July Highlights

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July Highlights

Welcome to another edition where you can see some of the behind the scenes and happenings from the month. July is always a fun month because it’s my husband’s birthday month. This year was a big one yet it didn’t go quite as planned.

Day 1: Our rec. center has this water walking course that has been a wonderful way to cool off and get exercise. However, it was a tad tough on the bottom of my feet. Until I found these water shoes from Yes We Vibe. The best part is we got ours with my code JODIEBOGO (on any footwear) so 2 for the price of one. Or you can get 10% off with JODIE10. (Look for them under Shoes, and then Aqua Barefoot shoes)

Day 2: Here’s an example of do you get what you pay for? We were gifted these swim suits from Rotita. Due to the fact they were inexpensive, we were all worried about the quality and fit. HOWEVER, ALL of us were extremely impressed with them. They aren’t too high cute, there is lining in them, along with MANY selections for modest coverage and plus sizes. It makes me want to try some of their dresses or tops next. Make sure to check out what these look like from the front too!

Day 4: Happy Independence Day where we visited the Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson. You can see more of the wonderful views in my blog posts here, here and here. And you thought the desert was ugly and boring…LOL!!

Day 9: Tourist alert!! This Sugar Bowl Ice Cream spot is well known from the comic Family Circus. It’s like stepping back in time when you visit and the ice cream is fabulous too!

Day 11: The best part of blogging has been exploring different places in our state, so this morning we went down to “RoRo” to take photos in front of some murals. And then ate at Matt’s Big Breakfast which was on DD&D. I shared more of these last week in our blog posts here, here and here.

Day 12: We were taking some photos of the pieces gifted to us by Clara SunWoo. If you are interested in Made in America companies, they focus on wrinkle free pieces. There is something for everyone…not just the young models shown on their site.

Day 19: I’ve also discovered a way to get deals on beauty products. It’s a membership club just like Sams or Costco. It’s called Beauty Pie, I have a code for a $50 allowance (JODIESENTME….it’s Jodie sent me), and the products I chose are part of their “clean” beauty options. It’s not as easy as a Sam’s membership, but it’s a interesting concept. We all know there is a ton of markup on beauty products, and this is how they are getting around that.

Insider tip: You can order without becoming a member too. The prices are just not as good.

Day 20: Happy, happy 60th birthday to my soul mate. This year I shared a couple of more recent photos of him on Instagram, while last year you might have missed some throwback ones (complete with the Don Johnson look).
While we didn’t get the 15 pound ice cream cake we had planned on getting, or go to brunch we also had planned, we did have a wonderful day with his free pizza at Grimaldi’s.

Day 23: Don’t you just LOVE those funny mirrors?? At our trip to the OdySea Aquarium, we found these and had to laugh. Maybe now I can try out to be a Rockette? LOL!

Day 25: I am SO glad the pools are still open at the rec centers. Here’s a view of the walking pool at the center we visit. It’s basically part of the pool divided into a curvy walking path where the water is between 3-4 feet deep! It’s such a great way to keep moving yet easy on the joints.
And we probably visit about 2-3 times a week. After we walk we go to the hot tub. Even though it’s over 100 degrees outside, the condensation really cools you off.

Day 29: I’m honored that I will be on a podcast soon. I’ll let you know when, but it’s called Zestful Aging. Isn’t that a wonderful name and something we should all aspire to? Nicole has such a wide variety of people she interviews on her podcasts, so there is something for everyone.


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