Introducing a Closet Tour of this Fashionista Along With Organizational Tips for Where Bloggers Live

Introducing a Closet Tour of this Fashionista Along With Organizational Tips for Where Bloggers Live

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Introducing a Closet Tour of this Fashionista Along With Organizational Tips for Where Bloggers Live

I’m here to join in with a closet tour for our Where Bloggers Live Group. WARNING! I have a lot of clothes! And this is a long post!
In my defense, it’s what I love, it’s my creative outlet, and right now it’s even my job! On top of that, most of my items are either thrifted, gifted or purchased on sale.

Quote of the day: “The number one reason people fail in life is because they listen to their friends, family and neighbors.” Napoleon Hill

The reason this quote spoke to me is because while I believe in an organized closet, that organization should look different for everyone. It should depend on the space that you have, the variety of your clothes AND it should evolve over time (just like our style).
By evolve, I mean that you may need to rearrange where things go in your closet and try a different system from time to time depending how you accumulate and purge.

As I lead you through my closet tour, I will give you some of my organizational tips. If you ask my mom, Charlotte, she will tell you that I’ve always loved to organize my spaces. Even as a kid, I would organize her closet and my closet as a past time.

When we moved into this house a year ago, one of the things I LOVED about it is the fact there are 2 closets in the master bedroom. They aren’t HUGE closets, but there are two nonetheless. That’s why in “my” closet, you won’t see any of Rob’s items.
In fact, I have my sweaters stacked in “his” closet. I did include a photo of those at the very end.

Master bedroom closet tour

Overview of the Closet Tour

Here is my closet in a nutshell. It’s not one of those huge closets where there is island and mirror in it. However, I have learned many tricks to make the most out of the space provided. I’ll be sharing those throughout the post.

I even have cute decor on the upper wall. Trust me, I’ve never had that before. Usually all available space is taken up by clothing or accessories.
However, I couldn’t figure out what to put in the space above my ankle boots, and Lesley has cute decor around her closet. So when I found that PMS hanging, I knew it was a good start.

Feel free to tour the house before we moved in on Instagram. Then you can see both bedroom closets without clothes in them.

Closet decor for a closet tour

Closet Decor

Now this is the definition of PMS that I enjoy!! I found this hanging at a consignment store.
The girls in tutus and the shoe hangings were purchased at the store, At Home.

The Right Side

As the tour starts, I will walk you around my closet starting on the right side as you look in. That’s where there are 2 wooden rods in the empty closet. So this is were I store both my tops and pants.

FYI: Lesley was amazed that I don’t have matching hangers throughout my closet. While I know many stylists recommend that, I would rather spend my money on the clothes themselves.
Granted, I did buy some matching hangers for my rolling clothes cart that I use in many of my Instagram videos.

Check out some of the Instagram videos that Rob has produced:
$15 Haul
Animal Prints with Color
Color Combinations with Yellow


Jackets with my closet tour

The top clothing rod is reserved for jackets, blazers and shorter kimonos. Now I will say that we ALSO have a coat closet, so these jackets are ones that I wear as a third piece, not as much as a coat.

Organization tip #1: Categorize your closet as much as possible. This makes it easier to find items. For instance, keep tops and pants separate.
If you have a “matching set” don’t hang them together. Keep the top with the tops and the bottom with the bottoms.
The reasoning behind this is once you see the one piece of the set, you will automatically remember there is the partner to it. But if you are looking for a “yellow top”, you won’t always remember you have it, if it’s with its partner.

The lower clothing rod houses my tops. Now full disclosure, these are “most” of my tops. The darker ones end up on the left side of the closet and there are a handful of winter ones in the guest closet.

Organization tip #2: Hang the hangers backwards after you wear something to see how much you really wear in your closet. I just started this trick so while I suggest it, I’m not sure how much it’ll work for me. But the rationale sounds great.


All of my pants and jeans are folded in this closet tour. This hasn’t always been the case in all of my houses, but it’s the logistics of how much hanging space I have here.
I keep my “jeans” separate from my “pants” because they are thicker and can stand up on their sides as shown above left. I use the shelf above the bottom rod for the jeans since most of my jackets are short (this is also the reason I placed the jackets on the top rod instead of storing the tops there).

Then the darker jeans are above the jackets along with my pants (also organized by color). I fold the jeans in thirds and place them on their sides, and I fold the pants in fourths and stack them with the help of stackable shelves.

Organization tip #3: In each category, organize by color. We are visual creatures and remember our pieces by their color. Therefore, storing them that way makes finding them that much easier.
It also makes it easier to put together different color combinations with what you have. For instance when using my color recipe, it would be easier to look for a pink top when all the pink tops are together.
As part of this, if one area of your closet isn’t lit well, then store the whites and lighter pieces starting there. Figure out the color gradient that works for you.
For myself this is my color scheme: White, tan, yellow, pink, orange, red, green, blue, purple, brown, grey, black.

