stories from Reader’s Digest is about veins and how a granddaughter drew on her legs to look just like her grandma.

When these kinds of different trends come around, it can be hard to embrace them. They are different. We aren’t used to seeing them especially on us. And then we get concerned over what to wear with them.
Personally, I think almost any type of shoe can work with almost any type of pants. Most of the time it comes down to the “heaviness” or color of the shoe.
Make sure to check out the shoes that Lesley wore with a cropped pant and the ones I wore a cropped flare style.

Charlotte’s Outfit

Different shoes to wear with ankle pants

Pants: Talbots ~~ Cardigan: Draper & Daions-thrifted ~~ Top: Casual Corner Annex-thrifted

My mom has had these pants for at least 5 years. After we wore them for a series of blog posts (linked below), she ended up letting out the hem so they would be longer.
However, she needed some ankle pants for this idea and had to reshorten them. I just hope she keeps them this length because I always think it’s nice to have variety in our closets.
Besides, most of us wear some kind of capris or shorter pants in the hotter weather, so it’s nice to be able to bare our ankles.

Other ways she’s styled these SAME pants
Wearing Ankle Pants for a Dressy Occasion
Ankle Pants 2 (Smart)
Ankle Pants 1 (Casual)

Winter Shoes to Wear with Ankle Pants

Ankle pants and ankle boots are basically made to go together. I always say that if you wear long pants with your ankle boots, then you don’t really see them as much.
So pairing boots with these kinds of pants is a match made in heaven!!

Insider tip: DO NOT obsess over how high the booties should be. There is no right or wrong answer. If your ankle pants are loose at the ankle, then if your boots are taller, the pants will hang over them. No worries.

As for color, my mom chose these snakeskin booties from Bealls that she bought for $15. Even though they are a print, they are a light, neutral print. It keeps the outfit lighter for the upcoming spring.

Dressy Shoes

These pants are really neither dressy nor casual. To me, they are just a pair of pants. So it’s easy to add a pair of heels or more dressy shoes with them.

Charlotte chose a pair of nude 9 & Co. heels. These, like the ankle boots are lighter in color and blend in with her feet and keep the outfit lighter. If you don’t wear heels, then even a pair of nude flats would work.


Flats work for everything and everyone. Granted you need to find ones that feel good! Most of us realize that “flat flat” shoes don’t work anymore if you’re walking much. We need ones with some arch support. The part about looking good is always a bonus.
Just think that flats could include loafers too. You have a choice to show off some foot or have it mostly covered.

These color blocked blue shoes are an Enzo Angiolini pair. Charlotte chose these because they match the color of the pants. If you don’t have a color to match, then neutrals are an easy choice.
However, don’t count out another color. For example, yellow shoes would work nicely because of the lighter colors in the top half of the outfit.

Summer Shoes to Wear with Ankle Pants

Most of the time, if you’re wearing ankle pants, it’s somewhat warmer outside. So of course, any kind of sandal would be fabulous.

Charlotte brought over two different pairs of sandals for this outfit and wanted me to choose which one looks best. This is something I think many of us do. We wear two different shoes in front of the mirror and wonder which one is better.
Truthfully, when you evaluate both of these sandals, they really are the same. Both are blue (sure, different shades of blue, but I’m not splitting hairs yet), and both have almost the same pattern of straps (criss cross).

For this example, I had my mom wear one of each to show the difference. Personally I like them both. The lighter ones may be better for a lot of walking because they have more support. And the dark ones tie in the darker blue in the jacket.

Insider tip: I think it’s hard to tell which one is better side by side for ourselves. My suggestion? Put on one pair and take a selfie. Then change out the shoes and take another selfie. Check out the photos one after another.

Wild Card

My mom is still not a huge fan of wearing sneakers with her outfits. Yet the more we go out exploring and walking, she’s realizing that they provide the comfort you need on those days. Besides, they aren’t your dad’s sneakers anymore….they have become so fashionable.

Charlotte’s Jambu sneakers from 3 years ago have been her go to sneakers for awhile. In fact, you can see how she styled them when she originally got them.
Since these sneakers are blue, they work wonderfully with the ankle pants.

If you have a pair of shoes that you just can’t imagine wearing with ankle pants, remember to really analyze them. Because in all reality, these sneakers aren’t much different than a pair of flats. It’s not much different how I tried to reason and use my imagination to style my brogue shoes 5 different ways recently.

Insider tip: While Jambu doesn’t have this exact style anymore, I can offer you a discount of 20% with the code JTOUCHS21 until May 30, 2021. Their shoes are made for comfort and many are even APMA accepted.

Shoes to wear with ankle pants

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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