Lace Up Shoes 3 (Dressy)

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Stylish Footwear for Mature Women.

Lace Up Shoes for the 50’s, 60’s, & 70’s: The Dressy Version

Quote of the day: “Energy and persistence conquer all things” – Benjamin Franklin

The final episode in our lace up shoes series is styling them for a dressy occasion. I know every women’s definition of dressy is quite different. Thus I had us all wear some variety of dressy. I wore a skirt, Nancy put on her jumpsuit, and mom styled her long cardigan with her leggings!

I had to include Darlene’s version that she showed on her blog earlier this week!! She has a pair of these shoes and wore then with a dress:


Most options of these lace up shoes come up to ankle height or higher. Although if you don’t like that characteristic, I have seen some that are more of a ballet flat version.

We wore these exact same shoes for a work day, here, and a casual day, here. If you have a pair, what’s your favorite way of wearing them?

Jodie’s (50’s) Outfit: We were dressing up to go out to dinner at Luca’s in Denver for their Sunday night special! I don’t usually wear flats when I get dressed up, but it was a perfect opportunity to take blog photos!

Stylish Footwear for Mature Women.

I recently bought this choker in order to get free shipping with my new OTK boots (worn here). The choker itself is actually rhinestones on the other side, but I didn’t want that much bling this night, so I turned it around!

Stylish Footwear for Mature Women.

Since the evenings are chilly, I added my grey leather jacket for warmth! I figured it was a neutral and would coordinate fine! Heck, it even picks up the grey in the skirt’s pockets!

Stylish Footwear for Mature Women.

And then we found this great painted wall in the entrance to a parking garage!! It’s almost the same colors as my skirt—how nice of them to coordinate their walls to my outfit-ha ha!

Stylish Footwear for Mature Women

Skirt: Oh, My Bag Designs (similar here in tan plaid)~~Jacket: Sao Paulo (similar here super cute!!)~~Top: The Gap (similar here)~~Shoes: MissGuided (similar here)~~Necklace: Charlotte Russe (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)

Nancy’s (60’s) Outfit: For Nancy’s dressy outfit, I had her wear her jumpsuit. She’s a big fan of this clothing item even from many years ago. You can see how we styled it this summer in our Jumpsuit series here, here & here.

Stylish Footwear for Mature Women

The necklace is made out of a yarn. It’s what we used to call the railroad yarn that we used for many of the fun scarves! Her necklace is interesting because you can wear it twisted like shown so it’s not very thick. Or you can untwist it so it’s wider around the neck.

Stylish Footwear for Mature Women.

One of the reasons, I picked out her jumpsuit was because of the ruching on the sides of the legs. I figured that this feature enabled you to appreciate the lace up shoes even better.

Stylish Footwear for Mature Women.

And here’s a tribute to her brother, who always poses with both arms up for pictures!

Stylish Footwear for Mature Women

Jumpsuit: WHBM (similar here)~~Cardigan: Charming Charlies (similar here)~~Shoes: SouldOut through Groupdealz (similar here)~~Necklace: (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)

Charlotte’s (70’s) Outfit: For mom’s dressy outfit I decided to go against my normal. Mom is still a lover of skirts and dresses, but I wanted to see if she could gussy up some leggings.

Stylish Footwear for Mature Women.

I thought maybe some lovely neck & ear bling would create a more dressy look in comparison to the cotton leggings.

Stylish Footwear for Mature Women.

Besides, I consider this cardigan quite elegant. This is the cardigan mom received from VIPme that we showcased here.

Stylish Footwear for Mature Women.

So what do you think? Did we make mom’s leggings fancy enough?

Stylish Footwear for Mature Women.

Leggings: Apt. 9 (similar here)~~Cardigan: (here available also in grey & tan )~~Top: Karen Scott (similar here)~~Shoes: Sould Out through Groupdealz (similar here)~~Necklace: (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Bracelet: Charming Charlies (similar here)

I am extremely grateful for all of your support and comments. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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I found some lace ups in the boot variety too!

