July Events a Day at a Time

July Events collage

July Events a Day at a Time

It’s been a super fun challenge to journal throughout the month with a sentence every day!! Since this month is my husband’s birthday month, you might see a theme towards the middle of July!! He is an ice cream fanatic!! In fact, there’s a funny story to go with that fact! For his 50th birthday some years ago, I gave him the gift of 50 days of ice cream. It was such a success that he filed for an extension and ended up with 60 days!! And he still isn’t sick of it!! Any other ice cream lovers out there??

So back to the matter at hand. The month of July is presented below from my standpoint!!

July Events

7/1 -Our LA Weekend was such a blast and you can read about the fun & friends in the blog post!

July Events

7/2-The Fierce 50 were able to shop at Chicos before the store opened! This is my co-hort in crime, Lesley, who is a fabulous singer also!!

7/3-Back from vacation means a trip to the grocery store!!

July Event with Homemade Ice Cream

7/4-Happy 4th!! This meant making ice cream in our household (one of my summer bucket list items!)!

7/5-Back to the real world of blogging and putting things away after our trip!!

7/6-I was over at mom’s taking blog photos and helping her sign up for Shop.co, so she could take advantage of the free shipping for a month!!

Month of July book reading

7/7-The epitome of summer is enjoying a good read on the back porch. You just don’t see the glass of wine in the photo that was also part of this scene!

July Events Meet up with Cindy Meet up with bloggers as part of my July Events

7/8-Today was meet up with other Colorado Instagrammers. First we had a lovely lunch with Cindy (on FB or IG) & then met Tabitha & Annie at Trendz!!

July Events with Stuffed Peppers

7/9-Lunches made for the week with the help of my fabulous sous chef (that’s Rob)!!

7/10- It’s the small things that make me feel like I’ve accomplished something. We finally added the magnetic door stoppers to the door coming in from our garage. Notice we had to buy 2 colors to match each door!!

July Events day by day

7/11-I joined a #ThriftedChicStyleChallenge on Instagram, and it was serendipitous that Jeanne & I went thrifting at Deju Blue in Cherry Creek!! Yes we did buy a couple of things!! 🙂 I’m one of the hosts of the next challenge for August. If you’re interested, there are prizes and everything!!

July Events

7/12-Middle of the month means knitting with my friends, and in the summer we get to hang out and knit in Kay’s backyard paradise!


7/13-We were invited to join friends at a wine tasting at The Wild Women Wine store in downtown Denver!!

July Events Including Ice cream cake

7/14-Celebrating both Nancy’s (the 60+ model on the blog) and Rob’s (my husband and male model) birthday tonight with brats and Dairy Queen ice cream cake!!!

7/15-And you thought the celebration was over?? Well, ha, today it was ice cream at Bonnie Brae’s, a local ice cream store!!

7/16–Getting prepared for the week by roasting a lemon/garlic turkey and making some watermelon gazpacho!! That means leftovers all week!!

July Events for the month

7/17- Spookie is showing off her new collar!!

7/18-Today was an ELDOA and massage day. If you haven’t heard of ELDOA, it’s all about stretching the spine!!

7/19-Meeting up with other women, is truly so delightful to me!! Today I met Dawn, from Plummage50, and we did a little dance for my Instagram stories!!

July Events for Rob's birthday

7/20-It’s my sweetie’s 57th birthday!! Of course, we’ve been celebrating all month, but tonight I took him out to a “ooh la la” dinner!!

July Events

7/21-Some of us locals, celebrated our 25th year of graduation from dental school!!

7/22-I received my first Rocksbox jewelry box! I’ll be posting a blog post about it soon, so keep your eyes peeled (and see the IG post here)!

7/23-Like I’ve said, Rob’s birthday is celebrated all month long, so today was a trip to Oceanaire for happy hour!!

7/24-I’ve been working on a ton of alterations for a client, my husband and myself!! If anyone ever says they never need alterations, then I bet their clothes don’t fit well…ha ha!!

July Events

7/25-We hadn’t been to a concert at Red Rocks in ages, but seeing the 2 Cellos tonight was amazing!!

