Two-piece swim from Rotita with coverups and suits

Introducing Two-Piece Swim From Rotita: On Website vs. Us

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The 4 of us are introducing two-piece swim from Rotita. And I wanted to show both how it looks on their website, and then modeled on us real women over 50. As I love to proclaim, style isn’t dependent on our age, size, or budget.
Rotita is a company we worked with 2 summers ago to showcase swimwear, and I thought it would be nice to talk about two-piece options this time.

Quote of the day: “I always find beauty in things that are odd and imperfect. They are much more interesting.” Marc Jacobs

This quote is quite powerful. Because who of us hasn’t sweated over swimsuit season knowing we could never look as good as the models? It doesn’t matter our size, if you are anything like my 30-year-old self, then you know what I mean. I would pick apart every “bad” thing about my body and then I wouldn’t enjoy the time at the pool or beach.
I look back on those days and think how it was all for naught.

Time is fleeting, and swimsuits are no different than other clothing. You wear it and enjoy the day because life is short.

I have written more than one article about swimwear for women over 50 and it almost always includes some kind of pep talk. We all need to hear it over and over.

Cover ups and two-piece swim from Rotita

Why Two-Piece Swim from Rotita?

If you are in the water as much as we are, then you might realize that a two-piece is so much easier than a one-piece.
Yet time and time again, I see most women opting for a one-piece swimsuit when shopping.

That’s why I wanted to focus on two-piece swim from Rotita. Seriously, I can sum it up in one word. B.A.T.H.R.O.O.M.

Once you know, you know. It’s also a ton easier to take off a wet two-piece than a one-piece. Another advantage is most times you can order different sizes for the top half vs. the bottom half. The truth of the matter is most one pieces are very form fitting, while you can find tankini sets that aren’t so tight to our bodies. Some of you might feel more comfortable with them.

And by now, I’m sure it’s obvious that just because we are talking about two-piece swim from Rotita, it doesn’t mean that you have to show off your midriff. There are a wonderful variety of tankini sets and swim dresses from Rotita.

We were gifted these two-piece swim from Rotita as well as the coverups. I was not paid to write this post, and we will be giving our honest opinions on these items. Some are good, and some are not so good.

Insider info: I wanted to compare what you see on Rotita’s site vs how things look on real women with real bodies. One thing to remember on any website is they are using professional lighting and some of the models I would guess are photoshopped and could even be AI. The images of us are real and what you would see in real life.

BTW, I will link to the items if they are still available and give the cost as it was when I checked. Sometimes, items go on sale or become out of stock, so feel free to look around.

Charlotte: Woman over 80 in Two-Piece Swim from Rotita

Charlotte is 5’4″ and usually orders a medium. All of her items fit as expected, however, the swim shorts accidentally came in a large. They still fit fine since there is so much stretch and she was comfortable in them.

Coverup as tunic

Mom’s blue coverup is no longer available on their site, but they have a large selection of other blue coverups. In fact, I have seen the wrap coverup below on Tiktok, because it’s an easy way to go from beach to dinner with ease. You just place one strap over your shoulder, wrap the material around your body and then place the other strap over the other shoulder. Tada, it’s a dress.

Blue strappy coverup Rotita

In Charlotte’s words: “I love the colors in both of my suits. The bra parts are quite impressive as I’ve never had such bust support in a bathing suit before.

I also liked the length of my two short coverups since they covered my knees. The 70s braided fringe on my wine-colored coverup was quite the lovely feature as well as the white applique on the blue coverup.”

My mom ordered the black swim shorts, however, these blue ones got sent instead. Since the tankini had all kinds of colors in it, it was no problem to wear the blue ones, and I think I like it better this way.

Swim bottoms

Lesley: Woman over 70 in Two-Piece Swim from Rotita

Lesley is 5’0″ and usually orders an XL. Everything fit true to size.

This coverup is more red in real life, but the sun made it look less bright.

Because Lesley is short, the mesh beach pants were too long, so she added elastic in the hem to create a gather. Basically, she made them into genie pants.

In Lesley’s words: “I’m amazed and impressed by the quality of Rotita suits.  Fabric is great not thin & cheap.  The bra/cup in the tops is good, adjustable, and not flimsy.  Straps are adjustable which is a great feature. Of the three I received I like the red and black polka dot the best.  The style was different with the top looking like a blossom over a bra.  Shorts bottoms stayed put even when in the water. 

