Lime Green Accessories in an Outfit

Bright lime green and blue combination

Lime Green Accessories in an Outfit

While you may not have many lime green accessories, my mom will showcase how they can make an outfit so fun. It’s part of the lime green theme for the week. All for promoting that May is Mental Health Month, which you’ll read more about tomorrow.

Quote of the day: “I feel it’s healthier to look out at the world through a window rather than through a mirror. With a mirror, all you see is yourself and whatever is behind you.” Bill Withers

I tried to figure out a couple of ways to incorporate this color into our outfits this week to give you some ideas. I wore a lime green top, and Nancy showed a topper in this color. And here’s my mom with a layering piece and lime green accessories. Make sure to see us with a matching jeep too.

Lime Green and dark blue

Charlotte’s Wearing

Pants:Charter Club~~Cardigan: Ethyl c/o~~Top: Lady Hathaway~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles c/o ~~Scarf: Kohls~~Purse: Made by a friend~~ Hat: thrifted

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Charlotte and Lime Green

My mom wanted to share that she doesn’t go looking for lime green. But when you find a print that has some lime green in it, then you start appreciating it more and more.

Once you notice the others colors in a print with lime green, it might give you some excellent ideas for colors that work so well with it. For example my mom’s scarf is full of navy and pink.

Wearing a green hat for spring

Polo Shirt

My mom bought this polo shirt to go with a skirt she had made from drapery fabric years ago. She wore the top when we showcased polo shirts last summer.

But you don’t always need a matching top to go with your print items. One time I was requested to show an outfit my moms would put together and then how I would change it up. And that drapery fabric skirt was part of that experiment. Sometimes incorporating a totally different color is a way to make you look more modern.

Casual outfit for women over 80


This cardigan was gifted from our collaboration with Ethyl last summer. While they don’t have the exact sweater still on their site, there is one somewhat similar.

And my mom is using her “turn thing around” trick with this. She showed how she turns around a t-shirt last week. And this time she turned the cardigan inside out. If you notice in the Ethyl post, the sweater is a more muted denim on the outside. And in today’s post you can see the seams that are usually on the inside.

Lime green accessories with hat and earrings

Lime Green Accessories

No surprise that my mom has accessories of every color including lime green. I just love a scarf like this because it can pull together an outfit that is composed of solids.

As for these earrings, my mom remembers getting them at Target maybe 30 years ago. I seriously had to Google if Target was around that long ago. And it was!!

Spring layers with lime green accessories


While I have been absolutely loving hats (like you saw last week), my mom has never been a huge lover of them. She always complains that it mushes her hair too much. I get this. Yet if you just wear the hat all day OR find a hat that isn’t so tight, that might fix that problem.

My mom bought this green hat at our Goodwill Shop and Share event a couple of weeks ago. It’s definitely a unique color and such a good color for her complexion. That’s the advantage of second hand is you can find items that the retail stores aren’t carrying.

Print purse and print scarf

Sneakers & Purse

I know my mom wasn’t super hip about wearing sneakers with a normal outfits a couple of years ago. But she’s slowly been incorporating them into our blog outfits because they are SO functional. This pair are the ones gifted to her by Walking Cradles. The best thing? You can still get 15% off any purchase of Walking Cradles shoes with the code Style15 until July 1, 2019.

Now let’s talk about this purse. It’s a copy of the Vera Bradley purses that my mom’s friend made for her. Not only is my mom talented, but she hangs around talented friends too. Notice the dark blue pouch sticking out. That came with the scarf and it matches the purse.

Spring blue cardigan that is reversible

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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