  • Kathleen McDermott

    These shoes are charming with dressy outfits too. Your ensemble looks so good finished with the gorgeous leather jacket and Nancy and Charlotte look very elegant. Love Charlotte’s necklace.

  • All you ladies look so great! Lace up shoes are so fun and easy to wear. I have one pair and think more are needed in all kinds of color! 🙂

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Thanks Veronica!!
      I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come close to buying another pair—but really, how many do I need? Although there are some cute variations….

  • ADA

    I love laceup shoes. I have 4 pair of flat ones (like all of yours): nude, camel, red and black. I have a pair of nude block heel pumps, tan laceup open-toe sandal booties, camel laceup booties, and olive laceup block heel sandals. Nancy looks amazing in that outfit. Her navy jumpsuit is ravishing on her!

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Well, then I don’t feel so bad that I keep wanting to get another pair Ada!!
      Because even though they are all lace ups, they are different somehow, right?

  • I just love this! You are so creative putting those outfits together! I’m so glad you are linking up and sharing at DI & DI 🙂

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Thanks for the enthusiasm Lori!!

  • Mother Daughter

    Love your mother’s cardigan, very nice. I can’t get into the lace up shoes, fat calves. lol I am loving all of the fall looks.

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Thanks Victoria for the kind words!!

  • PetiteOver40

    As I get older–and as I walk to dinner instead of drive or ride there–my feet don’t appreciate high heels like they once did. With this post you’ve provided dressy alternatives to the heel. And I like that! 😃

    Hugs all around!
    – Sherry

    • Jodie Filogomo

      It’s true Sherry—although one of my goals is to never give up my heels! You just need a cab (or Uber!!)

  • I think the cardigan addition to your mom’s look was a great choice. It’s a pretty dramatic piece and really elevates the entire outfit. Now I want to try a duster cardigan with my jumpsuit. 🙂 I like the color combination you selected – I never think of browns and reds, but they really work! What a fabulous background wall for your look, too. 🙂

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Thanks Jennie!!
      Nancy’s duster is one of my faves—I actually saw it online shopping and wanted it for me—but they didn’t have it in my size! Thus I figured I’d buy it for Nancy!!

  • Veronica Cooke

    Lovely outfits and I particularly like the long cardigan looks.

    Have a great week


    • Jodie Filogomo

      Thanks so much Veronica!!

  • Lovely looks, Have a great start to your week. Gemma x

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Thanks Gemma!!

  • Happy Monday Beauty.
    How was your weekend?
    New post:

    • Jodie Filogomo

      And happy Monday to you too!!
      Thanks for stopping by Melody!


    • Jodie Filogomo

      Thanks Melody!!

  • Tina von tinaspinkfriday

    Oh Jodie thank you for linking up with Tinaspinkfriday. Such a wonderfull blog. I like it so much. Great Style in all age. ♥️
    You have a new excited follower. Looking forward to your amazing blogposts.

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Thanks so much Tina!!

  • Jacqueline Rendine

    Love the lace up shoe trend! All three look great!
    Stylin In St. Louis

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Thanks Jacqueline!!

  • Nancy is stealing the show here! I love the jumpsuit and coatigan You have all styled the lace up shoes so well. I like popping over here to see the different variations.

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Didn’t her outfit turn out great Laurie?
      It’s so much fun when a plan comes together nicely!!

  • Love seeing the lace-up flats dressed up! I love Nancy’s jumpsuit and duster cardigan!

    Doused In Pink

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Thanks Jill!!
      I think this jumpsuit was a great buy—Nancy really loves it, and it works in so many situations!!

  • I was going to say that Charlotte looked the picture of elegance in that cardigan. And I adore Nancy’s jumpsuit, way to be ahead of the trend right there. I’m immensely partial to heels (as the entire world knows) but I find myself appreciating how you went the opposite direction and wore your flats out for dinner, Jodie. I do think the vivid red helped in adding a touch of glam to the overall look. And, of course, those darling pockets which are an OMG moment in themselves!!! xoxo

    • Jodie Filogomo

      It’s funny because when we went to dinner with these friends, the man commented like I looked like Hollywood—it was very complimentary!!

