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Between the Lines Series

Between the Lines (pun intended)

It’s my turn to be one of the featured bloggers of Katherine’s series meant to celebrate us bloggers that are over the age of 50. She’s interviewing each of us (many of us at a time for 10 weeks) and then we get to interview her at the end! You can read my group’s questions on her site!

Katherine came up with the idea for this series to feature bloggers over the age of 50. Boomers are the largest growing population in America and 78% of them are online. And most of us have lines on our faces! Thus she couldn’t resist the title Between the Lines.  So if you fall into this age group—here’s one way to find more bloggers who discuss various topics that interest people over the age of 50 ! And even if you’re not yet fifty—there’a a good chance you will be one day! Spread the word, shout it out—all of us would love your support!  For this post, Katherine has asked us to share our feelings about blogging in the second half of our life.

When I started blogging, I was excited to learn all the new computer issues that came with the territory. I thought this would be the hardest part—I was wrong!  I thought that taking pictures of the three of us for these posts wouldn’t be anything special. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

My first idea was the three of us would meet at my house with 3 sets of outfits. We would then take our pictures and be done for the week. Have you ever tried to get 3 retired women’s schedules synced every week?  Let’s just say, that went over like a lead balloon. So the picture taking process evolved. The schedule has morphed into me travelling to mom’s house every other week and then to Nancy’s the weeks in between. I get there, we take pictures for six different posts and then figure out the outfits they will wear for the next session. It’s usually a 3 hour deal!

This sounds well planned out, eh? And it usually is. Thus most of our pictures are taken a good month before the post goes live. Talk about freezing our tookus’ off to show springy things when it’s snowing outside. Yet the part that I struggle with the most, is twofold. One is story telling. This part of the blog is definitely not my forte! I’m not a writer—but I have to give it best for the blog….arg.

The second struggle is the photos themselves. Sure, there are fabulous times when Kari helps me out and takes our pictures (worrying about the lighting, the focus, the poses). However, she has a life too and thus her time is quite limited. So I’ve been working on learning the trade. And can I tell you how many times the photos look fine on the back of the camera, only to come home and see them show differently on the computer monitor as ughhhh? Or when the weather doesn’t cooperate—-having to deal with snow, rain or wind can be a bugger! Or, of course, the closed eyes, funny expressions and altogether inappropriate gestures! Check out just a couple of the bloopers at the top (mom has her eyes closed if you can’t see that in the picture—it happens a lot)!

So, when you see an unfocused photo or terrible background, have pity….these are some of the struggles of a “real life” fashion blogger!

Linking with Bloggers who have Inspired Me & Style Me Wednesday

Since this episode came on a Tuesday, I’ll be finishing the week with my Covered Perfectly Knit Tops series that was put on hold due to low inventory of the shirts we were wearing from over a month ago. To refresh your memory, that first post of that series started here. And please, don’t forget to check out the rest of the Over 50 Bloggers on Katherine’s site and visit the others in my group—-there is something for everyone! You’ll also be able to read the interview questions she asked mom, Nancy & me on her site.