Layer your Long Coat over Another Coat

Layer your long coat for women of 3 generations

Layer your Long Coat over Another Coat

Quote of the day: “Every now and then a man’s mind is stretched by a new idea or sensation, and never shrinks back to its former dimensions.” Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.

After we got crazy and layered a vest over a jacket last month, I had the idea of layering two coats together. For those of you in the warmer states, this may seem like pure madness. However, if you live where it gets downright cold, then you might appreciate this idea. Heck, you could even apply the concept to 2 lightweight coats for those crazy times that Florida is actually colder than Colorado.

Of course you could always layer one coat over another and not see the underneath coat, but for the sake of this post, I wanted to somehow see the second coat also.

Jodie’s (50+) Outfit: When I came up with this idea, I was going to showcase the two coats that I ended up wearing to Glenwood Springs.

However, since you already saw that combination, I wanted to see if I could put together another pairing. And the one I came up with ended up being another great option. The pink coat was gifted to me last December, but I was a little surprised at how lightweight it was. So by layering this pink coat over my black & white one, I felt like I could wear it when the temperatures dipped low.

Layer your long coat for winter weather

Let’s talk about pastels in the winter months. I know most of us tend to reach for the darker colors but don’t you think the lighter colors are just as nice? Especially when we are talking about winter coats, the faux fur ones are quite fun. Or if pastels aren’t your gig, then there’s bright colors too that would be a change from the black coats. Just think how much easier you would stand out if you’re in a sea of dark outerwear in this red coat.

Layer your long coat for midlife women

I admit that I usually wear boots in the winter, but there comes a time when I’m ready for some variety in my footwear.

Therefore, I pulled out my black flats which are definitely a basic. Since I would assume some of you feel the same way about boots after awhile, I thought I’d find some great black shoes that are modern right now. This pair is a pair I would have bought when I was working hands down. The bow on this pair makes these very fun for dressy or casual. Or this jacquard print makes for a lovely pair of flats.

Layer your long coat over another coat

The black & white coat was a hand made gift from my mother last year for my birthday. I end up wearing it quite a bit because it’s a great length and medium weight. When I wore it on the blog last, I even decorated it with brooches at the neck area.

Women over 50 Layer your long coat

Outer coat: VIPme c/o (similar here)~~Inner Coat: Mom made it (similar here)~~Shoes: (similar here)~~Necklace: (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Purse: Aldo (similar here)

Nancy’s (60+) Outfit: Nancy was excited to wear her new polka dot coat that she just picked up on our Glenwood Springs trip at a local boutique.

She even layered it over another print coat which goes to show that print mixing is alive and well.

Layer your long coat ladies 60+

And I love that Nancy added a bright scarf to contrast against the coats. Most of us try to match our scarves and gloves to the coat that we are wearing, but then these matched items don’t always show up much. Instead, how fun is it to add in a red scarf to a black coat? Or why not a green scarf?

Layer your long coat with 2 print coats

And if one of your accessories is the focal point like Nancy’s pink scarf, then the other ones could take a back seat.

Like Nancy’s finger less gloves that she purchased when we visited Sassafras in Seattle. Or this black and gold purse which is also from Ala Carte in Glenwood Springs.

Nancy’s been looking for a cross body purse so she can be hands free when we go places. I always consider this factor especially when we are travelling. If you don’t have this type of purse, then I found a pastel version, a print version, and a black version for you.

Layer your long coat with black leggings

One of the best things about both of Nancy’s coats, is they are from small boutiques. The green print one is from Trendz, the local boutique that we’ve featured a couple of times.

As much as I love having what is in style, I also like to be unique. And many times it seems like the smaller stores have different or more interesting pieces.

Outer coat: (similar here)~~Inner Coat: from Trendz (similar here)~~Pants: (similar here)~~Boots: Impo (similar here)~~Scarf: (similar here)~~Purse: (similar here)~~Fingerless Gloves: (similar here)

Charlotte’s (70+) Outfit: My mom went with more of a conservative approach to this idea.

She pulled out her maxi, black wool coat and allowed the print coat under it to show in the neck area.

I’m sure we all have a long, black coat since they are such a basic piece. Funny story about my old one. My mom made me one just like this when I came out here to college (many, many years ago). She even lined it with heavy, lining because unless you live here, you think it’s terribly cold all of the time. Well, it was too heavy, so after a couple of years of never wearing, I had my mom take out the lining. Then it was perfect and I wore it lots. Needless to say it’s been given away because I was much heavier at that time of my life.