Organization tip #4: The right way to fold your ANYTHING depends on the size of your space. You want to SEE everything or you will forget about it.

Back of the Closet

Continuing on my closet tour, now that you’ve seen the right side, if you turn to your left you will be facing the back of the closet. This is where there is one high closet rod. This back rod stops at the left side closet rod.


I am now hanging my skirts on the very right side of the back rod. At least I’m hanging the skirts that need to be hung. Because I LOVE skirts and have a lot of them, I need to fold some of them in the storage cube that is on the floor below the skirts.
Our cube is from IKEA, but I see Target has them also. We’ve used these in our other house and had them attach to the wall, but this one is not attached.

The rest of the back clothes rod is housing my darker dresses, long kimonos and jumpsuits. They carry over from the left side of the closet clothes rod.
If I were a true organizational freak, then I would have the blue ones on the left and the black ones next to the skirts. However, I just recently rearranged this area, so they are the opposite.

Closet tour of a fashion blogger

The Left Side

The left side of the closet tour may seem like a mishmash of items. In fact, as I’m writing this, I’m reconsidering placing my cardigans next to the skirts and have a full rod of dresses. Like I said, our closets should evolve, and this is how mine is evolving.

On the very left is the darker tops that wouldn’t fit on the right side lower clothing rod. And then the dresses, longer kimonos and jumpsuits are after the cardigans (which are going to get moved as soon as I’m done writing this).

Organization of closet tour

Shoes & Boots Closet Tour

Now let’s get to my favorite part of this closet tour!! The footwear. Why do I love footwear so much? One reason is because you can gain 5 pounds and they still fit. But in all reality, I’m sure it’s an inherited trait!!

Now it might be surprising that I have any boots living in Arizona. However, our first winter was cold, so I was glad I didn’t purge many of them.
Again, I use the categorization method with my footwear and keep boots separate from ankle boots which are separate from shoes and sandals. Part of this is dependent on the space you have to work with.

Tall Boots

My tall boots are mostly hidden. Heck, I don’t even have them organized by color. Shame on me. I’ll get right on that.
Half of these are on the floor under the dresses in the back, and the other half are on the top of the organizer under the left side closet rod.

Organizational tip #5: Boots need help to stand up. I use half of an egg carton in each one. You can also use swim noodles or there are boot forms that are better shaped.

Ankle Boots

What can I say? I love ankle boots and since I wear them with everything from shorts to skirts and jeans, they get a lot of love.
These are all found in the space above the left and back clothing rod. Since there is ample room for two layers, I used shelves to stack them.

If you have a wire shelf for your shoes/boots, and the holes are big enough for the heels to fall through, you can use a piece of cardboard on top.

Organization tip #6: With shoe storage you save space by nesting them as much as possible. For boots I do this by facing one boot forward, and one boot backwards. Seriously you gain at least an inch for each pair of shoes this way.
Some shoes I nest on top of each other. This does not work for ALL shoes and it can be hard on the shape of the shoe.

Shoes and Sandals

The end of this closet tour finishes on the very left side of the closet as you come into it. It was lined with cubby shelves and I knew instantly that my shoes had a home.
However, my shoe cup runneth over, and I had to find a horizontal organizer at the thrift store which fit perfectly under my dark tops on the left side of the closet.

Shoe organization with my closet tour

When I was transferring the shoes to these cubbies, I started with the black shoes closest to the ceiling. Why? Because they are the least worn shoes in my closet.
And yes, there is a small folding ladder sitting right outside the closet which I grab to get to the black shoes AND pants.

Organization tip #7: Always think about how you will use your items when you are organizing them. Just like in the kitchen, it’s nice to have the dishes close to the dishwasher. Make it easy to grab the things you wear the most.
And don’t be afraid to move them around if you find a better system.

Hanging Outfits

I have a rod that sticks out in order to hang my pieces that I plan on wearing the next day. It’s not easy to see, but it’s sticking out under the shelf with the snakeskin sneakers (yes those are the Walking Cradles Orlean sneakers)

While I couldn’t find the exact same one, this one is wonderful because it flips up if you’re not using it and it can hang over your door OR have it be wall mounted.


These beauties are stored in “Rob’s” closet. Confession: I also have my vests in his closet! There aren’t that many, so he doesn’t mind giving up the space.


Again, you might be surprised at why I have so many sweaters when I’m living in Arizona. In my defense, I hand knit about 80% of these. So they are the hardest to give away unless I’m giving it to someone I love.
Because this area is pretty high, I had to stack the shelves up in order to utilize the space better.
Not all organizational shelves stack. Look for the hooks at the bottom that will interlock into the one below it if you need this detail.

Organization tip #8: Make sure to check all departments for your organizational tools. Many of these shelves are touted for kitchen use, but they work just as well for the closet.

By the way, if you would like to see some of my hand knit pieces in more detail, I showcase them most Saturdays on Instagram. Here are a couple: (if you do click over to look at them, please consider clicking the heart to like it)
Red tank top
Rob’s Vest

Closet tour

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