Comparing LipSense vs Maybelline for All Day Wear

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Lipsense vs maybelline for women over 50

Comparing LipSense vs Maybelline for All Day Wear

Quote of the day: “Don’t let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning.” Robert Kiyosaki

I chose this quote because I know, many times we don’t want to try a new product because we aren’t sure it’ll work for us. And who likes to waste money on items that don’t work? I totally get it.

A couple of months ago I had a few women ask what lipstick would stay in place, so I decided to do a side by side comparison to help me out as much as you. The only reason I chose the Maybelline Super Stay 24 Color is because it’s one that I already had in my makeup collection. I’ve been using it for many months and I think it’s great. So great that I bought a tube for Nancy in the past. I know she doesn’t use it often because she says it dries out her lips. Thus I thought I’d try to cover all of the goods and bads associated with these 2 lip colors below, after my experiment.

Now I’m not an expert on either brand or lipstick in particular. If you want to try out LipSense, I’ll have some information at the end of the post. As for the Maybelline, I bought mine at Bed, Bath & Beyond. And I know there are other brands that have this all day wear version. What I do know is like everything including medication and food, we are all different and certain products are different for each of us. Along with the fact we are bothered by different issues. That’s why I wanted to include this comparison. And FYI, I did purchase both of these products myself.

Comparing Lipsense vs maybelline

Lipstick On Your Teeth

Who doesn’t hate it when your lipstick ends up on your teeth instead of staying on your lips? It’s great when we can help each other out, and get it off before the photos.

Lipsense vs maybelline and lipstick on your teeth

You can see how this is a common theme for the 3 of us at our photo shoots. Now that I’ve been wearing the LipSense for most of my blog photos, it’s not a problem for me.

Lipsense vs maybelline wiping lipstick off your teeth

But I thought I’d show how last winter, it happened to me too. And these were photos for a Chico’s audition. We took these photos along with a video and my husband didn’t realize there was lipstick on my canines while he was taking the photos. It was super disappointing.

Luckily, one of my friends photoshopped the lipstick off my teeth for the photos, and you really couldn’t see it in the video (I hope).

Yet it happens to all of us if we wear lipstick, and can it be prevented?

Lipsense vs Maybelline so you don't get lipstick on your teeth

Being the scientific person that I am, I figured the best comparison would be side by side. So any eating or activity would be the same for both lipsticks. Yes, I realize the lipsticks don’t match. And my hubby was quite disturbed when looking at me this day. But, hey, maybe it’ll be a new trend, LOL!

8 AM

Here I am after I first put on both colors. This was before breakfast or any kind of activity.

The LipSense is the red lipstick on the left, and the Maybelline is the purplish color on the right.

Lipsense vs maybelline for women over 50

Lipsense vs maybelline up close


These were taken after eating breakfast, drinking at least 4 glasses of water, snacking and working on the computer all morning. And yes, I drink a lot of water every day. I really try to consume at least half of my weight in ounces in water daily. I think this helps in my skin, my weight, and my health.

FYI, I have reapplied the Lipsense gloss and the Maybelline balm probably about 2 times over this time period. I usually only do that with the LipSense when it feels dry, but since I was writing about it and taking photos of it during this time period and it was convenient, I may have used it more.

Lipsense vs maybelline after 4 hours

Okay…so there is a little remainder of my snack (peanuts) on my lower lip. Funny, the things you don’t see in the mirror at quick glance.

Lipsense vs maybelline up close after 4 hours

4 PM

At this time, I’d eaten lunch also, and had the girls over for knitting day, so there was lots of talking and laughing. It was very funny to my knitting friends that I had 2 different lipsticks on. Especially when we were inside, it looked like I had none on the one half and bright red on the other….

Lipsense vs maybelline after 8 hours

Certainly not a huge difference, and I even considered leaving these photos out in my comparison. However, since this is 8 hours, I thought it might be nice to see the difference between 8 hours and 13 hours.

Lipsense vs maybelline up close after 8 hours

9 PM

Now it’s been over 12 hours (13 to be exact), and we had to come inside to take these photos.

Truthfully I was extremely surprised at how well both lipsticks hung in this long. I have to admit that I’m sure much of it was the fact that I kept applying the gloss/balm to each side probably every 2 hours or so. Because I have had times when my LipSense (the red lipstick on the left side) would have been cracking much more by now. And the Maybelline (the purple lipstick on the right side) would be worn off by now.

Lipsense vs maybelline after over 12 hours

You can see how both lipsticks are wearing away at the vermilion border. And there is slight feathering and working into the fine lines on the Maybelline side.

Lipsense vs maybelline up close after over 12 hours

LipSense vs Maybelline

Let me review some of the similarities, differences and issues for these lip colors. There are a ton of instructions for LipSense that I watched on You-Tube and I think that makes it more successful. For this comparison, I did the exact same thing for both lipsticks although I don’t usually do these extras for the Maybelline version. For example, LipSense tells you to get your lips ready. I do this by brushing them but you can also use witchhazel to get any wax or other products off. I also was told to apply Lipsense in only one direction and to use 3 coats. This was exactly what I did for my comparison for both brands. Then you need to let the color dry before you add the balm or gloss. I’m not always good at this step, but I tried to be better this day.