Layer your long coat for women over 70

I love how mom’s coat underneath almost acts as a scarf by incorporating more color to this outer outfit. And you can see how the red gloves really pop with the black coat, instead of black gloves. It’s almost like the black coat acts as a fabulous backdrop for the red pieces.

If you like your winter accessories to match each other then you could always buy them as a set too.

Layer your long coat to stay warm

Keeping items for ages is probably my mother’s middle name.

For many of you, this isn’t as much an option, since we change sizes throughout our lives. However, most of us still have the same shoe size, so shoes and purses could be an exception. These reddish boots, could be considered retro since they are over 20 years old. My mom recently had them redyed because they were getting scuffed in areas.

If you’ve been following other fashion bloggers, then you might be aware that red boots are a great way to bring some color to our winter outfits. You’ll see my pair soon enough, but for those of you looking, I’m here for you. You could opt for the low heel version, the studded version (very much like my pair), or more of a outdoorsy type.

Layer your long coat with contrasting accessories

And I’m sure it won’t surprise you to know that my mother made the pink print coat that she’s wearing. In fact, I have a shorter version that she made from the leftovers. On top of that you can see the remaining pieces of this material on a hat and purse that Nancy owns. We were thinking of putting together a post where all three of us wore the outfits with the same material. Does that sound interesting from a reader’s perspective?

Layer your long coat ladies 70+

Outer coat: (similar here)~~Inner Coat: Mom made it (similar here)~~Boots: (similar here)~~Purse: (similar here)~~Gloves: (similar here)

Layer your long coat for women

The idea to layer your long coat over another coat or jacket may not be the first thing you think of when getting ready to go outside. But I actually think it could be a great way to be able to wear our lighter weight coats even when the temperature drops.

Thanks to one and all of you for your support. It means more than you know!

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In case you would like to try to layer your long coat, I found some that could work for you:

  • Your mom is so talented – the coats she made are fantastic! It has been quite cold here in the UK so I have worn a long cardigan under a coat a few times. Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

    • Isn’t my mom quite the seamstress?? I wish I had inherited that trait…ha ha!!

  • Look at you ladies rocking out the layered coat looks! Fabulous idea especially with the brutal cold temperatures we have been having. And you get to wear more of your amazing wardrobe pieces at once! That I can totally get on board with as I was just digging through my closet today and thinking, “My goodness, I can’t ever possibly wear all this stuff.” But maybe I can by layering in this unique and fun way…and doing multiple outfit changes a day (which I am not opposed to either)!

    Thanks for linking up with me.


    • I have way too much clothes too, Shelbee. So this could be the answer to all of our problems. Of course I also love the idea of outfit changes in a day (but realistically, I’m way too lazy—ha ha!!!)

  • Lovely ladies! Love all your coats, especially that pink coat. That red booties is truly perfect for the black trench coat!

    Jessica |

  • Rebecca Saffer

    Sorry I am late with this comment but I just got back from Florida with a nasty cold. Boy could I have used this coat layering concept there! It was not bitter cold like NYC but nothing is really heated and I did not bring enough warm clothing
    Anyway, enough complaints!! This is a brilliant idea and you all look wonderful in the various options. I must say I was so impressed with the black and white coat your mom made you – she is totally incredible!

    • I have to admit, that we were just laughing last night that Denver was warmer than many southern states….(not to rub it in or anything…LOL)
      But especially in the south where people don’t really have the heavy coats, this could be perfect for those times they get a cold snap. Just layer a couple of lightweight jackets and you’re toasty warm!!
      Thanks for the lovely compliment to my mother—she is quite the amazing woman!! And this will have her beaming from ear to ear (especially since she’s turning 80 on Sunday)!!

      • Rebecca Saffer

        Happy Birthday to dear Charlotte from another January baby! I know that you all will be celebrating this special day in a way befitting such a special woman!

  • I think all three looks are so chic and inspired. And honestly, Jodie, I think this is my favorite outfit of yours EVER. I wonder why, right? Pink, black, and white. Retro vibes. And that amazing brocade bag! This proves winter dressing can still be feminine and fabulous! I just love it!


