Jodie’s (50’s) Summer Travel Capsule

What Jodie (the 50’s model) took!!

The next three weeks we’re going on vacation! Well I didn’t really get to go on a cruise this year like mom & Nancy did, but since it’s my blog…I get to play along!  Now since the end of summertime is approaching, you may have already been on your vacation and not readily need this information.  But, hey, you can always bookmark this and use it for next time!!

Let me show you what I’d take for a 2 week vacation.  Background info: I don’t subscribe to the all neutral thinking—I need much more color and variety when I travel.  I’m also not a light packer (I love clothes…thus the blog).  I do plan on purchasing items when I’m away on vacation as “souveniers”—especially jewelry/scarves because they’re smaller and lightweight! And lastly, I do plan my outfits and even try things on before I go–it may seem like a lot of work, but it saves a ton of thought and frustration while on vacation (and really, it only takes an hour—I can give up watching tv for that amount of time).

Travel Capsule:

Travel Capsule--Shoes

Shoes: I start with shoes because they take up a lot of space. I really try to limit myself to 3 pairs: a walking shoe, a dressier shoe, and a casual sandal.

Travel Capsule--Bottoms

Bottoms: Then I continue my planning with the bottom half, since I plan to wear each item at least twice if not 3 times. I would take one skirt, 2 pairs of shorts & 2 pants.

Travel Capsule--Jackets

Jackets: Even if I’m on a tropical trip, I feel like a couple jackets are a must.  Air-conditioning is sometimes crazy cold and the weather is unpredictable!  I can use my blouse as a lightweight jacket so that is why I included it in this picture.

Travel Capsule--Tops

Tops: This tends to be the easiest category because I have tons of tops! I take a couple “real” tops and then augment with t-shirts/camis.

Travel Capsule--Jewelry

Accessories:  For this trip, I included 1 scarf (large-not pictured), 1 belt (not pictured), 1 hat (a must for anyplace sunny-not pictured), and assorted jewelry.  I may take a clutch for dinners, but otherwise I stick to one medium size purse.

Thanks again for supporting my new endeavor! This week I’ll style a tunic for our travel adventures! Stay tuned: Nancy’s & Mom’s capsule wardrobe for their trip will be featured the next two Mondays.

  • Barbara Reining

    I always pack scarfs no jewelry. No weight at all and I can take several to change out my look. I only take two pair of earrings one on my ears and one packed. I am a light packer and with a capsule wardrobe and with my scarfs I don’t need to pack as much. I usually take darker colors as they hide the “dirt” on the road. I’m there to experience. I was once voted the best dressed woman on the tour!

    • That’s actually very brilliant about the scarves vs. necklaces!! I think I’ll have to reconsider my next trip!

  • Loved this post! I tend to pack a lot of black and white when I travel. Of course, now that I live in a vacation destination, I don’t have to pack at all! However, I still need to UNpack from the move. I have been wearing the same few items over and over since we got to Vegas on July 17th! Hence, the fact that I haven’t done a blog post…lol

    • You probably pack a lot of black & white because that used to be one of your fave places to shop, right? I’m going to be in your shoes in a month or so…but I told the mover I need all my clothes at my fingertips….I do have a fashion blog to keep up….he didn’t think it was very funny (some people just don’t get my humor…) I’d be helping you unpack if you’d moved to Denver (which is also a vacation destination for some). Miss seeing your posts!! Glad you’re hanging in there!

  • You pack great for a two week trip. I tend to be an over packer. I’d throw a simple dress or two in too.

  • Robinsky

    This was a great post Jodie. I’m like you & love to pack oodles of clothes (& famously only get half of them worn LOL). My recent vacation back home was no exception. I LOVE the idea of throwing in accessories to change up a basic outfit; that’s a great wardrobe stretcher I’m gonna try to remember!

    • Thanks! It’s funny, I don’t necessarily think it’s terrible to not wear everything you pack…I usually think it’s better to have it and not need it if there’s room in the suitcase!!

  • Judy Pearce

    I think you are right on with this plan. I have been on many trips and this general plan has worked well. I also throw in an easy pull on dress and a shawl. Accessorize to make everyone think you have on something new!

    • Especially a beautiful hand knitted shawl, right?!!! A dress is a good idea actually…especially now that I’m better about mixing it up by adding a top over it!