July Events for Jodie’s Touch of Style

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July Events

July Events for Jodie’s Touch of Style

If someone asked you what you did this July, what would you say? I think it can be so hard to remember specific days and events when every day goes by in a flash, right? With my husband’s birthday this month, there is definitely a prevailing theme that makes the month a little easier to remember….ICE CREAM!

So I joined up with a couple of other bloggers to keep track of the month of July with a sentence and some photos. There’s a link up below if you’d like to see the other’s participating in this project, and a huge thanks for Leslie for organizing us!!

July ice cream

7-1: Would it be terrible to admit that we bought ice cream so we could showcase our Jelly sticker for the chance to win a free meal?

7-2: Today was supposed to be a stay at home day to get caught up on blogging and life. Yet then we realized we still needed some food for our 4th of July BBQ. Good thing the grocery store is close by.

July for Nancy's new house


7-3: Exciting day for Nancy!! We had the final walk through and closing on her new house. It’s such a gorgeous place, and I’ll try to upload some videos of it as we move her in over the next couple of weeks. Make sure to follow me on Instagram to see my stories and check it out. I did try to link up the IGTV story I did below on 7-19 if you’d like to see it.

July Happy Socks

7-4: Happy 4th!! You may wonder what we are doing in the photo above…LOL!! This is the photo that came out of these shenanigans.

7-5: Today was Nancy’s soft move, meaning we took the little boxes and personal stuff over to Nancy’s new house.

7-6: And thankfully, the movers were here today to muscle the big boxes and furniture. I worked on getting Nancy’s closet organized and even alphabetized the spices.  At the end of the day, just call me exhausted.

July with friends

7-7: We had a wonderful evening over at our friends house on their gorgeous new patio!

7-8: Yay for lazy days at home where we don’t even leave the house. Although I did change out of my pajamas at noon!!

7-9: Another day at home which means catching up on blogging and planning our Forever Fierce Gathering that will be in October in LA. I hope you all join us.

July at Sweet Cow in Denver

7-10: Today was haircut day for Rob, which means we travel up to Cherry Creek and on the way home we stopped for ice cream at Sweet Cow. Rob’s heard so much about this place so we had to try it for ourselves. Since this is Rob’s birthday month, ice cream is the reoccurring theme!!

7-11: Another stretch class with mom, and a wonderful day knitting with friends!

July snacks with Bubbas fine foods

7-12: Ever since Rob has found he has issues with soy and legumes, we have been searching for another “healthy snack”. Usually we eat nuts, but it’s nice to have options. I discovered this Colorado based product lately, and we are trying a bunch of them.

7-13: Today was a fun filled day because after doing boring errands, we stopped by my nieces new “bistro” in Golden. It’s called Colorado Plus Cidery and Pub and we had a fabulous lunch along with some cider and beer!

July and Nancy's birthday

7-14: The other reoccurring theme for the month is all about Nancy, my stepmom. Today was her big 7-0 birthday and we celebrated in style!

7-15: We were going to head down to the Slow Food Nations Festival, but we were exhausted from the week’s activities so we nixed our plans. It was actually nice to stay in all day and relax.

July photo shoot

7-16: Today was a blog photo day with Lesley as an angel filling in for Nancy! If you saw the recent post with her, then you’ll have read that her husband recently passed away from a massive heart attack. Yet she still wanted to join us today as a great distraction!

7-17: Facial day with my great friend, Linda. I never thought I really needed these. When I started scheduling these, it was more about time to catch up with Linda. However, as I’ve gotten older, I’m glad I’ve been doing this for over 15 years.

The month of July is birthday month for Rob

7-18: Since it’s Rob’s birthday week, there is ice cream pretty much every day. Today was getting his free scoop at Baskin Robbins. You’ve signed up for yours, right?

7-19: We ventured over to Nancy’s new house today to help hang some things and organize. Her place looks amazing and I tried to link to my IGTV for everyone to watch the tour. I’m not 100% sure this will work, but let me know….

Rob's July birthday

7-20: Happy Birthday to Rob, happy birthday to Rob, happy birthday to my soul mate, happy birthday to Rob. Not only did he get an ice cream cake for the party, but we also had an ice cream dessert at lunch!

7-21: We attended a writer’s conference here in Lakewood. Rob has a book in him and would love to get it written one of these days. So why did I go? Because my writing skills could definitely use some help.

7-22: Since our wonderful neighbor is back in town now, we will be starting some home projects. I showcased his work on the blog last summer, when we took down a wall, and changed out the tile around our fireplace. This summer we are planning on painting the kitchen cabinets and adding some molding above them. So we ventured to Home Depot to start the fun.

Painting cabinets in July

7-23: And so the painting begins. I can’t tell you how great it was having Jean helping us with this. Because even though I’ve painted a lot in the past, he gave me some great tips.

Burger bar in July

7-24: Book club tonight to discuss the book “Before We Were Yours” which was showcased in our beach shot recently. Glenda had this great burger bar for dinner. Isn’t that a brilliant idea?

7-25: Lots of errand today. You know, one can’t live by paint alone….heck, we were out of potato chips!! (Seriously)

Movie night in July

7-26: We went over to our friend’s, Lesley’s place to watch Casablanca. And you know you’re good friends when you end up wearing the same shirt. How funny, right? Lesley is our fabulous friend who has filled in many times on the blog while Nancy was on her sabbatical.

7-27: I’m so lucky to be able to head over to my mom’s to use her serger machine. I was altering some tops for my neighbor and they turn out better this way.

July at Reflection Memorial Park in Aurora

7-28: Nancy’s back with our normal photo shoots!! We even ventured out to a new memorial in Denver for the Aurora shooting from 6 years ago.

7-29: Happy birthday party for Jean! He’s our wonderful neighbor who is the reason behind most of our home redecorating since he’s a DIY genius! He’s the one helping us paint our kitchen cabinets.

7-30: Finally a day to work on the blog, along with START OVER painting our kitchen cabinets. We didn’t like the first color so had to switch it up!

July drawing by @eyeslikefingers

7-31: I was so honored to be drawn by this amazing Instagram artist @eyeslikefingers. Definitely check her out on Instagram.

If you’ve been joining in on keeping track of your month of July with a sentence a day, then we’d love to have you join in with this link up! Or why don’t you start for next month? Feel free to email me to let me know you want to join the fun!

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