    • Thanks so much Liz!! I have always been a fan of black & white & pink. For some reason it reminds me of Chanel, although I don’t know if that’s real or made up, LOL!!
      Have a great weekend…

  • Chrissy Rowden

    Jodie, Nancy, Charlotte, you are adorable, and well, positively charming. Love the layering of the jackets and am inspired to play around some more! Great post!

    • Thanks so much for your uplifting words, Chrissy!!
      Enjoy your weekend…

  • fantasy violet
  • FunkyForty

    This is the best idea ever.
    Just this weekend my husband said I couldn’t wear the outfit I was wearing because it was a coat over a jacket – I replied of course I can – smile.
    Here is the link to that look, you can tell me if you think I was right 😉

    xx Yvonne @ http://www.funkyforty.vom

    • It’s funny how we have something in our head and think that it wouldn’t work!! I’m glad to hear that you love this idea too and have worn it!! Then I don’t feel so silly!!

  • What a great idea & fantastic layering idea to stay warm!!

    • Thanks MIchelle—it definitely is good for the cold weather!!

  • Len Dela Peña Parent

    OH gosh Jodie, I loove your pink coat. You look amazing as always! I love all your winter fashion ladies. Very inspiring!!!! Have a great week!
    Much love, Len

  • Oh I am loving all of the coats! Jodie & Charlotte’s are my favorite “under” coats! I have a fun white/green/black coat that would pair well with a black over coat. Wonderful post ladies!

    • Isn’t it an interesting idea, Laura??
      I can’t wait to see you put together yours too!!

  • I prefer lighter colours all year round and your coat is a gorgeous colour Jodie. It works really well with the fishnets too xx

    • Thanks so much Laurie!! Anything to keep warm, right?

  • I have never thought to do this! What a great outfit idea. I love the way each of your outfits turned out for this post! I’m going to try this the next time I’m home in Wisconsin – it’ll come in very handy!


    • I felt the same way Lindsey—it was like one of those “I should have had a V-8” moments. And I’ve been trying it with a ton of my coats!!
      Can’t wait to see what you put together!!

  • Wearing two coats is sure to keep you warm, I love this!

    Lydia x

    • It’s truly the way to go when it’s cold out, Lydia!!

  • love the pictures with all 3 of you! cute winter style ladies!

  • I’ve seen this quite a bit and love the layered look! Love the pink on you too Jodie it really suits you.

    Gemma x

    • Thanks Gemma!!
      It is a fun way to up the layer game!!


    I would never have thought of this myself, but your combinations work so well, so fun and colourful!

    Marije |

    • I am so glad we tried this Marije because it’s been so beneficial in the cold weather!!

  • Coat layering- BRILLIANT for this super cold weather KC is having! Love it, ladies!

    Le Stylo Rouge

    • That’s what I thought—like why hadn’t I thought of this before—it’s so functional!!
      Thanks Ashley!!

  • I love layering!

    • Thanks Meghan!! I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets crazy with it…

  • Such fun layering and mix of prints and colors. Makes winter more fun!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    • Absolutely Amy Ann–it does make winter more fun!!!
      I’ll have to remember that!

  • Brigid Gallagher

    What interesting combinations. I love the pink coat your mom made. she is very talented. x

    • Thanks Brigid!! My mom is an amazing seamstress, which makes us all very happy since many times she sews for us too!!

  • Jonet Gleason Wooten

    Great styling tips for everyone woman in this post, Jodie. Layering is a must, especially with the FFFrosty temps sweeping the nation. You’ve made staying warm look oh so cool, my friend. Great post! Xo Jonet

    • Thanks Jonet….I’m so glad I thought about layering this way—now I can wear some of my not so warm coats!!

  • Oh wow I’d love to be able to make a coat, your mother is so talented! 🙂

    I really like the way you’ve layered two of your coats, even if it would never be cold enough to do that here, tis’ a fun idea 🙂

    Hope that you are having a nice start to your week 🙂 Had my first day back at work after extended leave today so not the best day for me haha.

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • Thanks for the love Mica!! My mother is extremely talented with her sewing skills, and that makes me very lucky!!

  • Fantastic idea! What a fabulous combination is Nancy wearing! Surprising I love your coat that youre mother made! I love houndstooth a lot! It is such a classic elegant print and combined with pink is very chique!