The blouse part of the top floated around when I was wearing it for water aerobics, but I’m going to play with magnets to keep it down and see if that works.  The other two were also good, if I had any negative thoughts it was that the tops were a bit too long covering the bottoms completely.  For some that may not be a problem, but I would like a bit shorter.

I have recommended Rotita to waterwalking friends and they have also been impressed with the quality, style, and price of these suits.”

This was Lesley’s favorite of the suits. It’s so different than her other swimsuits and she is a sucker for polka dots.

The top is much longer on Lesley than on the model. Even with the knot on the side, it hangs long.

You can see how much longer the top is on Lesley than the model.

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Cathie-Rotita Suits and Coverups

Cathie is 5’1″ tall and usually orders a 2XL or 18/20. Everything fit true to size, however, the contrast high-waisted bikini top shrunk when she washed it and she had to stretch it out in order to wear it for these photos.

You should see the back of this coverup. It’s just as cute if not cuter.

In Cathie’s words: “The swimsuits were not my favorite and here’s a couple of reasons why. I believe they had no support and I just did not feel very comfortable in them, and I wear a lot of two-piece swimsuits. For me, I thought the material was super thin especially compared to the ones I had just ordered from Shein and Romwe.

I did love the coverups because they were fun and roomy. And I took the tassel one with me on my birthday weekend celebration and got tons of compliments on it.”

Cathie removed the bow from this suit herself. It was sewn on loosely and it just wasn’t working for her, so she edited it herself.

Insider tip: Remember you are the boss of your clothes, and details like that are easy to change.

This is the suit where the top shrunk after Cathie washed it on a gentle cycle and hand-dried it. She ended up stretching it out to wear it for our photos.

Jodie: Two-Piece Swim from Rotita

I am 5’2″ and usually get a small. Everything fit true to size.

This is much longer on my petite frame than the model, but I love how I could wear it as a kimono. It reminded me of the sheer white kimono Cathie wore last summer.

I have never bought an expensive swimsuit because before moving to Arizona, I used them very infrequently.

Yet even now that we go water walking and to water aerobics, I have a hard time paying almost $100 for a suit. Heck, I just looked at Talbots catalog and just the tankini top was almost $100.
Considering the suit is being bathed in chlorine and the sun when it’s in use, I don’t expect any suit to last for years.

Besides the fact that my tastes and size may change over time. Therefore, I love the selection of my Rotita swimwear and would order more.

I wasn’t 100% sure about this suit when I ordered it, but I decided to take a chance. And it is my absolute favorite. It has an edgy vibe while still being somewhat modest.
The only thing is the wrap part on the bottom half is not connected, which makes it hard to figure out how to put it on. Since I like it in line with the main bottom portion, I plan to tack the back wrap to the suit to make it attached.

This suit was my second favorite. The tribal print really makes it more interesting than the plain suit below. BTW, if you are comparing the tan on the model to me, you will never hear me apologize for my white skin. I’ve shared how freeing it has been to embrace my pale skin.

This suit has a great texture to it which is hard to see in the photos. If it weren’t so plain, I might like it better.

Two-piece swim from Rotita for older women

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Other Info

If you aren’t someone who spends a lot of time in the water, then here are a couple of things to remember.

1-Always wash out your suits in the sink when you get home. This helps them last longer by rinsing out the chlorine.
2-You should think differently about suits you will wear to sit around in vs. suits you will wear in the water. Ruffles and longer items will float on the water, and when you get out, will stick to your body instead of hanging loose like they did when they were dry.
3-Many coverups can be worn as tops and tunics with jeans, shorts, or skirts. Don’t categorize them as swimwear only.
4-Two-piece swim from Rotita or any company has the advantage of mixing and matching. For example, I could wear my red cage neck top with my navy bikini bottoms. It’s one reason I have become such a fan of two-piece suits (besides the bathroom issue).

BTW, Rotita has more than just swimwear. They have all kinds of clothing on their site, but personally, we have never tried anything but the swim and coverups.

Two-piece swim from Rotita for every size and budget

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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