Jewelry as a Perfect Holiday Gift

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Jewelry for women of any ages

Jewelry as a Perfect Holiday Gift with Centime and Tamera Beardsley

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Is it too early to take about holiday gifts? I know that I’m an uber planner, and when you find the right items, it so much better to get them right away and then not have to worry about it as the time gets nearer, right?

The three of us don’t usually get each other gifts anymore for the holidays, since we try to spend the day together by doing a fun activity. However, there are always other women that I’m shopping for at some time or another.

So when Centime Personalized Jewelry reached out to me to offer us a couple of products to try, I thought their items could be perfect for some of you too. They specialize in personalized necklaces, bracelets and rings. And even have items for men so they aren’t left out. But let me show you a couple of the items that are available. And there’s a discount code below if you want.

Jewelry for 3 generations of women

Jodie’s (50+) Outfit: I opted for the double name, couple necklace.

There are quite a few options you have when choosing your jewelry. You can get sterling silver, yellow gold or rose gold. I decided to get the rose gold for all 3 of us, because we don’t have much of that in our collection.

Then you can also choose the necklace length. For all 3 of our necklaces, I ordered the 24 inch chain. I thought this would be better because it’s easier to make it shorter than it is to make it longer for various outfits.

Centime jewelry for couples

Nancy’s (60+) Outfit: For Nancy’s necklace, I thought it’d be significant to get her the Curved Bar Coordinates.

And it’s even more sentimental now that Nancy bought a new house. I picked this out for her before that even transpired.

The story goes that I was living with my dad, when he first started dating Nancy. Then after a couple of years, Nancy moved in with us and eventually married my dad. So that house is basically the place that has so much meaning to our story together.

And what makes it so much better that I chose this particular piece, is that she’s leaving that home when her new house is built and so she’ll have the coordinates of this place forever on this necklace.

PS….Let’s laugh at the fact, that there is still some of the protective plastic on the edge of Nancy’s necklace. And none of us saw that in real life. So, hey Nancy—remember to take it off, once you see this photo!

But aren’t these Coordinate Jewelry such a unique idea for a gift?

Centime jewelry for as coordinates

Charlotte’s (70+) Outfit: My mom received the Mother Necklace with Two Rings.

Now, my mom only has one child (that’s me) so the other ring doesn’t have a name on it, but I liked this design so I wanted to show it to you. There are necklaces with even more rings, for those of you who have more individuals in your family.

There are many other varieties of these personalized mother’s necklaces available. I think it’s always so meaningful to include the names of the people that are close to us on any piece of jewelry. And there is other jewelry available on Centime, that could be so meaningful to those around us.

Centime jewelry for moms

We were gifted these necklaces for the purpose so I could tell you all about them. Centime is offering 20% off to my readers also with the code: JTOUCH20 until November 30. 

Tamera Beardsley Necklaces

These other necklaces that I’m showcasing for you are the product of one of the Forever Fierce women I met in LA this summer. Her name is Tamera Beardsley, and she just started designing jewelry again.

I was lucky enough to win the white peace pendant necklace from a Facebook giveaway recently, so I decided to buy both my mom and Nancy a necklace from her other designs also. I’m sure I’ve told you how much I love supporting small businesses, and I consider it an honor to help out the women that I’ve met.

Tamera Beardsley jewelry

And I have no idea what I’m doing while mom and Nancy are looking at the camera so wonderfully. Leave it to me to wreck the photo….

From left to right, here are our Tamera Beardsley’s creations.

Jodie’s Peace Pendant. Nancy’s Howlite Pendant , Charlotte’s Glass Pendant Necklace is sold out here, but this one is similar.

Tamera also has some fun bracelets and even some crowns. I bet you can guess that she lives by the ocean, right?

jewelry for any occasion

I wanted to include you as we walked around Seattle with these necklaces on our bodies during our fun Seattle trip to meet up with other bloggers. Just call us crazy as we stop everywhere and my husband is patient enough to take our photos!!

jewelry is a great gift

I think jewelry is especially great as a holiday gift because you don’t have to worry about the size, or whether it would go out of style. Heck, my mom even has some pieces in her jewelry collection that are older than I am. So talk about long lasting sentiments.

We were gifted this jewelry from Centime only, and , I was not paid to put together this post!

Thanks to one and all of you for your support. It means more than you know! Feel free to join us this Thursday at our local boutique, Trendz, if you can. My mom, Nancy and myself will be modeling for their Fall Fashion Show, which is always a fun way to see the new trends for the season! Register online, and we hope to see your smiling faces.

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