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July 2022 Life Updates from Jodie’s Touch of Style

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Another month, another 30 days or so of events and items to include in my life updates, that I just love to share with everyone. Some months just seem to wisk by in a whirlwind of time, and this was one of those months.

Quote of the day: “Anyone who acts without paying attention to what he is doing is wasting his life. I’d go so far as to say life is denied by lack of attention, whether it be to cleaning windows or trying to write a masterpiece.” Nadia Boulanger

I thought this was an interesting quote and it makes sense. These monthly life updates posts give me a chance to look back and see what I was focused on. It’s also the reason I have come to the opinion that taking daily photos of our outfits can be so beneficial. Even for those of you who aren’t bloggers!!

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Visiting Nancy in July

Denver Trip

First and foremost, the biggest event for our July life updates was heading out to Denver to see my stepmom for her birthday. We had a small get-together party to see friends and were able to meet up with a couple of other people while we were there.

On Nancy’s birthday, we enjoyed a Walking Tour of Denver where we learned all kinds of interesting facts about the city. Even though I had lived there for over 30 years, there was a lot of information that was new to me.

If you want to see the places we visited, I put together a short video that even showed the place I worked during my college summers.

Social Interaction

Not only was our trip to Denver full of seeing old friends and family, but I was blessed to meet up with women here in Arizona too. If it’s one thing I learned from 2020 is how important our social interaction can be to our mental wellbeing.

Photo 1: Melissa is someone I met through our thrifting love on Instagram, and now she is writing articles about food for Phoenix New Times. We even met her at this local honey place that she just wrote about.

Photo 2: My blogger friend, Terri (in the Sunchaser tee) who I had yet to meet in person invited me to a blogger meet-up when she was in town visiting. From left to right are Marsha, Janet, and Donna who all have their own blogs and I can’t wait to see them again.

Photo 3: I blogged with Gail a couple of years back, and she had moved away since. Luckily she came to her senses and is back in AZ. So we had a fun time taking some photos and videos (seen here).

Vivaia Shoes

This isn’t the first time I’ve talked about Vivaia shoes. This is such an interesting concept as their shoes are made from plastic bottles.

All three of us tried them out last year (seen in this review post) and I just loved being able to try out a couple of their newer styles. So let me give you a review of these shoes.

Photo 2: The Pointed-Toe Bow Mules are so pretty. If you aren’t a blue shoe fan, they do come in 3 other colors. They are like wearing your slippers around because they are comfy and easy to get on and off. Now when I say comfy, I mean they feel good with no pinching or irritation.
They are not what I would call a walking shoe unless you add in some arch support as I did with my Soul Insoles. As you can see, the extra arch support is basically invisible yet it makes a flat shoe have a nice amount of support.
BTW, I did size up a half size after my experience with my ankle boots from last year.

Photo 3: Obviously I have a thing with blue shoes, as the second pair I requested are these Square Toe Slide Heels. They do come in multiple other shades, and these are my favorites!!
Because they do have a low heel, they give enough arch support for me to call them not only comfy but super stylish too.
Again, I did size up a half size but that could be because my feet may swell in the over 100 degree temperatures.

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Companies I’ve Been Working With

I find some of the best companies with this blogging gig. Ones I would never have heard of otherwise. A case in point is these 2 brands that I had the pleasure to work with this month.

Photo 1: LeoDaniels Jewelry. Both of these rings are from this online company and they are both under $100. Don’t get me wrong, I still love some of my statement rings from Francescas, but the nice thing about these, is they don’t make my fingers green at the end of the day.
They are also extremely lightweight which is ideal.
The company does have all kinds of jewelry and specializes in engagement rings and diamonds.

Insider tip: LeoDaniels gave me a code, Jodie20 so you can save 20%.

Photo 2: Have you heard of No7 Skincare? It’s a budget-oriented brand that can be found at Target, Walgreens, and on their site. They just recently launched skincare for menopausal women. My esthetician has been stressing the importance of Niacinamide in my skincare to help counteract the sun spots and discoloration. So I was happy to see that in the day cream, as well as hyaluronic acid in these products.

Palm tree trimmed in life updates

Around Town

If you have ever lived where there are palm trees, I find it so astonishing every year when they are trimmed. This lone man shimmies up the tree with his spiked shoes and rope with a chain saw attached to his belt. And then he gives the trees a haircut.

The entire endeavor only takes 4 minutes from start to finish. It’s incredible to watch and we give him a standing ovation at the end!!

Health & Wellness

I consider my health to be a daily event, although some days are easier than others, haha. But here are the 3 things I was excited about this month.
1-We got our eye exams. Not that it’s terribly exciting, but it makes me feel good to have this done.
2-I got my gut test results back and am happy to report that my gut is pretty normal. This was a suggestion from my online functional provider that I discussed here. Carrie suggested I continue taking probiotic supplements after getting these results. The only disappointment is I was hoping this might be the answer to some of my sinus issues. But we will continue to try to figure out that problem.

3-You might not think makeup would be part of my health, but I have been trying hard to use more natural makeup and skincare when I can. I don’t obsess over it, but when you find great options that fall within your budget, I consider that a win.
And I recently found Lisa, with Simple Beauty Minerals who makes her own mineral makeup. I bought the sample pack and have been absolutely loving it. Weeks after I bought it, she set up an affiliate program so I can offer a 10% discount with code, JTOUCHOFSTYLE.

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