Ladies Spring Jackets Showcased in RiNo

Wearing our white jackets

Ladies Spring Jackets Showcased in RiNo

The best ladies spring jackets are ones that get worn over and over and go with everything in my opinion. That’s why I just love white ones. They seem perfect for the warmer days, yet can look great with such a variety of outfits. Hopefully like we showcased this week.

Quote of the day: “We can’t be afraid of change. You may feel very secure in the pond that you are in, but if you never venture out of it, you will never know that there is such a thing as an ocean, a sea. Holding onto something that is good for you now, may be the very reason why you don’t have something better.”  C. JoyBell C.

I know many of us enjoy what we know and are comfortable with. And SO many women I talk to don’t wear white because of it getting dirty. Although I did tackle some ideas about keeping it clean earlier this week. So I hope our week of white jackets gave everyone a little inspiration.

Styling ladies spring jackets in Denver

Jodie’s History with Monochromatic White

The funny thing is I never used to dress all in one color, at least with separates. I left that style trick to my mom. I’m usually the ones going for lots of contrast with my tops and bottoms. But lately, I’ve pushed myself out of my pond, and have enjoyed this monochromatic thing. At least when it comes to all white.

In the first photo, I wore a short sleeved white jacket with white jeans. Of course I had to throw in a little color with the pin and shoes.

For our white boots post just this winter, I actually kept to the monochromatic with no extra colors. Unless you count the bags in my clear purse.

And then for a summer version, I kept the outfit white with culottes and a sweater.

Nancy’s History with Blue and White

Since this was Shelly’s first time joining us on the blog, I don’t have any history to show you for her. So I thought I’d include some previous photos of Nancy when she wore denim and white together like Shelly did in her outfit.

For Nancy’s first photo, I chose a time when Nancy wore a white dress and jean jacket. It’s the opposite of Shelly, but works just as good.

In the second outfit, I cheated a little. Nancy’s shirt is actually a very light chambray and not white. But it goes to show how it’s basically the same.

And for the last example, Nancy is wearing almost the same color scheme as Shelly. Blue, white and green yet it’s very different.

Charlotte’s History with Maxis

For my mom’s outfit, she is enjoying wearing maxis more and more lately. So that’s what she put together with her white blazer. While many women think they are too short to wear maxis, I think that’s a bunch of hogwash. They are a great way to stay covered and still remain cool. And yet, you can layer with them in the colder weather too.

In the first outfit, my mom wore her denim jacket with a maxi and boots in the winter.

Charlotte made her floral maxi that she’s wearing in the second look. Heck, all three of us have items made out of this material since we know how my mom hates to waste anything.

And lastly my mom wore a maxi dress with layering under it for the third outfit.

The RiNo Area

The RiNo area of Denver, is one of those up and coming areas that used to be run down and scary. Rob was joking that the area wants to be like a New York City section since it’s abbreviated the way it is. RiNo stands for River North, and is a mecca of cool murals, new places to live along with some great restaurants.

The funny part was when we were taking some of our photos I said, “Hey look at that orange cow statue.” Of course, my mom pointed out that it was a rhino. Of course. A rhino in RiNo. And maybe you noticed the rhino mural where Shelly took her photos? That was in front of a pot shop.

But the absolute best part? When we went to breakfast, there was this shop truck (you know, like a food truck only with clothes) parked at the corner. Of course we had to go investigate, and take a photo. I met the young woman who owns Seventy West, and we connected.

You can see how the truck was refurbished from it’s original state in this Instagram photo collage. (There’s a small arrow in that photo on the right so you can scroll through to see the befores, during and after photos). And an interior decorator just blogged about this amazing truck recently if you’d like the entire story.

Shopping truck in Denver

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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