Let’s Talk Shoes!!

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Shoes, shoes & more shoes

How do you feel about Shoes?

My book club buddies and I were discussing the subject of shoes at our last meeting. (Shocking, I know).

And the question came up (probably by me), “So how many new pairs of shoes do you buy a year?” I was interested to know what the purchasing habits were in such a well dressed group of women. I also wanted to make sure that I was normal with my shoe purchasing habits or to see if I had a shoe buying addiction. And I’d like to report that in my gaggle of girls, I am average (well, maybe high average). This line of questioning with my friends  got me thinking about the purchasing habits of others around the globe . Being the scientifically bred person that I am, I could imagine doing a research project on this inquiry!

However, if I only asked bloggers, I’m sure the results would be quite skewed—don’t you think? Or does it depend on our age? Does the number of shoes we buy go down the older we get? I’ll have you know one Facebook post reported that women buy an average of 5 new pairs of shoes a year (I’m definitely above average according to this statistic)

I know I am quite biased in the subject of shoes, but I truly believe a great pair of shoes can make the hugest difference in the overall look of your outfit. You could be wearing jeans & a t-shirt and if you combined them with a colorful, sassy heel, then I feel like the ensemble has an intentional feel. Like this picture of Heidi Klum, below, that I tore out of a magazine

Heidi Klum high heeled shoes

And since we are all aware that our appearance can project our emotions, then, of course, we want to look and project fantastic always!  I also think shoes are a great way to modernize an outfit. The same jeans & tee can look quite tired with a pair of docksiders, yet they will look new & fresh with a pair of lace ups. Now my goal is not to look “younger”—I love the age I am. But I never want to appear “old ladyish” and IMO, I feel the wrong shoes can project that image.


It’s amazing to me, how many times I hear women my age and older say that they can’t wear heels. Now there are truly those women that can’t and that’s understandable. But I don’t think they are as devilish as some women perceive. The right fit, height of heel & practice walking in them can make them very manageable.

There are also wonderfully fashionable flats available in this online shopping era! Just check out Jess‘s blog—she can’t wear a heel, yet she always has some interesting footwear without looking old or frumpy!

And then I just learned this interesting fact from Jo-Lynne that she shared via her podiatrist—changing your shoes at least once during the day is good for your feet. A perfect excuse to start with heels and switch to flats or vice versa!

I even found a great article about the subject related to men’s shoes by Paul McGregor. Thus if he realizes the importance of good shoes for men, then I’m imagining it’s doubly true for women!

And here’s another perfect reason to love footwear—you can gain 5 pounds and they still fit! See—shoes are a girl’s best friend!

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Here are some newer styles of footwear for any age (all under $100). As you can see the ankle straps are popular, along with lace ups, fringe, floral & espadrilles: