T-shirt dress style worn as a tunic

Interesting Variety with Your T-Shirt Dress Style

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T-shirt dress style for older women

Interesting Variety with Your T-Shirt Dress Style

Even your t-shirt dress style can have loads of variety if you get creative. Leave it to Charlotte to prove that point. This week’s theme is all about how to dress up your t-shirt style so you could wear it to a fancy event. I started by showcasing my dress with a topper and heels. And Lesley went fancy schmantzy.

Quote of the day: “I’ve learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends on our dispositions and not on our circumstances.” Martha Washington

Just like the quote above, our disposition can certainly be the key to our happiness. How does this relate to your t-shirt dress style? Think of it as making the best out of anything in your closet. You may look at my mom’s outfit and think there is no t-shirt dress in sight.
That’s because Charlotte decided to get creative with her item, and you can too. Read more about it below.

Charlotte’s T-Shirt Style

Adding a skirt for t-shirt dress style

Dress: Amazon here~~Skirt: Mom made it ~~ Shoes: Anne Klein ~~ Necklace: Maison de Camille ~~ Earrings: ~~ Purse: thrifted

I ordered this dress for my mom off Amazon and it was a great deal. However, if you look at the description, you’d think it was linen. And it’s not which the reviews reveal It’s actually a silky, polyester so who knows why it’s called a t-shirt dress unless it’s because of the boxy look?
The reason I thought Charlotte would like it is because of the 3/4 length sleeves which is her favorite option.

Insider tip: If you read the reviews, many say it’s sheer. We didn’t notice that as much with this color version, but that could be the case for the beige one. Also most reviews say it runs small, but that wasn’t the case for us.

Since the dress was a tad short for my mom’s preference, I suggested wearing a skirt under it. So she went a step farther and decided to cut off a lot of the hem to make it pointed in the back and front.

Insider tip: If your dress is too short, you can wear it like a tunic with a skirt or pants under it like Charlotte is doing in this post. Consequently you can also style it as a top with a skirt over it. Sometimes if the material is thin enough you can tuck it into pants or knot the ends like I did here.
These are the ways to make your closet seem bigger.

Print t-shirt dress style

Fancy Schmantzy

When I asked my mom how she makes her t-shirt style fancy, she answered with the answer “accessories”. That’s exactly why she wore her pearl necklace from Maison de Camille also, since pearls always feel so dressy.

Adding in jewelry is such a nice way to make an outfit more individual and special. Just think of these pieces like the sprinkles and cherry on your ice cream sundae.

Charlotte also carried a bright colored purse to go with the tunic/dress.

T-shirt dress style worn as a tunic
Snakeskin mules for dress up

Baring our Legs in the Summer

Charlotte isn’t always comfortable baring her legs, yet when wearing sandals, it looks silly to wear hose. Therefore she has found toeless hosiery. Usually you can only find this product in the summer at the stores, but Amazon may have them all the time?
While most women will just end up wearing pants if they don’t like baring their legs, this could be an option.

I twisted my mom to wear these snakeskin sandals with the outfit and I think they give off a modern vibe. The advantage of snakeskin or leopard for your shoes is that it is a print made of neutrals.

BTW, someone told me once that they considered unpainted toenails old ladyish. Who else thinks that??

Altering your clothing

I was able to find many longer t-shirt dresses in the widget below if you are looking for more coverage.

Changing up your t-shirt dress style

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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