Welcome Lesley as my New Model Joining our Midlife Blog

I appreciate each and every share. Thank you!

Wearing joggers for dress up

Welcome Lesley as my New Model Joining our Midlife Blog

A midlife blog is the best way to get inspiration about different styles especially on women our age and size along with staying within a budget. At least that’s how I see it right now. While it was VERY sad to leave Nancy in Denver, I wouldn’t think to leave you hanging without adding another fashion model. So let me introduce Lesley.

Quote of the day: “Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many.” Unknown

The funny part is I met Lesley through the blog. I’ll let her tell her story below, but it’s a perfect example of how friends can be made through modern ways.

I hope you welcome Lesley with open arms just like you’ve been so supportive of my other friends I’ve showcased on this midlife blog. Since she’s been part of the blog a couple of times before, feel free to click on the links leading to those posts so you can see her style. The above photo is from our post on joggers and the below one is from our winter jacket post (which could be considerably different this winter in AZ)

In Lesley’s Words: Growing Up

I was about eight and playing dress up with a friend when her teen age sister gave us a couple of old prom dresses to use. I was instantly hooked on style and fashion even though I didn’t know that was what it was.

At age 12, I learned to sew and found I could be different from the crowd, and the same too, but for less.  Following the modern trends, I made my first mini dress was when I was 17. It raised my dad’s eyebrows and bugged out my boyfriends eyes. 

A 4-h project date dress for my junior year in high school was my first grown up dress.  It was the the wild 60’s and the era was all about color, but I went with the Audrey look and made my first of many LBD’s. I won Grand Champion award in several categories.

Jodie here: I included the photo and article below. It’s interesting to read the part that says “The judges have never given any blue ribbons to girls making black dresses because they don’t think black is a very good color for young girls

I must confess to following trends through the years.  I had Farrah hair, Urban cowgirl skirts,  preppy tees, and even soccer mom jeans.  Thank goodness I grew more confident in my self  and found I was a more classic style with pops of trend. 

(Jodie here: The photo below was taken at Lesley’s 50th high school class reunion. It was her idea to use this as a theme for the blog because she knew she had her reunion coming up)

Midlife blog for fashion

How We Met

Four years ago I found Jodie’s blog.  I was drawn to her three decade format and became a huge fan.  I first met Jodie, Charlotte, Nancy & Rob in Denver at a Chicos event that Jodie was hosting. 

I felt like a groupie meeting my rock idol and was hesitant to introduce myself.  I didn’t want to appear star struck even though I was.  What a delightful surprise to find Jodie was warm welcoming, & funny. (I’ve come to believe she was my sister in a past life).

She gave me ideas on putting pieces together and suggestions of accessories that would finish off the look. I believe ‘birds of a feather flock together’ and was not surprised to find the whole team was the same. Thus began a new and rewarding friendship.

Midlife women on a midlife blog
Just look at that wonderful layering of pearl necklaces that Lesley is wearing.

After several meet ups, shopping and lunches, Jodie asked me to join her as a 60’s model while Nancy made the big move to her new home.  I was flattered and so excited as this was right up my alley.  The first day I was nervous, but Rob & Jodie put me at my ease and my portion came out OK. (Jodie here….not only did Lesley model okay, she was fabulous!)

Lesley and Wayne
This photo was taken at Fairmount Cemetary Sacred 36 tour. 3 days before Wayne died.  It was our last picture together.  I was in costume (duh) for a tea party. And the model A car is one that Wayne put together.

Wayne’s Death

I had my outfit put together for my second shoot when my dear husband Wayne died unexpectedly.  So many emotions to deal with came rushing at me all at once.  Jodie & Rob stepped in along with my family and other close friends and wrapped me in their loving, comforting presence.  Jodie  encouraged me not to pass on the planned shoot.  I was glad she did. 

Wearing summer brights on a midlife blog

That and other shoots in the months after Wayne’s death gave me a focus I was lacking. It became a time with friends that wasn’t all about me and my grief.  This was truly a saving grace at a time that was much needed. 

An Old Movie & Easy Dinner tradition with Rob and Jodie at this time. I know she’s mentioned it in her blog from time to time and I’m looking forward to starting up again now that they are living in Arizona. I moved to Sun City, AZ in March to start on new chapter in my life and now they are within walking distance.  

Statement necklace for a midlife blog

Midlife Blog Model

I’m delighted Jodie has asked me to be a regular on her midlife blog.  Can I say “Dream Gig” that is right up my alley?  I also want to thank all of Jodie’s followers who left such warm wishes after Wayne’s passing, compliments on outfits, and encouragement. 

I hope to meet you at future events. Thanks for sharing this new adventure in my life.  
By the way…. did I mention I LOVE JODIE & ROB TONS!?  No? Well I do!

Lesley in costume
Lesley is in costume for a 1890’s gala. Her character is Louise Hill who was a Denver socialite.

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