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Luxury on a Budget: Juliemay Lingerie-Sensitive Skin Friendly & Ethical

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When Juliemay lingerie reached out to me about their product, I was intrigued. The information about their designs and manufacturing is very impressive but then I thought it would be out of my budget. Imagine my surprise when I found that their bras were less expensive than the ones I used to buy at the specialized lingerie store.
In fact, the two bras I selected were more budget-friendly than the bras I currently wear.

Quote of the day: “You take people as far as they will go, not as far as you would like them to go.” Jeannette Rankin

Price shouldn’t always be our only variable when choosing lingerie, but I know it’s definitely a huge focus for me. That’s why I addressed it right from the beginning. Our foundational pieces may not get the attention of the rest of our clothes, but they are certainly important for how our clothing fits, looks, and how we feel in them.

And this brand is known to be sensitive skin friendly especially for those who have skin allergies and eczema. One reason is that Juliemay doesn’t use harsh chemicals in any of its products and the fibers are GOTS-certified Organic.

Another amazing fact is how Julimay’s products are hand-made on-site and conform to ethical, fair trade, and sustainable standards.

Does anyone else struggle with how a bra is SO uncomfortable by the end of the day, and you feel the need to yank it off? The other issue I have found with living in Arizona is that nylon undies are not comfortable during our hot summer weather.
This would be the same if you are experiencing hot flashes, so think of this lingerie as perfect for menopausal women.

Those are a couple of the reasons I thought you might appreciate learning more about Juliemay lingerie and trying out their products. Don’t forget to use my discount code, JULIEMAY for 10% off the first order.

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How Juliemay Lingerie Is Unique

Juliemay lingerie has many unique properties that set it apart from the mass lingerie stores.

1-The company is based in the UK, but ships internationally. You can select the country you’re in at the top right corner so it will give you the price in your currency.

2-They are the only brand that makes lingerie with pure silk and Pima cotton.

3-Certified by Allergy UK that their products have been scientifically tested and clinically/dermatologically proven suitable for sensitive skin.

4-If sustainability is on your radar, then Juliemay lingerie is a perfect choice. They conform to ethical, fair trade, and sustainable standards.

5-If you are ordering traditional bras with clasps and underwire, then you’ll love that Juliemay lingerie has non-metallic clasps and boning.

6-One detail that makes their items skin-friendly is that the elastic is wrapped in cotton. No elastic against your skin.

7-Another detail for helping with skin rash is the silk linings in all of the undies which makes them breathable and helps with temperature regulation. Thus you don’t get any sweat rash.

Sizing: Make sure to click the Size Chart and Calculator for each product. I found the sizing different than what I’m used to, however, everything I ordered fit perfectly. I am usually a size 30D in bra sizes, and small in undies and I ordered a size 8 in both.

Juliamay Lingerie: Fuscia Set

Pink set from Juliemay lingerie

If you know me well, then you know matching is not important to me. However, I know many of my friends like having matching bras and panties. So I selected this Fuschia set as one to try.


The reason I chose this Fuchsia back support bra is these are the kind of bras that I can stand to wear for an entire day without feeling like the bra is compressing my ribcage.
This is exactly what I’ve written about in my previous comfortable bra post, and why I wanted to try out this bra to compare with what I am normally wearing.

I also thought the lace across the front would be nice for any of my lower-cut tops.

My honest thoughts: Because these are made with cotton and silk they do not stretch like the bras you are used to. I found that feature refreshing and made it just as comfortable by the end of the day as when I first put it on.

With this type of one-piece bra, I have found that it’s easier to step into and out of instead of pulling it over my head. I had no issues stepping in and out of this bra.

If you worry about the uni-boob, then this option may not be your best bet. While I would say there is some separation between the girls, it’s not much. It doesn’t bother me, because most of my tops aren’t skintight.


I don’t normally wear a “brief” for my undies. Most of the undies in my drawer happen to be a thong variety. Juliemay lingerie does not have any thong underwear although they do have some more bikini options if you are interested.

However, I chose the matching briefs to the Fuchsia bra just to push myself out of my comfort zone since I know many women like this style.

My honest thoughts: These were the least favorite of all of my Juliemay lingerie products. I loved the color and the material, but the elastic at the legs did create a bit of a panty line. And that’s one thing I don’t like in my panties. But as stated in #6 above, all of the elastic is wrapped in cotton so it’s definitely comfortable.
Now in saying that, I know someone very close and dear to me that does like elastic around the legs of her briefs to feel like they are staying put. So this could be just an issue for me.

I will still wear these undies but not with leggings or skinny jeans. I did wear them with a dress and you couldn’t see the panty lines.

Dark “Set” from Juliemay Lingerie

Juliemay lingerie quality designs with natural materials

You can see that these two pieces from Juliemay lingerie are not a matching set. It’s just something I don’t deem important in my outfits. One reason is to take the example when I’m wearing a dark top with white jeans. Then I would be wearing ivory undies and a dark bra, not worrying about a matching set for my foundational pieces.

Anyways, I’m really excited to talk about the bra below, so keep reading.


I wanted to try another kind of full-back support bra from Juliemay lingerie and I thought the front zipper option would be a good fit. I know many women have trouble clasping their bras in the back due to decreased mobility in their shoulders, so this would be perfect.

My honest thoughts: I absolutely love this bra. My only other experience with a zipper front closure for a bra is a cheap sports bra I have.

This Juliemay bra really supported my girls with separation and was extremely comfortable. I wore it all day without an issue.
The other detail I really loved is how it comes up higher on the sides under the arms.

There are a couple of other front-closure options on their site if you are interested.

Insider detail: I also love a company that shows their products on women of our age, so we can embrace the natural changes in our skin.


While I didn’t request this pair of briefs, I was in love with them when they came. The embroidery is beautiful and I liked that there wasn’t elastic around the legs.

My honest thoughts: These briefs were definitely my favorite of the two. The leg bands did not create a panty line and they were incredibly comfortable. In fact, if all briefs were made like this, then I might be a convert.


This post is a sponsored post with Juliemay Lingerie. This means I was sent the products and was paid to write about my experience with the brand. As always, my thoughts are honest and sincere. I am also part of their affiliate program meaning if you purchase any products through my links, I am eligible to receive a small commission.
Thank you for supporting the brands that support Jodie’s Touch of Style.

Insider discount: Don’t forget to use my personalized discount code, JULIEMAY.

Juliemay lingerie luxury on a budget

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