Looking Great by Styling a Scarf as a Belt with a Maxi Dress

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Styling a scarf as a belt

Looking Great by Styling a Scarf as a Belt with a Maxi Dress

Styling a scarf as a belt is an easy way to get more uses out of the scarves you already own. Lately I feel like belts have been an underappreciated accessory so the three of us are going to showcase outfits featuring belts. I even had a reader request to style belts with jeans, so we will add that to the list for fall.

Quote of the day: “The closed fist receives nothing.” Michele Oka Doner

I used this quote because many of the women I talk to feel like belts are not for them. Yet, if you don’t try, you won’t ever find the ways and ones that make an outfit looks great.
Just like my friend, Sheila, said on Instagram: “The same rules applies whether you are petite or plus size…add a belt and you will notice immediately how much slimmer you look.”
Or Laura recently showcased how a contrasting belt makes her waist seem smaller.

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Adding Color to a Maxi

Adding color to a maxi with a scarf as a belt

Dress: Joan Vass c/o ~~ Shoes: Impo ~~ Belt: thrifted ~~Necklace: ~~ Bracelet: ~~ Earrings: Charming Charlies ~~ Purse: thrifted

This is the perfect kind of dress to experiment with styling a scarf as a belt. Really, any belt would work, but a scarf could be better for two reasons.
1-It might not be as hot as a leather belt.
2-It’s much more flexible for sizing. You don’t have to worry about it being too small or having to add another hole for it to fit properly.

Not only does the belt add color to the solid dress, but Charlotte brought in all kinds of color with her shoes, accessories and purse.
The funny thing? This is the same belt (and shoes) she wore the first time we showcased this dress.

Scarf as a Belt

Even though this looks like a scarf and I’ve advertised it as a scarf, I’ve given you fake news. Why, because it’s really a belt. At least that’s how it was purchased (secondhand no less). There are gold rings on the back side that hold it all together.
However, when my mom bought it, she reasoned that if she didn’t like it as a belt, she could always take it out of the gold loops and wear it as a scarf.

However, it’s a good example that you could just as easily take one of your scarves, roll up the middle portion, and use it as a belt just like this.
Or heck, if it’s a gorgeous print, why not leave it open like I did last summer?
One advantage to this scarf as a belt is you also get a vertical dimension to the look. It’s not just a horizontal line around your middle.

Insider tip: If you wanted to keep the rolled up part in place, you could easily use a clear elastic band on each end which you can find on Amazon. I use these to shorten necklaces, tie up t-shirts among other things.

Insider tip: Don’t forget to consider the possibility of some of your belts becoming necklaces too. My mom has worn that concept here before.

Woman in her 80's

Why Accessories Can Be Important

The three of us wear accessories all of the time because it’s our habit. We’ve even experimented with different ones for the various necklines earlier this summer.
Yet, a solid colored outfit is the time when your accessories really can give the entire look some pizzazz. Just think if my mom was wearing this dress without the belt and accessories, she would look very plain and shapeless. Dare, I say frumpy like I just discussed last week?

Insider tip: You may not even realize that you come across frumpy. How would you know? Ask a millennial, and take their advice, even if you think that’s not how you should dress. You’ll never know unless you try.

Women in summer with a scarf as a belt

Maxi Dresses for Summer

We’ve styled maxi dresses before on the blog because they really can be a great option. They cover the legs if you don’t want to be exposed, yet there is air flow for comfort.
As my mom has gotten older, she is more picky about how her clothing fits for functionality. Here are a couple of suggestions for maxi’s to make them easier for walking.
1-Have the hem be at the ankle or tad above. Or try the hi-low hem.
2-Slits make it easier to move, sit and climb stairs.
3-Look for ones that aren’t too wide or flowy. The extra material can be hazardous at times.

Insider tip: If your maxi skirt is a tad overwhelming, you can tie it up. I showed 3 different ways to tie it up recently on Instagram.

Orange shoes for summer

Bright Shoes

If you don’t have a colorful pair of shoes in your closet, now is the time to add them. We’ve shown off our yellow shoes, but red, orange or even floral ones are a fabulous way to make an outfit shine.
By now, most of us have the required basic shoes in black and brown. So why not see how colorful shoes could play well with the rest of the clothes in your closet?

Maxi dress with a scarf as a belt
Styling a scarf as a belt

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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