January Highlights For Jodie’s Touch of Style

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January highlights of the month

January Highlights

I’m changing up how I showcase the months for you to read. My husband loves these posts to remember what our month was like, but I’d like to make it more condensed and only include the days where something fun or eventful happened. So if there isn’t any photo or dialogue on certain days, be sure that I was either blogging, napping or maybe even cooking!

January highlights at the Dior Exhibition

Day 1: What a fabulous way to start the year. AARP of Colorado featured my article on their site.

Day 4: Our classic movie night continued with Leslie bringing over the movie, Rear Window. It was my first Alfred Hitchcock movie ever.

January lunch with family

Day 5: After our photo shoot, we tried out another family owned Italian restaurant close by. We’ve driven by it MANY times but this was our first time eating there. It was fabulous. My shirt that I’m wearing? It’s one of my new faves. You might have seen it on Instagram. Don’t you agree with the message?

January photo shoot

Day 6: When I was uploading the photos from yesterday, I came upon an “oops” photo. But aren’t these the best sneakers for Rob? These are the exact pair (which are incredibly lightweight) but here’s another version too.

Day 7: Did you know that Panera’s was offering a free bagel every day through the month of January? It’s a good reason to sign up for their rewards program. Besides the fact you get a free sweet on your birthday. So we drove over to have a bagel for our afternoon snack.

January videos

Day 8: Rob and I have been working on the YouTube channel by coming up with a How to Wear series. This one on scarves is what I consider the ABC’s of scarf tying. If you are interested, I’d love for you to subscribe and even give me the thumbs up on any that you like.

Day 9: We had our classic movie night over at Lesley’s. This evening we watched the Maltese Falcon with Humphrey Bogart. I don’t quite understand why Humphrey was so popular, but it’s super fun to see these old movies.

January outing

Day 10: We were able to meet friends out for dinner, and they even brought their daughter. To me it’s so delightful to interact with other generations!!!

January youtube with blazers


Day 12: I’ve been experimenting with how long and what version most people like for my Ways to Wear a Series on YouTube. This is the short version without me talking and explaining. It has text instead and is less than 3 minutes. There is also the longer version with me babbling on and on with the reasons and details. If you watch YouTube at all, I’d love to hear your preference.

January knitting

Day 14: It was knitting day with friends, and these are the projects we are working on. The polka dot one is a scarf where the dots are 3-D (that’s Jean Ann’s), the purple in the middle is a scarf (that’s Leila’s, the blue at the top is the beginning of something new (that’s Leila’s too), and the grey/red is a gift for my friend….

Hollywood icon quiz

Day 16: We started working on another fun interactive quiz for everyone to take. I always love these kinds of quizzes, and it’s just as fun to make them up. If you take the quiz, I’d love to know your result! And feel free to take it a couple of times.


january quail street girls

Day 19: Every couple of months Cindy, Anna, Nancy and I have breakfast and catch up on life. We used to all live on the same street, and in fact, I babysat both Cindy’s and Anna’s kids…. a long time ago.

January at Nancy's house

Day 20: While we were at Nancy’s yesterday, we got to see  how her dining room niche turned out. It was inspired by LBD’s post.

Day 21: Happy Birthday to my wonderful mother!! I shared a funny story about my mom on Instagram. Even if you aren’t on Instagram, you should be able to click on the link and read it. And if you can, make sure to click on the heart below the photo to give it a like!!

January dinner parties

Day 23: I am the world’s worst dinner party host. I’ve only just learned about chargers, but at least I have been using my mother’s china and my grandmother’s silverware for when we have guest over to eat. Tonight was our classic movie night with Lesley, and we watched Bell, Book and Candle, and starred James Stewart and Kim Novak.

January in the Colorado mountains

Day 26: Blog photo day as we ventured up to the Colorado mountains to experience the Snow Sculptures in Breckenridge and the Ice Castle in Dillon. Keep your eyes peeled for a blog post about all of the fun (and cold) soon!

January alterations with puffer vest

Day 27: One of my favorite alterations is taking the sleeves off a jacket and making it a vest. I remember the first time I heard about this option, and thought how brilliant it was if you have a jacket that doesn’t get much love. I’ve done it for my mom’s fur vest and I decided to make this puffer jacket into my next vest. I just didn’t wear the jacket much. But as a vest, I’ve learned I can layer it over another jacket to keep warm in the winter. I showed this example in my YouTube video. Even if you don’t have a faux fur vest, much of what I talk about can apply to any vest.

January portrait from Serena Fine Arts

Day 29: Back at the FierceCon in October, I won a self portrait by Serena. It is now done and hanging in my office. And isn’t it a stunner? You can read more about it on my IG post. And you could purchase your own too. She’s an amazing artist and tells a great story at the same time.

Day 31: I wanted to say thank you for all of you that voted for me in our local contest for the Cherry Creek area. I was one of the 5 winners for a $100 gift card. So today we went down to Cherry Creek to spend my prize.

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