Let’s Get Dressed: Daily Outfits for Fun Women over 50

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Even if you aren’t going anywhere “special”, I am of the thinking that every day is special and the best way to show that is with how we present ourselves to the world. I would say that the world includes you, so even a day at home can be a great time to wear some fun clothing!!

Daily Looks:
Saturday-Shorts and tall boots
Sunday-Faux fur vest and corduroys
Monday– Summer colors in winter
Tuesday-Llama sweater
Wednesday-Plaid pants
Thursday– Kid’s section for adults
Friday– Sweater vest and white pants

BTW, I will be taking off the next couple of weeks for the holidays. But don’t fear, I have over 1500 posts you can peruse from my categories list here. Many of the posts with the original models included my stepmom, and there are many that will make you laugh because the photos weren’t so good and I didn’t describe the outfits as well. But it’s always amazing to me how many of the older looks are still relevant.

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Shorts in the winter?? I’m sure we all laugh at that proposition. Heck, I wouldn’t even wear shorts in the summer until I started blogging because I didn’t think it was professional or appropriate for women my age. Gosh I’m so glad I’m over that thinking, haha.

Anyways, I love the idea of wearing shorts with tights or tall boots in the winter now. And this is no ordinary pair of shorts. You’ll see how I DIYed them sometime next year.

I’ve worn these OTK boots with shorts 2 years ago on the blog here. It’s such a wonderful way to feel more covered and modest.

I knit the sweater a LONG time ago and added color with the collared shirt under it. There’s a little of that color in the belt, my earrings, and even my bracelet (which is hard to see in the photos).


Today was a super casual day, so I pulled out these Kancan corduroy pants that are boyfriend-style jeans. I don’t know about you, but after wearing skinny jeans for so long, I feel a tad frumpy in the roomier jeans.

To try to counteract that feeling of frump, I added in a faux fur vest and colorful accessories, and sneakers.

These sneakers are from Yes, We Vibe (a strange name, I know, but they have the most interesting and huge variety of prints for their footwear. Plus the company has other items). I found the company because Lesley has 5 pairs of their shoes, so I asked to be an ambassador for the company.

That means I have a link and discount if you’re ever interested. The discounts are JODIE10 (-10%OFF) and JODIEBOGO (buy one get one free on all FOOTWEAR).

The necklace and bracelet were a gift from my new friend, Sally Hoffman. Check out her website here for such fabulous handcrafted jewelry!!

Faux fur vests and coats are so perfect for the wintertime, so I hope you’ve added one to your collection.


I call this summer color yet made for winter temperatures!!

Truthfully I adore white jeans in the winter because it’s much lighter and brighter than the dark colors we normally see at this time.

Then I wore this new top that I won from Caite & Kyla that has embroidery at the hemline and texture at the top. Because it’s lightweight, I wore a striped cardigan over it that I found at Steinmart before they went out of business.

The shoes may be whitish, but they are felted, and very warm. I bought them secondhand last year and love them for the winter.

As for the earrings, you need a pair. For such an inexpensive pair, they get so many compliments every winter season!! (found on Amazon very similar).


We could easily call this double animal prints since the sweater under the leopard shrug is a llama…get it? LOL!!

Yes, I’m wearing the puffy snowball earrings again as I wear them a ton during the holiday season and throughout winter.

The leopard/cheetah shrug has been shown styled in many other ways and is from Alembika.

Both the llama sweater and green silk skirt is from Banana Republic Factory. I wore a lace turtleneck under the sweater that was found thrifting.

The boots are metallic bronze that just goes with everything. Can you guess where I found them? Thrifting!!

Insider tip: If you think thrifting shoes is weird, I have tips and cleaning tricks here.

BTW, the day warmed up so nicely that I went without the jacket when we were out shopping, and I got SO many compliments on the llama sweater.

In fact, I saw one at the Sundance store for a lot more than what I paid for mine.


I was inspired to put these pieces together after seeing Shelbee’s outfit here.

Our day consisted of walking around the mall in Scottsdale so I needed comfy boots and easy to get in and out of clothes (for trying on things).

And yes, I’m wearing the fluffy earrings again. ‘Tis the season, I always say when I get compliments on them.

The pants I bought 2 years ago at Banana Republic Factory and the jacket is from a Denver boutique. In fact, my stepmom has the exact same jacket and you can see her wearing it here.

I’ve worn it before too, in fact, two winters ago here.

The idea of plaid pants like this I consider classic, so I love the addition of the edgier boots with it. What do you think?


And today, we came home from our staycation and went to the movies with mom and Lesley to celebrate my birthday.

Would you believe both the blouse and sweater are from the kid’s section? I swear the young girls have all of the fun pieces. Maybe not appropriate for my working days, but hey, I’m retired!!! So bring on the fun clothing!

This was my first pair of distressed jeans, and you can see that I had a hard time embracing them. So I added a grey lace to the knee area.

I’ve had these grey boots for over 10 years, and have never worn them with skinny jeans before. It goes to show that even I can get into ruts with my style and clothes.

I showcased the close-up of this look for the top photo so you can see the sparkly earrings from Pam Neri. They look like little disco balls!!!


I always like to wear my purchases as soon as I can. And this sweater vest was one of the birthday items that I showcased on Facebook here.

The blazer is part of the look for the daytime because I’m off to a medical appointment with my mom, and I always try to look professional for those occasions.

This blazer is from my working days, and it’s one of those with the elbow patches and everything. It seems very dark to me now that I embrace color more, so that’s why the bright vest and white pants were styled with it.

I was just having a discussion with my friend, Mireille about non-skinny white pants when the three of us showcased white jeans with our holiday looks.

The white boots are a thrifted pair, although I may switch them out to my snakeskin boots when we meet up with friends tonight (as I’m going to lose the blazer).

It’s funny because my eyeglasses really match the lime green of the vest in real life, yet in these photos, the glasses look more yellow.

BTW, the majority of my prescription glasses are from Glasses shop online because with my code, GSHOT35, there is 35% off. What that means is I can get a pair of progressive glasses WITH photochromic transitions for under $200.

Here’s another great thought for sweater vests. Sure, we showed them by themselves, but they can be a wonderful layer when you don’t want a lot of bulk for the sleeves.

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