July Events with a birthday

7/26-Another birthday in the neighborhood included a Qdoba bar!! Happy Birthday Jean!

7/27-Just call me Uber Jodie, as I transported the neighbors to the airport for their Icelandic adventure!

July Events including IG

7/28-If you love thrifting and are on Instagram, then join us for this challenge in August where you can even win prizes!!

7/29-Haircut day for both Rob & I!! Who doesn’t love getting their hair cut and styled??

7/30-Every one needs an unwind day, and we try hard to make Sundays this kind of day for us! However, we did cut up delicious Colorado peaches to freeze.

7/31-It was a great day to catch up on some blogging, chores and napping!! What about you??

Feel free to join in by sharing some of your July events with me in the comments!! I love the interaction and responses!! Or you ever have the urge to open an Instagram account, I’d be happy to help you!! It’s easy, and it’s another form of social media based more on pretty photos as opposed to words!!

And if you like this idea, feel free to join in with the project for next month. Just say so in the comments, and I’ll pass you off to the leader, Leslie! If you have been keeping this journal for the month of July, then feel free to link up your post with the blue frog below!! The more, the merrier!!

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  • Amy D. Christensen

    Always enjoy reading these. I really need to try this. Maybe someday when I get off the hamster wheel. – amy

    • Whenever you have time, we’d love for you to join us!! It really doesn’t take tons of time, since I’m on the computer every day. I just add in the day, and done!!

  • Enjoyed reading your busy month Jodie! I love the Orange dress you’re wearing. xx

    • Thanks Laurie!! It was super busy, but I expect that from July’s with all of the birthdays…

  • Nicole Mölders

    Thanks for joining the Top of the World Style party.

  • Laura

    Looks like another fun month for you! That lemon garlic turkey sounds delicious!

    • That’s one of our favorite turkeys when we bake it for the summer. And if it’s just for the two of us—after we take it out of the oven, we’ll eat off all the skin for that evening’s dinner. That’s our favorite part if we don’t have to share…:)

  • sue

    What a fab month Jodie and I loved the photo of your and your husband – very stylish! Looks like Fierce 50 was a great success and lots of fun. Now bring on August!

    • Thanks Sue!! He does dress up nice—of course, I take a little credit in that department..haha!!

  • It looks like you had a busy but wonderful July! Peace!

    • It was busy…but that’s a good thing, right??
      Thanks and happy weekend, Cheryl!

  • donnanance

    You are one busy lady! I love how you enjoy life and Rob seems to enjoy it just as much. A belated Happy Birthday to both him and Nancy! My granddaughter just started cello lessons and will play in her school’s orchestra. She will love listening to 2Cellos. xoxo

    • Thanks so much Donna!!
      I was quite surprised at the age range of people at the 2Cello concert. There were young kids up to old adults (us..haha) enjoying their antics!! It was quite the show!!

  • How much fun is all the ice cream you ate in July! Did you make blueberry ice cream for your Bucket List flavor? How was it if so, cause it looks delish in the photo!

    So I looked up the 2Cellos on YouTube, and I am now officially envious that you got to hear them in person. They reminded me of the Piano Guys, whom I adore!

    • I did make the blueberry ice cream for my bucket list. If I had to do it again, I would have mashed the blueberries more instead of keeping some of them whole. It’s hard to eat them when they are frozen!!!
      And the 2Cellos were amazing. I’m not much of a music person—that’s more my husband’s thing. But this time, I thoroughly enjoyed myself!!
      Thanks Tamara!!

  • I love the idea of a birthday month. Some great moments in your July – looking forward to reading all about your August.

    • I think celebrating the entire month for my husband makes him appreciate it more—it’s not just about getting older, but enjoying life!!
      Thanks Jo!!

  • Judy Gramith

    I’d love a Red Rocks concert! What a bunch of memorable summer moments. My favorite picture is the dental school reunion. Did Rob gain any weight from daily ice cream? Magnetic door stoppers!?!?. I didn’t know there was such a thing?? GREAT for a garsge door entrance!!!

