June Love it or Leave it-Best Products for Women

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Products for older women in June with beauty and makeup

June Love it or Leave it-Best Products for Women

Since I’ve been retired and blogging, I’ve had the chance to check out and use many different products. After last month’s version of this, I am continuing with showcasing what I consider the best products for older women. Well at least for me, ha ha! I was ecstatic when one reader even emailed me to tell me that the Silver Shield had helped with one of her actinic keratosis spots.

Granted, I realize that everyone looks for distinct properties in everything they purchase. So not only will I give you my rating on the product, but I’ll tell you the whys behind it. With my scientific background as a retired dentist, I am intrigued by what makes a product work. Or maybe why it doesn’t.

I’ll let you know how I obtained these products, because I think that’s an important part of it. Each item is linked in the name title of each section if you’re interested. And I tried to keep it short. If you have any questions about how I used it, or anything else, feel free to either comment or email me. I’m always 100% honest.

Products for older women in June with neutrogena face mask

1-Neutrogena Hydro Boost Mask

After becoming a huge fan of Saranghae’s skin care mask, I wanted to see if the over the counter ones were just as good. This Neutrogena Mask I picked up at Bed, Bath & Beyond for under $5. Considering it’s under half the price of the Saranghae mask, I was hoping I could save some money with this version.

And I even tried to check the ingredients since I’m trying to use more natural products on my body and face. The first two ingredients for the Neutrogena mask and Saranghae mask are the same, but that’s the only similarity. In fact, I was disappointed that there is blue coloring in this version.

Personally, this Neutrogena mask was much lighter and seemed runny. And maybe that’s good for those of you who live where there is humidity and have oily skin. However, considering I have dry skin, which has only gotten drier with age, along with the fact that I live in an arid state, this wasn’t my favorite.

Verdict: Leave it

Products for older women in June with NYX highlighter

2-NYX Wonder Stick for Highlighting

I was gifted this NYX countouring stick along with a bevy of other NYX products a couple of months ago. I haven’t been on the highlighting bandwagon before this, so I was intrigued.

Since I didn’t have much experience with highlighting, I really liked that it showed on the box where to apply it. It comes in a couple of different shades and I’ve been using the light version. It’s nice because just like the primer that I talked about last month, it’s not super expensive. This stick runs about $12 which seems reasonable.

So I’ve been using it when I apply my makeup. Personally, I think it gives some nice depth to my face especially since we take photos for the blog. Why is that important? I think it’s a more modern look to give our faces this highlighting. And it takes only 5 seconds to apply.

Verdict: Love it

Products for older women in June with great lash mascara

3-Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

Now I need to point out that this is about the lots of lashes version of this mascara. I bought this probably a year ago and I even have another one in my drawer, so I bet it was on sale somewhere. I’ve always loved Great Lash Mascara, but I didn’t realize that the brush could make such a difference.

Needless to say this brush does nothing for me. I think it’s just harder to use to get a uniform covering of my lashes. And trust me, I’ve given it time thinking that I was just used to the other kind of brush shape. I’m too cheap to throw them out, but I can’t wait to finish them and buy a different one.

Verdict: Leave it

Products for older women in June with hooks with attitude

4-Hooks with Attitude

I was sent this hook for review and wanted to include it in this roundup of products. If you haven’t ever seen these purse hooks before, they are made to hang your purse at a table especially when you go out to eat. Considering we eat out at least once a week, it gets some great use. I included a photo of how I used it one time below.

Products for older women in June with hooks with attitude

The young woman, Katya, that individually makes these hooks also makes other items that she sells not only on Amazon but also on Etsy. I found out that her hooks are unique because she Incorporates a textured pattern made of polymer clay.

In the top photo of this blog, you can see how the hook wraps around itself to be nice and compact for carrying. I will admit, that I have one purse where the straps are too thick to stay on the hook. Otherwise, I use it and love it.

Verdict: Love it

Products for older women in June with skin care

5. Radha Organics Cream

I was gifted this anti aging brightening hydration cream back with my think dirty beauty box over a year ago. That’s exactly when I decided that I should be more aware of the ingredients in my beauty products like I am about the ingredients I eat.

I finally finished this bottle, because I tend to alternate with many of the products in my medicine cabinet. In fact, when I’m reviewing a product, I will only use that product, so this one has been sitting by the wayside for awhile.

I actually notice that Radha isn’t selling this particular product anymore, so maybe my complaints were taken to heart. I thought it was a good product because of the fabulous ingredients. However because of the odor, I wouldn’t have bought it again.

Verdict: Leave it

I hope you liked this run down of make up and beauty products. I have many more products to talk about, but if you have a specific concern, I’d love to know about it.

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