    • Thanks Nancy!!
      This was a totally fun experiment, and I’ll be layering like this more and more now that it’s in my brain!!

  • This layered coat idea is right up my alley – I’m always freezing! Love all the combinations, and the stories behind each coat. And yes, I love to wear pastels in the winter. It’s already dark enough outside!

    • That’s exactly how I feel Lana—give me colors this time of year to keep me happy!!

  • Oh how i wish i can wear this in here but it looks fun wearing coat over coat.

    Much Love,
    Jane | The Bandwagon Chic

    • Definitely too hot for some areas, but it is fun.
      Thanks Jane!!

  • I am in love with your mom’s pink print coat! Also, your handbag, your coat your mom made and Nancy’s inner coat. Interesting concept but you know that I’ll never have the opportunity to wear it. But then again you know what they say…Never say never!!

    • Thanks for all of the love Darlene!! And it’s true that you should never say never. How about when you come visit?? LOL!!!

  • What a cool creative idea! You all came up with great combos! Love your mom’s boots, and Nancy’s prints are so fun! I just love the black and white underneath the pink, Jodie! Such a great color combo! And what a beautiful purse! The perfect choice for the look!

    • I was super excited that this combination came together so well—now I can wear this coat more!!!!
      Thanks Ronnie!!

  • Lol! Great minds!
    Love this post and the creative layering!
    I especially love Nancy’s artful combination of floral and dot.
    You three look so chic and warm!

    • It’s because we are both dealing with cold, cold weather Elle…and great minds think alike!!!

  • I find myself layers coats often these days, it’s so cold! Or maybe I’m just not used to it! I love your blush coat over the houndstooth coat, perfect pairing!

    pumps and push-ups

    • Well, I’m so glad to hear you say you already do this, Brooke!! Now I don’t feel so crazy (or if I’m part of your crazy, then that’s even better!! LOL)

  • What a great way to bundle up for these below freezing temperatures! I love your houndstooth coat Jodie and Nancy’s polka dots are fun! Your mom’s looking elegant as always.

    May I use your first photo for my next post? It’s about backdrops and I love yours! Also, if you could share another photo with a super backdrop, I’ll include that as well. Thanks so much!

    Stay warm!

    • Thanks so much for those wonderful compliments, Carmen!!
      And of course you can share that photo. Give me your email address again (or you can send me an email and I’ll reply to yours with another photo!!!

  • Why did I not think of this? So clever with the arctic temperatures we have been having. You all look lovely!

    • It’s like that “Aha” moment!! It can be so smart or crazy!!!
      Thanks Rebecca!!

  • Carly

    Great tips especially on those super cold winter days! I recently tried layering coats on trip to NYC and was surprised how much warmer and comfortable I was throughout the trip. I love Jodie’s mix of print with the blush pink coat.

    Have a wonderful week!
    Carly at A Modern Mom Blog

    • Well, I’m glad to hear that it’s not as crazy as I originally thought if you’ve already done it, Carly!!!

  • Wow J! I adore your layering 🙂 How could i not, that houndstooth is just right.

    • Thanks so much Lorena!! I was so happy that I found this combination—-the pink coat is so lightweight that otherwise it gets forgotten about for many months!!!

  • What a fun way to mix color and prints! This is such a great idea!

    • Thanks Roxanne!! It’s certainly different, and can be smart in your part of the country??

  • I love this styling idea! So perfect for now because it’s so cold here.

    • Right?? It’s one way to try to stay warm when you go outside without having an incredible amount of layers for your clothing. Because then when you get inside–you can be too hot if you’ve layered a ton in your clothes!!!

  • Judy Gramith

    This really IS a super idea for folks living in those areas of the country where it has recently become unusually cold. Stikes me as the perfect kind of consignment shopping mission.
    I LOVE your combination Jodie! Charlottes bright plaid undercoat is so gorgeous! BOTH of Nancy’s coats are beautiful and have that special boutique vibe.
    A suggestion that I don’t think I’ve seen from you ( and something I do a lot) is a short skirt over leggings. I find that the skirt takes the curse off the leggings (crotch) and the leggings take the curse off a too short skirt and makes a mini warmer for cold weather. This is a look that our darling Sherry wore in Seattle with sporty bright sneakers!

    • Brilliant, Jude!!!
      I’m totally putting that in the blog queue for this year. It’s such a fabulous way to combine the items!!!

