June Highlights

I appreciate each and every share. Thank you!

June Highlights

Day 2: Now that the cat is out of the bag about us moving to Arizona within the next quarter, we have been trying to purge more. It’s amazing how we collect things so easily. I’ve been trying to think about the realistic part of how many items we really use and need. Why do I need 5 different sets of sheets? We use one and wash them, so maybe just two sets? And glasses. Do you know we have 100 glasses (including wine and juice ones)? I’m sure that number needs to be reduced. And to think we got rid of a ton in our last move 3 years ago.

Day 4: Speaking of cats and moving, one of my friends has suggested getting the kitties used to being in their condos and in the car little by little. So we are starting a daily adventure. First we all just hung out with classical music playing (and treats of course). Next we will try short drives around town. I’ll let you know how it’s going….You can see some of the days on my IG stories too.

Day 6: Linda is a friend that I met at FierceCon last year (more about that below) and one of the administrators of our Forever Fierce group. She was in town for a couple of days, and I was SO lucky to meet up with her again. Talk about good people!! You know you’re good friends when your outfits coordinate!!

Day 7: Part of my Magnificent 8 group (where we showcase a theme to include 8 decades of women) includes this young woman, Grace who goes to school here in Denver. We finally found the time to meet up. Heck, she still had finals the next week.

Day 9: More cat training for our upcoming trip across the state to move to Arizona. This is our new setup with keeping the cat condos more open along with using a calming spray. Today’s outing proved to be much better.

Day 10: One of my new ventures is as an affiliate for Your Color Style. I love color. All of them, yet I think we all know how some look better on us than others. So I had all three of us style outfits within our own color group, and I talked about the pros and cons with this program in a recent post.

Day 13: As one of the administrators of the Forever Fierce group on Facebook, we have been busy getting the details firmed up for our next FierceCon event this October 25-27 in LA. I hope each and every one of you thinks about joining us. It’s not for bloggers. It’s for midlife women who enjoy inspiration of every kind. There is a host of amazing guests that you can read about on Catherine’s site. She just announced that the morning meditation will be with Michel Pascal and one of the beach side chats will be with Alexandra Paul from Baywatch. You can read my post from last years event. If you bring a friend you can each get $75 off by using this link.

Day 15: We went to the coolest exhibit at our local botanic gardens. You can read and see more about it in this blog post.

Day 16: Thanks to my wonderful neighbor, Jean and my husband, my earrings are now more organized. My holder had a ton of wasted space at the bottom so they added earring holders on for me. I know, I know…I have a ton of earrings. But hey, they are a better than an addiction to drugs!!

Day 18: It may seem silly to buy booties in June, but when they are on sale for $15, how could I resist? Part of the discount is from my rewards at DSW, for dropping off old shoes. Maybe I’ll try them with shorts again?

Day 20: And then after seeing the IMAX show about the Apollo landing 50th anniversary and talking about our memories of the day, we picked up this movie at the library.

Day 21: My grade school friend,Diane, from Ohio was here in town visiting her parents and took time out to meet up with us. Last year she even joined us in a couple of blog posts about metallic clothing.

Day 22: Blog photo day took us up to the Adams County Museum because of a stalker. Well, not a stalker in the bad sense. But he’s someone who messages me from time to time on Twitter. He and his wife live about an hour north of us, so we met up with him.

Day 28: Don’t you love it when you are working on getting things ready to sell your house and your garbage disposal springs a leak? Luckily our neighbor, Jean came to our rescue and helped my husband put in a new one!

Day 1-30: Ha ha..you think I’m kidding, but we have been looking online at houses this entire month. I’m not sure if that’s smart or not, because you love a house, and then it goes under contract. Hopefully by the time you are reading this, we will have found one. I’ll share it in my emails once we get a contract.