The Low Down at Denver Fashion Week

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Women over 50 enjoying Denver Fashion week runway show with style

The Low Down at Denver Fashion Week

Quote of the day: “Know first who you are and adorn yourself accordingly.” Epictetus, Greek philosopher

I thought this quote was perfect for the fact we were attending the Denver Fashion Week runway show. I’ll give you all the specifics and details about the outfits we wore in an upcoming post. For this post, I’d love to talk about this event and our experiences.

Now Denver may not be the mecca of fashion and fashion shows. But that’s exactly why I thought we might enjoy this more. It hopefully wouldn’t be as crowded or crazy as how I imagine NYC fashion week to be.

As we were traveling to this event, Nancy was asking about how she could get more out of it. If you’ve ever been to a fashion show before, then you know how crazy some of the outfits can be. Heck, it’ s no different than looking through Vogue Magazine sometimes.

Women over 50 enjoying Denver Fashion week runway show in the fall

Things to Think About at a Fashion Show

So the three of us had a nice chat about how “real” people could appreciate a fashion show.

I think one of the things to realize is that fashion designers are extremely creative. So the last thing that tickles their fancy is putting together “normal” outfits or items. They want to create something unique and have fun with their craft.

Of course for us “normal” people, we look at some of these creations and think “I would never wear that.”

Instead, it might be a good exercise to think about what you do like about the outfits. Or what trend is being showcased. It’s not always about the exact item itself, but the qualities or details about that piece.

Denver Fashion Week with Garbarini

Announcers for Runway fashion at Denver Fashion week

That being said, this runway show at Denver Fashion Week was sponsored by Garbarini which is a boutique in Cherry Creek. These were pieces that this boutique carries in their store. So there were many items that all three of us liked and could imagine wearing.

I thought the mixed print dress below was interesting. It would be a way to have a couple of prints in your outfit without stressing if they go together or not.

And silver! Granted I wouldn’t wear a romper, but you can see that I love metallic silver if you check out the boots I’m wearing in a photo down farther.

Runway fashion at Denver Fashion week runway show

In fact, the below grouping was one of my favorites. If I could afford it, I would think about getting that furry sweater.

And pleated skirts? Talk about a trend coming back around.

Outfits on the Runway fashion at Denver Fashion week

And the trends you see below are a couple that we’ve talked about on the blog. Animal print and leather are everywhere.

Clothing Outfits on the Runway fashion at Denver Fashion week

Hey look!! That’s me walking down the runway…hee hee. Not really. I was walking down to get to my seat, and my husband snapped a couple of photos. Those are the silver boots that I mentioned.

Woman over 40 at Denver Fashion week

Our Experience

We met up with Cindy, who blogs at Middle Sister Style. Actually it’s all because of her that we attended this event. She lives about an hour north of us, and we are always looking for reasons to get together. She loves attending these events, and asked if we wanted to meet up. Here we are all together before the event started.

Jodie's Touch of Style goes to Denver Fashion week runway show in the fall

The location for the night was in a new location called the Lumenati. It was a little outside of downtown, and I thought it worked well. Since we were there early, we found parking with no problem, and there were some fun stations to take photos inside.

We got there early so we could check out the red carpet cocktail reception. There were food bites and even donuts to try. Along with the option to add sparkles to our face like we did below.

My mom laughed that she saw a LOT of skin in the audience. And it’s true. Not everyone was as covered up as we were. The greatest part was meeting some very nice women in the crowds. It’s always fun when women will just start talking to you about your outfit. At least at a fashion show, everyone there probably likes fashion.

Now as an old lady, I will tell you that we left early. It was WAY past my bedtime and it was quite loud.

Sparkles at Denver Fashion week

Thanks to 303 Magazine for gifting us these tickets to attend the event.

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I included some jumpsuits here since we saw quite a few in the runway show. They may not be your favorite for wearing all day because of the bathroom issues. Yet jumpsuits can be perfect for a holiday party since they make getting dressed easy. And hopefully your party isn’t an all day event, LOL.