1-They don’t rub off on your teeth or your drinking glass or your husband when you kiss him. I think this is the biggest plus ever. Now you can notice that the gloss will come off, but since you don’t “see” it, I don’t mind that fact. EXCEPT I was shocked on the following day after this experiment that I was wearing this exact Maybelline lipstick and it rubbed off on my teeth. Maybe it’s not fool proof like the LipSense is…

2-They both come with a “gloss”. Maybelline’s in part of the one container and is called a balm. I never usually reapply the balm for the Maybelline brand throughout the day, but I did on this day, since I was doing that for the LipSense.


1-The LipSense does tingle with the first coat because of the alcohol in it.

2-Both can make your lips feel dry. In fact, I couldn’t use the Maybelline version every day when I was working because of this. However, since I don’t put on makeup every day now that I’m retired, it’s not an issue.

3-Depending what you usually spend on lipstick, both can be more than what you normally spend.

4-Here’s what happens when they are wearing off on normal days. Meaning when I don’t use as much gloss like I did this day and thus they don’t last as long. The LipSense will start cracking in my lip cracks. The Maybelline mostly just wears away.

Difference between the two:

1-The LipSense is definitely more expensive up front. I found it was somewhere between $15-$25 a tube depending on if there is a deal and where you purchase it. Could it last longer over time? They say it will last 4-6 months if you use it everyday, but since you use the gloss more, the gloss will have to be replaced sooner. And the color tube could certainly last longer since you aren’t reapplying it during the day. The Maybelline lipstick was around $10.

2-There is also an “Ooops! Remover” that you can purchase with LipSense. Because once you put it on, it’s on. There’s no wiping off your mistake like you can with other lipsticks. It’s also supposedly good for taking it off at the end of the day. When I purchased my BluRed LipSense, it was suggested that I buy this also but I was too cheap. I’ve had no issues with getting it off at night with my Saranghae cleanser. And because it doesn’t come off easily once you put it on, I’m VERY careful in the mornings.

3-Getting the Maybelline version off at night is different. It did not come off well with my Saranghae routine. You need an oil based cleaner instead (I used my Vit. E oil) while the LipSense needs an alcohol based cleanser.

4-The LipSense does not bleed into my wrinkles around my lips. The Maybelline started to do this slightly by the end of the day. Not as bad as my normal lipstick does, but a little.

5-I think one of the biggest differences is the companies. Most LipSense products you will get from an individual person who is trying to make a living in part selling these products. For those of us older women, it’s like Tupperware. I know many women become a distributor just to get the products at a discount. Yet other women are trying to help out their family with these sales.

Ingredients & Other Details

1-LipSense boasts no animal testing, so if this is important to you, that could be a very important factor.

2-LipSense  also reports no lead in their products. I’m not sure how to tell if there is any lead in Maybelline’s version.

3-The list of ingredients is not easy to read for either product. However, as someone who also rates this by how many ingredients (I usually think the lesser the better) LipSense seems to have less.

4-Sunblock. I will confess I don’t think about sunscreen on my lips much, but this is a boast by LipSense. I’m not sure how other brands weigh in on this issue. But considering I’ve had burned lips in the past, it’s a good reason to wear some kind of coverage.

How to Get LipSense

I bought my first color from Jamie after reading Amy Ann’s post in December. If you want to get hold of Jamie, you can email her at jamiesalldaylipstay@gmail.com. I don’t know her personally, but she was very good about contacting me and checking up with me when I purchased my LipSense.

I’ve also connected with a woman here in Colorado named Robin. I met Robin on Instagram and she even featured me on her blog recently. If you want to get hold of Robin you can contact her on her website at theMamaPlaybook.com or email her at lipswithrobin@gmail.com. I’m meeting up with Robin next week, and plan on buying a couple of more colors of LipSense.

If you decided to invest in any of the Lipsense lip colors, I would advise to follow the directions to have it work the best for you. I know there have been times that I applied it incorrectly, and it definitely didn’t last as long that way.

LipSense also has many other makeup and beauty products. At the moment, I’m using their lash serum, and may update you on that product in the future.

Thanks to one and all of you for your support. It means more than you know!

The Facts

Both of these products I purchased myself, and am only writing this post to show the difference between LipSense vs Maybelline lipsticks that I normally use. I would love to hear your thoughts about lipsticks and what is important for you. 

I know personally, there are many days, I don’t mind putting on my regular lipstick because I only need it for a quick trip to the store. Yet if I’m going out to lunch or will be out and about for an extended period of time, I want my lipstick to stay in place.

For myself, I don’t think it’s worth spending the money on LipSense for those “nude” or not very bright colors. Because to me, those aren’t as obvious when they get on your teeth or drinking glass.

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