    • Neither of us had been to a Red Rocks concert in ages….but it’s such an amazing and iconic venue!! I’d love to go again, but next time I’m going to remember my ear plugs…ha ha!!
      Luckily we’ve been able to take walks more frequently this month—so hopefully there was no weight gain!! Besides, even when we have it, we try to share a scoop, so it’s not so much!!
      And these magnetic door stoppers are the bomb!! Home Depot has been our store of choice lately with all of these remodeling jobs!! We had the normal door stopper on this door at first, but it would slip on the laminate and wouldn’t stay open!!! I love it when a problem gets fixed!!!

  • All of the talk about ice cream has my mouth watering! That cake from DQ looks sinfully delicious. I used to get Baskin Robbins ice cream cakes for my girls. Our ice cream day is Saturday.

    Is it too late to find out more about the thrift challenge? I remember reading about it before but I don’t remember the details. If I can still sign up to join the fun, please let me know.

    Your date night dress is so pretty. A Spookie wears her new collar so well. I am sure Rob enjoyed his ooo la la birthday dinner. I love how you guys prepare meals on Sunday together. I am pretty sure I would have to draw PC a map to the kitchen. However, he is able to find it at snack time.

    I am going to Google ELDOA. I have had such neck and spine issues with two surgeries. Thinking I have some new issues because I am experiencing a lot of numbness and achiness in my legs and arms. Having a 90 minute massage on Saturday. Can’t wait.

    • My husband does prefer the DQ cakes for some reason!! But don’t let him kid you, he’ll eat any of them from anywhere, anyday!! ha ha!!
      The thrift challenge is for you to join in on any or all of the days (Aug. 12-18)—there’s no signing up or anything. You just have to follow all of the sponsors and hosts and post with the hashtag with your thrifted finds!! I can’t wait to see what you style!!! And you can win prizes—such a bonus!!
      You’ll have to see if you can find ELDOA in your neck of the woods! It has been such a lifesaver for me. Remember I was a dentist—that’s the worst on posture!!
      Thanks for the love, Leslie!!!

  • What a fun month, Jodie! I totally think Rob should eat ice cream every day of his birthday month… And I LOVE the orange dress you wore when you took him out for dinner! You look stunning!

    Have a wonderful August!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

    • Thanks so much Andrea!!
      I’m totally not telling Rob what you said, because he’s be on it in a nanosecond!! And I can’t not eat it……

  • Margie Martinez

    busy month! I’m so glad i found you!,,,but,,,,how do I delete the pink at the bottom? i have already signed up for IT,,,,

    • Hi Margie!! I’m working on the pink at the bottom…I’m having my husband work on it this weekend!!! Sorry….

  • Jacqueline Rendine

    It looks like you had a fabulous July! I love lots of celebrations! I will take any excuse to eat sweets!
    Stylin In St. Louis

    • You sound like me with a huge sweet tooth, Jacqueline!! Don’t laugh but we just came home from Dairy Queen—I even put it on Instagram Stories!!

  • What a fabulous month you had! Love Spookie’s new collar! And oh my gosh, my husband and your husband would be good friends, haha. He would be all for 60 days of ice cream! I’m not much of an ice cream person myself, but my hubby could certainly eat it every day! So, was the 60 days through the year? Or all in a row? 🙂

    • Since Rob’s birthday is in July–I started the “gift” in the middle of June (that’s when the idea came to me)!! So it was everyday for 60 days!! Can you imagine?? But he loved it and look…we still talk about it!!

  • It looks July was a fun month! I love your recaps!


    • Thanks Liz!! I do try to just showcase the fun things—no one wants to read about my forays with mosquito bites and kitty throw up…ha ha!!

  • Lesley Watson

    You and Rob look fab going out for b’day dinner. Where did you go? I have anniversary later in the month and could use inspiration. We did Bone Fish last year and it was great on several levels.

    • We tried out the Beast + Bottle. Rob had heard about it because the chef is from his hometown in NY!! It was good, but maybe not our fave!!
      Happy early Anniversary!! Have you tried Cholon’s downtown?? Or Bittersweet??

