Mac And Cheese Festival Fun Along with Mac n Cheese Pizza Bites

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What to wear to a mac and cheese festival

Mac And Cheese Festival Fun Along with Mac n Cheese Pizza Bites

Mac and cheese festival fun may not be very style related. However, my hubby is quite the food lover and when I told him about this festival, he was jumping up and down.

Quote of the day: “The secret is, we have to appreciate the things that are in season.” Wendi of Loves and Dishes.

Wendi is a food blogger and she was saying how many times we want a fresh tomato in December but you need to appreciate them in the summer. I think the same holds true for our bodies too. We need to appreciate our bodies as they are, not wanting them to be as they were. Anybody else look back at old photos and think you looked pretty good, yet you were always putting yourself down? Today is the best day of your life because it’s happening now.

Especially if you’re lucky enough to attend a mac and cheese festival. But let’s be real, because the first place we stopped at when we entered the event? Dessert! That’s why we all get along so well.

Dessert at the mac and cheese festival

Winters in Arizona

Since our winters have dramatically changed since we moved to Arizona, I thought I’d include you along on the changes.

My mom is still wearing sweaters but they are very lightweight and layered over sleeveless items.

I decided to wear a pair of my over the knee boots, but with shorts instead of leggings.

And then Lesley deconstructed a winter outfit from Denver.

While our winters now look so very different, it’ll be interesting how our outfits keep evolving. I gave away one or two sweaters and pairs of boots, but not a ton of them. I was telling a friend that I don’t mind being hot while I’m wearing winter looks. It’s easier than freezing in the cold weather.

Different Varieties of Mac and Cheese

There were about 10 different varieties of macaroni and cheeses that we could taste. We did take photos of them all, but they don’t look all that different, so I included just a couple. But I will give you a run down of all the ways they changed them up.

This last one was the Fried Green chili where it was rolled in a ball and deep fried. Then you squeezed the green chili into the ball before you ate it. Yes, it was amazing.

Notice one photo is my mom with chocolate covered strawberries. No they aren’t the new kind of mac and cheese but we were cheesed out at the end.

Here were the rest of the entries:

White Cheddar and Corn

Brisket and Tomatillo sauce

Breakfast mac n cheese

Buffalo chicken

Fish shrimp spicy sausage

Basic Parmesan with bread

Pumpkin with Doritoes

Smoked cheddar


Arizona winter and fun

How About Mac and Cheese Pizza Bites?

So while I’m not a food blogger, I do know my way around the kitchen. Sometimes! And I thought it’d be fun to come up with my own mac n cheese recipe. Well let me just say that’s a lot harder than you think. Sure I put together lots of dishes without a recipe, but if I’m going to publish a recipe on my blog, it would have to be perfect.

Therefore, I’ll tell you about my thinking behind this creation, and you can help out for the next time. My friend, Wendi (the food blogger who I quoted above, is shaking her head at me that I didn’t do it over until I got it right). But you know how I keep it real.

I wanted to put together a pizza with the crust being made of macaroni and cheese. And then add tomato sauce and toppings along with more cheese.

I added an egg to the mac and cheese for the crust. And it kinda worked, but it didn’t hold together quite enough to be able to pick it up and eat it like a pizza slice. That’s why I used the little spoons for the “bites” instead. That was fabulous because it was the perfect amount.

In a way, this isn’t very different than trying to get adventurous with our clothing and style. Add a little of this or that, and good things can happen.

Mac N Cheese Pizza Bites

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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