  • Love the dressed up version! Like you, I usually opt for heels when dressed up, but a lace up flat is special and looks great.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Thanks Amy!!

  • I just adore lace up shoes!!! I need a black pair now. Great post!

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Aren’t they addictive Stephanie?
      Thanks for the love and happy weekend!

  • Kreativk Net

    These shoes are so much fun and I love the different colours and styles they go with! They dress up any outfit and really pop out!

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Thanks so much Katrin!
      I do love how they are more interesting than a plain ballet flat!!

  • With these Ghillie-style shoes, you all look like you’re ready to go dancing!

    Jodie: love love love the red, especially red shoes!
    Nancy: Lovely pose, thank God for a beautiful day!
    Charlotte: What a great way to dress up leggings!

    I’m wearing lace up shoes in my new post.


    • Jodie Filogomo

      Aren’t they such a fun shoe choice Carmen??
      Can’t wait to see your styling!!!
      Thanks for the kind words for all of us—I forwarded the comment to both mom & Nancy!

  • You #NAILEDIT on every single person, my friend!!
    Um…that picture of me is H.U.G.E.! lol
    Thanks for the shout out!! XOXO

    • Jodie Filogomo

      I don’t know why your picture came over bigger—I guess I should have had you email it to me instead?
      But you look fantastic—so it’s all good!!

  • Amy D. Christensen

    Jodie, you rock that red! I love that blouse on you. Very cute outfit! Nancy is creating a bit of a boho vibe with her long sweater and I love the look with her shoes. And yes, you made Mom’s leggings look perfectly dressy with the elegant cardi and the jewelry. I like that you kept her outfit more monotone, then added the color over top with the cardi and the jewelry. Great looks, girlfriend! – Amy

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Thanks so much Amy!!!

  • You made me see that I can wear those shoes in so many different ways! Never thought they would be so versatile! I love Nancy’s cardigan/coat. What a great look whit the jumpsuit! Enjoy your weekend!

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Thanks so much Nancy!!
      I do think many of the items in our closets can be so versatile. It’s just takes some thought, creativity and time to figure it all out (and great inspiration from other bloggers!!)
      Happy Weekend to you too!!

  • Terri Webster Schrandt

    I love how these shoes look on other people! And you always look so fab, Jodie!

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Thanks so much Terri!!
      I do think the lace ups add a little more interest to the flats!! That’s probably why I love them so much!! (I don’t even know if my mom and Nancy like theirs!! I just buy them and make them wear them—ha ha!!)

  • Rosy Flynn

    I loved Charlotte’s outfit, she looks lovely 🙂

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Thanks so much Rosy!!

    • Charlotte Miller

      Thank you, thank you, and again thanks.

  • So cute! I always love seeing what you all wear. It’s so fun to see style through certain ages. Happy Friday!


    • Jodie Filogomo

      Thanks so much Liz!
      I figure, if we’re lucky, we’ll all get old at some time. So it’s nice to know we can still look good!!

  • What smart styling. I rarely think to dress up a pair of flats

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Thanks Michelle!

  • Versatilestylebytracey

    That wall is fabulous for your background. I love Nancy’s graphic print long sweater and her pose for her brother is wonderful. We all embraced life with that attitude as children and so many forget, lol Mom’s cardigan is a wonderful statement piece that excels against the basic pieces allowing it to take full focus.

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Thanks so much Tracey!
      You’re so right—we need to remember to embrace life! That’s why I always love reading your gratitude piece on your blog!

  • Judy Gramith

    Your skirt and that wall…? GENIUS!
    Nancy’s long sweater coat is fabulous!!
    Charlotte’s entire outfit is perfection!

    • Jodie Filogomo

      Thanks Jude!!
      I love finding walls like this lately—and so many of them are hidden gems!!

    • Charlotte Miller

      Thanks Judy for the “perfection” description. I really appreciate the comment.