      • Lesley Watson

        Thanks for the recommendations we haven’t tried any of them. I’ll do some research and give Wayne some options. I love the excuse to dress up too. Have a good weekend.

  • It looks like July was one big (food) party for you!! 😂😂Fantastic!

    • That’s my husbands favorite part of life!!
      Thanks Nancy!!

  • Girl…you were one busy blogger!

  • Rebecca Saffer

    Wow – what a fun and whirl wind month you had. The photos are delightful and allow us to join in on the festivities. Ice cream you made looks absolutely delicious. Happy belated birthday to Rob! P.S. Your kitty is adorable.

    • Thanks Rebecca!!
      July tends to always be so busy with both Rob’s & Nancy’s birthdays!! But it’s a good thing, and we are blessed to have us all close by and healthy!! I’m sure it’s the ice cream that makes us healthy–ha ha!!

  • So fun! Especially meeting up with so many bloggers and so much cake!


    • You’re so right—it absolutely the cake that makes birthdays the best!!!
      And meeting other women in person, has been so heart warming!! Who knew??
      Thanks Mary!!

  • Juhli Newkirk

    Looks like you had a fun month – and lots of ice cream! The thrift challenge sounds fun too.

    • Ice cream makes everything better, right??
      Thanks Juhli!! I hope I see you in the thrifting challenge!! XOXO

  • Terri Webster Schrandt

    July was a fab month for you! You do keep busy. Thank you again for being a great inspiration for this challenge. July was my last challenge until December since August and Fall semester is so busy. Oh, and I severely sprained my right hand yesterday walking my dogs, heading to the doc today to make sure it’s not broken. Makes me a slooowww typer.

    • That’s such a bummer about your hand, Terri!! Now you just need to teach Brodie to type…ha ha!!

  • Debbie Stinedurf

    What a fun and busy month you had my friend! How cool that you’ve met up with so many of our blogger friends!

    • Meeting these women has been so much better than I even imagined!! I guess we do need physical personal connections—shocking!!!
      Thanks Debbie!!

  • Looks like you had a really fun month! Gemma x

    • I did, Gemma!! Of course barring death and disability, I try to look at everything positively!!

  • Love this type of post to see what you’ve been up to! What a fun filled month!

    Doused in Pink

    • It’s good for me to realize that I actually am productive at times…ha ha!!
      Thanks Jill!

  • Oh, it’s DEFinitely been an ice cream month here, as well! Love that you made your own.
    Our kiddos have been trekking all over to then new joints that have popped up all over town. They report some pretty adventurous flavors. Also picked up three half-gallons (or whatever new size they call it) for home and cones too. Yummmmm!

    • I love some of the new flavors recently. There are some that make me go “huh”, but I figure with all the added sugar, they can’t be bad!!!

  • I love that you do this! Its fun to see you and Rob’s adventures in this fast-tracked manner! You’ve had a busy month!
    I really had to laugh when I read about Rob’s 50 days of ice cream – my dad’s a big ice cream lover, too – but the reason I laughed is that my oldest sister did something very similar to my mom on her 50th. (I can tell this story because my mom is in heaven now). My sister teased my mom for years about her practical, “granny panties”. So, on moms 50th, she bought her 50 pairs of pretty, lacy undies! I can’t remember a birthday party when we all laughed so hard! Thanks for reminding me of that sweet memory!

    • That’s a great story, Ronnie! S’cuse the eavesdrop…glad you shared it 🙂

      • I believe eaves dropping is a requirement here, isn’t it?! Haha! Heaven knows I do it! Glad you enjoyed it!

    • Oh, that’s the best story ever!! I’d do the same for my mom’s upcoming birthday, but 80 pairs of panties would be WAY too many!!! Unless she got rid of the other 100 that she has…ha ha!!

  • Jan Correll

    Wow, Jodie! Your month was jam-packed full of fun! Hope August is as good to you!! Silver is the New Blonde™

    • Yes…yes it was busy! But that’s a good thing, right??
      Thanks Jan!!