Interesting Ideas of Why and How to For Layering a Skirt Over a Dress

Interesting Ideas of Why and How to For Layering a Skirt Over a Dress

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Interesting Ideas of Why and How to For Layering a Skirt Over a Dress

Layering a skirt over a dress may seem like the silliest thing ever. Yet with all of the layering we do with our sweaters and tops, why shouldn’t we experiment with the same concept for our bottoms?

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Like the idea of layering a skirt over a dress. What this does is magically change your dress into a top. It’s not the first time this concept has been on the blog, but I’ll talk about more of the whys and hows.

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White dress used for layering a skirt over a dress

The Base Layer

First let’s start with the kind of dress that works best for this idea of layering a skirt over your dress.
1-It should be relatively thin.
2-The straighter the better, but don’t stop this from trying other types. It all depends on the kinds of skirts you have.
3-A shorter dress gives you more options with different skirts.

My white dress is at least 10 years old. It was purchased from Victoria Secret when they used to have a catalog that sold clothing. I have worn it for years alone or with jackets over it.
Notice I didn’t wear any necklaces for these examples. I wanted you to focus on the skirts and overall outfit instead. But in real life? There would definitely be more bling!

Now the million dollar question is why would you even experiment with your clothes this way?
1-Adds a ton of variety especially when travelling.
2-Great for hiding stains on the skirt part.
3-Fabulous way to “lengthen” a too short dress.
4-The top stays tucked in.
5-It creates an instant slip to your skirt.
6-Warmer in the cold weather.
7-When a dress is tight at the waist, throw on a skirt to cover it.


Now I showcased this exact example on my Instagram reels (which you can see here). And there were many comments that I would like to disprove.
1-You don’t have to be “skinny” to do this. Most of your skirts are not skin tight, so it’s not like there is extra bulk.
2-You do not need to size up in the skirts. As long as your skirts work with a top tucked in, then they will work the same with this idea.
3-The dress will not bunch up under the skirts anymore than it does when you are wearing it alone.

Pencil layering skirt over a dress

Pencil Skirt

Now you might not think a pencil skirt would work for this idea of layering a skirt over a dress. Of course this depends on the shape and fit of your pencil skirt.
This yellow pencil skirt is cotton and has a tad bit of stretch in it. It also has a silky lining which makes it slide over the dress easily.

One comment on Instagram stated she usually wears a belt to create a stylish outfit. Since this skirt has buttons on each side, one of the things I considered was wearing a brooch in the middle of the waistband.

See the time all three of us wore our brooch as a “belt”
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White turtleneck dress

A-Line Skirt

An a-line skirt would be the perfect item for this concept since it flows away from the body.

This plaid skirt was made by my mother, Charlotte. You can see how I’ve styled it before on the blog.
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Layering a pleated skirt over a dress

Pleated Skirt

Pleated skirts are having their day at least in blogger land. These feminine skirts range from knee length to midi length, and are perfect for coverage and style. At first I thought the skirt was too long; however, I have grown to love having a nice variety of lengths of skirts in my closet.
I purchased this skirt as a set which I wore this spring as you can see here. In fact, you can see the top in this Instagram post (slide to the second photo).

White dress as a top

Maxi Skirt

Since your maxis are long, these skirts are fabulous for being able to layer over a dress.

You can see this skirt styled another way in the post
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Tunic for winter

A Dress Over a Dress

You can certainly layer another entire dress over your base layer dress. While this one is more of a tunic dress (which I doubt I’d wear solo as a dress), it’s the same concept of layering a skirt over your dress.

This really could be done two ways. One is to have the base dress longer like in this example. Or you could try it with the base layer shorter. For example if I had a spaghetti strap maxi dress layered over the white dress, you would only see the turtleneck portion and sleeves of the base layer.

Layering a Skirt over a Dress

THE BIGGEST TAKEAWAY: Just try it. You’ll never know if this will work for your clothes unless you put them on and see how it goes. You might be pleasantly surprised with the options that look better than you thought.

And if you need some more inspiration, check out my video where I style a “too short” tunic with 10 different skirts over top. Yes, I said 10 different skirts!! (And if you can, please click the heart to love the video)

Layering a skirt over a dress

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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