Lindsey & Have Clothes, Will Travel Interview

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Style & travel blogger interview

Lindsey & Have Clothes, Will Travel Interview

Hi Everyone!!

I’d really love to introduce you to an amazing woman, Lindsey. Here is someone who has lived in many countries in her life, and blogs about not only the places but also her clothing. Needless to say she doesn’t have an overwhelming amount of clothes since she moves so often! Yet she still manages to look great!! She’s been so kind to feature us as her Featured Fashionistas this month on her blog, so you can also learn a little more about the 3 of us and Jodie’s Touch of Style on her site!!

And since, I know many of you like to travel as well as see other women style their clothing, I thought I’d pick Lindsey’s brain about a couple of topics!

1. The title of your blog has a ton of meaning! Would you mind giving my readers a synopsis of how it came about?
When thinking of a title for my blog I wanted it to convey both my love of style and my passion for travel. I wanted people to know what they could expect my blog to be about, just by the title. I was hung up on the word “nomad” and trying to combine it with a clothing term for my title. But, that clearly didn’t work out. I don’t remember exactly how I came up with “Have Clothes, Will Travel,” but I do know I made a list with a few other names and sat down with my husband and some friends to hash out which sounded best. Everyone unanimously agreed “Have Clothes, Will Travel” suited me best.

2. How do you think your travelling has effected your style & clothing choices?
I used to be quite the impulse buyer before we started traveling. But, now that I know I have to eventually stuff anything I buy into a suitcase, I REALLY think about every purchase. “How much use will it get? How many different outfits will I pair it with? What exactly would I wear this for?” So, I would say my style and clothing purchases have become more versatile. Many of things I buy are used over and over again on my blog and in my daily style. (And any special occasion dresses have to be easy to pack.)

Style & travel blogger interview

3. Of course, I have to ask which is your favorite place that you’ve visited or lived so far and why?
Tokyo! Hands down. Every place I live in/visit from here on out will be compared to Tokyo. I loved how quiet, safe, clean and organized it was in Tokyo. Public transport was an absolute dream. The people were incredible, so polite and kind. And oh my gosh… the food! There were so many amazing restaurants in Tokyo with reasonably priced dishes, it was absolutely amazing. There were also so many interesting things to see and do in Tokyo. I spent 3 months there, and I feel I only experienced a fraction of what it had to offer. I really hope I have the chance to return one day.

4. Do you have some places that are on your bucket list for the next couple of years?

Oh, many places! Haha. I actually recently did a blog post with my top 10 here. But, that list is honestly going to get re-evaluated. This is because, when I made it, I thought I would be living in Australia. But, I just found out we are moving to Argentina in April! So, there will be places getting added that I had not previously considered. Some that immediately come to mind are Easter Island, Peru and also Patagonia. And, Antarctica is not such an unrealistic place anymore either!

Style & travel blogger interview

5. What are some of the lessons you’ve learned from being exposed to so many different cultures?
Oh, that is a good question! I would say being exposed to so many has really taught me to be open-minded. I honestly didn’t realize how set in my ways I was until we started living abroad. It really forced me to come out of my shell and be able to take different experiences and learn and grow from them.
6. As for your blog, what made you decide to start this Featured Fashionista?
I started the Featured Fashionista section of my blog because I thought it would be a wonderful way to build synergies with my friends who were running businesses or blogs of their own. I hoped to bring them new customers or followers through Have Clothes, Will Travel and show my readers just how awesome and talented they are.

Style & travel blogger interview

7. Do you love the computer work & the photography part of blogging? Who takes your photos on your blog?
Call me a geek because I LOVE the computer work that comes with blogging. I get lost in reading the data analytics in which I have access. I also could spend my entire day trying new social media platforms or new plugins for my site. I’m not adept at coding, but I would like to learn the basics of at least HTML and JavaScript one day.
For photography, I really enjoy the editing portion of it. However, I would say love would be too strong of a word to describe how I feel about photography. I wish I liked it more, but I find I don’t have a lot of patience for it.
And the photos on my blog are a joint effort between my husband and me. I take all the travel photos and he does the majority of my outfit photos, now. I occasionally use my timer and tripod, but the majority of the time (especially now that we live in a busy city), my husband is the photographer for my outfit photos.

Style & travel blogger interview

8. And now, a couple of personal questions if you don’t mind? Was there ever a time you gave up on fashion or didn’t care about it at all?
Oh yes! I used to work as a morning show producer for a local news station. I was going into work at 1 a.m. most days. With those wacky hours, I didn’t care one bit about what I looked like or anything that was happening in the fashion world in the years I worked there. I considered it a fancy day if I managed to squeak in showering and putting in my contacts, ha ha. And my outfits consisted of jeans, sweatshirts and an old pair of moccasins. I’m sure my old coworkers get a kick out of the fact I have a style blog now!

9. Tell me about your shopping habits? Do you prefer stores or online? And are you a splurger or saver?
I very much prefer online shopping. I love being able to read reviews and have the time to really think about a purchase before I make it. The fact is, I only go into physical stores for groceries, usually. Ha ha.

And I guess, I have a hard time categorizing myself as a splurger or saver. I’m willing to invest more into pieces I know I’ll have for many, many years and use nearly daily… such as a nice handbag or coat. But for the rest of my wardrobe, I do stay budget-friendly. With that being said, though, I also won’t buy things simply because they are on sale. It has to be items I know I will get a lot of use out of, regardless of whether or not they’re on sale.

Lindsey Interview, from Have Clothes, Will Travel.

10. I love that you wear many dresses on your blog? Do you wear jeans much in real life? Or is what we see on the blog pretty standard for you?
When I lived in Wisconsin I wore pants and jeans pretty frequently in the winter months. I don’t care what anyone says, when it’s below zero degrees Fahrenheit, dresses and tights just don’t cut it! But now that I’ve been living in such mild climates, I wear dresses and skirts almost daily. I’ve just found it to be so much more comfortable.

11. Please tell my readers how they can find you and follow you!!
Thank you all for taking the time to get to know me better! If you’d like to follow along, you can find me on the blog, Have Clothes, Will Travel,  Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google + and Bloglovin’.
And thank you so much for featuring me, Jodie! I really appreciate it!

I included a slideshow below of many of Lindsey’s outfits! One of the facts about Lindsey that I love is that Lindsey really does wear many of the same items over and over, since I consider that real life for most of us!!

I hope that featuring bloggers of every age and size gives you as much enjoyment as it does me!!

Thanks to you all for reading and following—it is such a blessing to have you behind us! 

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