  • super elegants and chic look, love so much your pink coat
    new review on my blog <<< Yolo insurance sci and snowboard >>>
    have a nice day, a big kiss

  • I love your combo Jodie. I’ve done this often. The only trick is having a coat large enough to allow room for the other coat without feeling like you can’t move! Ha ha. Sometimes that is an issue.


    • You’re exactly right, Suzanne!! Especially if you happen to be wearing a ton of layers under the coat. Then again, it’s like a thunder jacket if you get anxious, right??

  • Kellyann

    Were your legs cold Jodie? I can’t imagine wearing a dress when it’s cold because I’m such a wimp. It was 55 degrees last night and my husband and I were waiting outside of a restaurant shivering (both in coats mind you). I’ll bet if I lived in a colder climate I’d be wearing two coats all the time but I’d never be this stylish because I’d be wearing scarves, hats, sweatpants, etc.! You ladies rock the look for sure!

    • You’re not the first one that commented on this, Kellyann!! LOL!!
      But we were lucky this day to have it be a balmy 50 degree—it’s funny how our perspective is so different. But I have layered my fishnets over another nude pair of hose for more warmth in the past!! Just call me a layering fool!!!

  • Nicole Mölders

    Nice idea for layering when it’s cold out there. We have snow rain at the moment. When it gets any warmer during the day today I fear kids will have a rain day tomorrow.

    • That’s wild, Nicole!!! Nothing like an exciting weather time!!!

  • Laura

    I love the mix of patterns and colors this creates! And it’s a practical, stylish solution for cold weather too!

    • Thanks Laura!! It does make it creative when it works!!!

  • Cindy

    Layering coats totally works on days like today! I’ll have to try this! Thanks for the inspiration. You three always look amazing! xo Cindy

    • Thanks so much Cindy!!!
      I’ve actually been trying this more and more lately, now that I have the idea in my brain!!

  • Look at Nancy go! Pattern mixing, contemporary cuts, bold fabrics! Wow Jodie, she may start being the daring dresser which is the role you usually take! I will say here in Michigan, two coats are a great solution. Especially if one is for looks and one is for warmth. I see your almost bare legs in those flats though and get a shiver. Of course that’s because I’m under the covers in my bed now writing this! Have a great day!

    • I totally agree that Nancy is hitting her sweet spot!! Just look at her go!!!
      And we were totally lucky that this day was quite balmy for us which is why I wore the fishnets. Although I’ve layered fishnets over another nude pair before for warmth!!
      And I have to tell you that Rob & I added champagne to our kumbuchi last night—-you were right–it was fabulous!!!

  • This is a great trend, I have never thought of it. Thank you for the inspiration!

    My Vogue Style |

    • Thanks for the positive words, Cami!! It’s certainly different!!

  • Pauline Starsmore

    You all look good. I don,t think I could wear 2 coats though because I don’t like to feel “bundled up” And it is pretty cold here in the U.K. but perhaps we get used to it or we just moan about it !!!

    • Okay—that totally made me giggle, Pauline!! Because we do moan about it don’t we??

  • Mireille

    Love your look! And yes, it would be cool to see a post with outfits made from the same material!

    • I’m glad you think so about the same material idea, Mireille!! My mom keeps reminding me, so I better get on it!!!

  • Layering coats is certainly a way to get creative and stay extra warm! I think I’d be uncomfortable with the extra bulk, especially if it was for a situation where I’d have to take it off and on more than once, but I do really love the pop of pattern under your solid coats.
    Chic on the Cheap

    • It’s funny, because I don’t notice the extra bulk the times I tried it, but I could totally see how with some coats, it’d feel that way!!!
      You’ll have to try it with a couple of yours and let me know, Lydia!!!

  • Kinda sad in FL…we dont get to wear even on coat most days! BUT, yesterday we had a cool snap and I got to wear a cashmere v neck with a crocheted poncho. I was stylin’!-Laurel

    • It’s a totally different world, there, isn’t it, Laurel?? But of course you were styling!! I would expect nothing less.
      And when you come visit the colder states—you can experiment with this option, since they always say your blood thins out—ha ha!!

  • fashionistha

    Thats indeed a great fashion sense Jodie!

  • Stevie Turner

    The long black coat is timeless isn’t it? Luckily in the UK I don’t usually need to wear 2 coats at the same time.

    • That’s so nice to hear Stevie—because I thought it was cold over there???

      • Stevie Turner

        About 10 degrees Centigrade today, so not too bad, but torrential rain.

  • Savoring Sixty and Beyond

    I would never have thought to purchase red boots, but I love the look! I may have to step out of my comfort zone and consider getting myself a pair!

    • I bet you wouldn’t be sorry!!! It’s amazing how they add some fun color to almost any outfit!!

  • donnanance

    Oh yes, I would be interested in seeing a post where you are all wearing something made from the same fabric. You ladies all look fab in your double coats. Sometimes it’s so blasted cold that two layers would feel great. xoxo

    • It certainly is a great way to keep Old Man Winter at bay, right?
      And I’m glad you think the same fabric idea is interesting, Donna!! My mom is a pro at that!!

  • Hi Jodie, I do like fashion experiments! Well, being that I am in NC we really onlyhave a need for a winter coat about 2 months out of the year. I can see where this would be fun to try in your climate though. You know I love pink coats!
    Enjoy your week!
    jess xx

    • It is fun to try new ways to wear what we have Jess.
      And even where you live—I’m sure you have lightweight coats that aren’t always warm enough?? I may try this in the spring too, with my really thin bomber jacket!!!

  • I always wanted to try this trend. Of course since I live in Michigan it is more practical for me too. 😉 Really love yours Jodie and both of them are so pretty along or wear them together!

    Please stop by at every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for linkup parties! Hope to see you there!

    Grace Liang

    • It certainly is one way to try to stay warm this winter season!!
      Thanks so much Grace!!

  • Karen

    I definitely like this idea for where I live! I would not have thought to do this without your inspiration. I love pastel winter coats, white, (LOVE pink), pale yellow, ice blue, I think they are gorgeous! My question here would be, do you find it hard to put one coat over another since they are probably the same size? I can see how Nancy’s outer coat would fit over the other (love the polka dot coat!!), but when you are layering two of a similar style and size, is it hard to move your arms? I’ll have to go home and try this with some of my coats. I like the bright accents used here, whether under coats, scarves, gloves…I like to do this too since it is so, so dreary for so many months, bright accents really give you a lift! I am another one who loves the small, local boutiques. It’s fun wearing things you know you won’t see anywhere else! I really enjoy your creative ideas that cause us to draw outside the lines once in awhile. My mind is currently going through the closet at home thinking of different combinations in different lengths! My first thought venturing out on these frigid mornings is staying warm, but why not have some fun doing it?!

    • I do think you can only do this with certain coats, Karen. You need the outer one to have a little more space, but I did notice that most of my coats are a little bigger, so I can layer them over my winter outfits…..
      But I’ll be excited to see if this works for others too! You’ll see on Wednesday, that it works great for a cape too!!

  • Oh how I love Nancy’s layered coats! What a fun idea! I am so impressed with your fun fashion ideas!

    • Thanks Cheryl!! This was a fun one although some may call it crazy???

  • Eileen Flanigan Sinda

    Wow! What a great idea if you live somewhere very cold. Could have used this idea when our daughter lived in Fargo, ND. Luckily, she has moved back down South where wearing on winter coat is enough. As always, your ideas are interesting and inspiring.

    • Thanks so much Eileen!! I can certainly see how many areas of the country would have no need for this, at least with winter coats. But sometimes even my lightweight bomber in the spring isn’t quite warm enough, so I may try it again with those kind of coats!!!

      • Eileen Flanigan Sinda

        I will look forward to those ideas! My favorite pairing in winter or early spring is adding a shawl over a coat or jacket. And if it is chilly in whatever building I am in, the shawl is a good as a sweater. Thanks for all your encouragement.

  • Bev @ Walking Well With God

    You’ve taught me a lot about layering and I’ve become an avid student. Coat over coat for this always “too warm” Southerner probably won’t happen. But if I still lived up North, perhaps I’d give it a shot on those frigid days. Always good creative fashion ideas here!!
    Bev xo

    • You’re such a positive ray of sunshine in my day Bev!!
      And if you ever come visit us in the cold state of Colorado—you might need two coats at once!!

  • Bernadette Laganella

    Interesting idea.

    • It’s definitely a little out there, right??
      But then again, so am I…ha ha!!