Maggie's snaps worn a variety of ways

Maggie’s Snaps: Multitude of Ways to Use and Style Them

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Maggie’s Snaps are something I’ve had in my fashion toolbox for a while now. Have I used them much? Not that much, but all of a sudden they seem to be the best gadget for many of my looks.

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Isn’t this how new products come to be?? Those creative souls come up with an idea and make it happen. I am delighted there are people that invent these incredible tools, so I can help you figure out how your closet wouldn’t be complete without them.
I have a variety of these kinds of products on a page called Tools of the Trade. They are what I would consider essential, yet not something you need every day. But the days you do need them, they are a lifesaver!

A multitude of ways to use Maggie’s Snaps Magnets
1-What are they?
2-Secure a scarf
3-Hold together a kimono or cardigan
4-Add modesty to a top
5-Act as buttons
6-Become darts
7-Attach ends together
8-Help reduce material
9-Be decoration

So let’s give credit where credit is due. It’s all thanks to my friend, Mary Katherine, who introduced me to Maggie’s Snaps when she visited and joined us on the blog. She brought me the combo pack showcased below and I’ve used them from time to time.
Reality check! This was over 2 years ago.

Then this summer, I realized how these little (but powerful) magnets could be used in so many different ways than just holding a scarf together.
Let’s explore that more as I show you a multitude of ways to use and style them PLUS the pros and cons!!

I’m absolutely positive there are more ways to style these small pieces of magic, so if you have ideas, let’s hear them.

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What Are Maggie’s Snaps?

Maggie’s snaps are touted as a revolutionary textile fastener. You could consider them a “no-sew” option for many of your clothing needs.

The magnet comes with a ball portion and ring portion that work together to hold a tight grip on any fabric without making holes in it.
Would you believe it was the first EVER “no-sew” textile fastener since the invention of the safety pin, and the pin was invented in 1849?

One of the things that makes Maggie’s Snaps unique and effective is the design shape. Because it is a ball and ring together, it doesn’t slide and move around once you have it in place.

In the Combo Pack that I was gifted by MK, there are also button covers included which cover the magnet so you don’t stick to other metal items. Trust me, this happens otherwise!


1-Some fabrics are too hard, stiff, or delicate to use a pin. That’s why Maggie’s snaps were created in the first place.
2-It’s not as bulky a way to combine ends of material instead of knotting them. You also don’t need as much material to attach things.

Insider tip: The ball portion is supposed to go on the inside of your clothing, but it works just fine the other way too.


1-Without the button covers, the magnet is strong enough to attach to other metal items. For example in #5, the “buttons” stuck to my washing machine.
This is an easy fix by using the button covers.
2-The magnet is STRONG. I have pinched the skin on my fingers while using it and created a small mark.
3-Don’t wear these if you have a pacemaker.

Insider tip: They are easiest to get apart by sliding them sideways instead of trying to pull them apart.

Options of Purchasing

All of these options are found on Amazon.

1-The Combo Pack-this comes with 2 ball/ring magnets plus 2 silver button covers and 2 gold button covers. This is the set I have and am using in these photos.
2-6 piece set-this comes with 6 ball and ring fasteners but no button covers. Each ball is to be used between 2 of the rings, unlike the combo pack.
3-4 pack with gold, silver, and black rings– You get 4 ball and ring fasteners. No button covers. There are 4 silver, gold, and black rings so you can mix and match them to go with what you are wearing.
4-Colored rings– If you’ve lost rings or want to change out colors, you can order these rings. BTW, one review said the red one is actually brown. This does NOT include the magnets.

Now let’s get to the meat of the post to show you how I’ve been using these Maggie’s Snaps as a necessary part of my closet.

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Magnet to hold together a scarf
Original post: Altering the Perspective Styling Ruffles

2-Secure a Scarf with Maggie’s Snaps

Just like Mary Katherine used her magnet with a scarf, I wore mine lately with a pashmina. The difference is that MK was keeping her scarf from overwhelming her body, and I used it to attach the ends together and keep the scarf wrapped around my body.

The magnet is strong enough to hold this together while taking it on and off. In fact, I put this together the night before and then threw it in my purse this way. That meant, that when I was ready to put it on, it was already in place, and all I had to do was put it over my head.

What you are seeing is the gold button cover on the outside of the Fuschia wrap.

3-Hold Together a Kimono or Cardigan

Since many of our kimonos don’t have any fasteners, your Maggie’s Snaps can be the foolproof way to keep it closed. This would also work wonderfully with heavier items like the long cardigans that are buttonless.

You don’t see the magnet much in the photo with the green pants, but I’m using it to keep one end of the kimono on my shoulder.

Cover cleavage with Maggie's snaps

4-Add Modesty to a Top

Many times, a wrap top or dress can gape open in the front. To give some modesty to that possibility, you can use Maggie’s Snaps to hold the two pieces of fabric together.

Insider tip: I have used a stud earring for this same predicament, but you need to make sure that you won’t harm the fabric by putting a hole in it.

5-Act as Buttons

One of my favorite sayings is that we are the boss of our clothes. What does that mean?? Just because your shirt has buttons on it, doesn’t mean you have to use them, right?

I was playing around with this oversized top and challenged myself to make it different. I tucked in the collar and overlapped the two front panels. Then I used my Maggie’s Snaps to be the buttons to hold the shirt together.

The magnets held all day (except when I leaned over the washer to take the clothes out, and the ball magnet attached itself to the side of the washer–lesson learned, don’t forget to use the button covers).

Create darts in tiered dress
Original post: 7 Ways to Wear a Tiered Dress

6-Become Darts

You saw this idea recently when I was experimenting with trying to make this tiered dress a tad more fitted.
By pulling the extra material together and fastening it with my Maggie’s Snaps, I created 2 darts. It didn’t make the dress tight by any means, but it gave it a nicer shape.

Notice this time I used the ring portion on the outside. I didn’t have issues with it attaching to anything metal, but then again I wasn’t doing laundry.

Insider tip: The ring portion will stick to metal SLIGHTLY, but only because of the strong magnet pull from the ball under the clothing. The ball is the true magnet. This is why they recommend putting the ball portion next to your body.

7-Attach Ends Together

When you have two ends of any material you are trying to put together, you can always knot them, right? Then again, why not use your Maggie’s Snaps?

The advantage to the magnets is you don’t use up as much material as you would when creating a knot. Plus it will be flat instead of bulky.

Help for overwhelming kimono
As exampled in the post: 5 Ways to Make a Kimono More Fitted

8-Help Reduce Material

This example isn’t easy to see or for me to explain. But what I’ve basically done is halved the amount of material in the front panel of this kimono. You’ll see the idea with a different kimono in the post I linked above, under the heading “Pin the Side Panels”.

So instead of pinning the panels, I used a Maggie’s Snaps magnet on each side. You may be able to see it better in this video (plus you’ll see how I made the kimono into a top with one of the magnets).

I like this idea for kimonos, especially because sometimes I want them bigger and oversized, but sometimes I don’t. If I altered them smaller, then I don’t have the option to wear them oversized.

Add decor with Maggie's Snaps
Original post: Daily Looks Week Ending 7.8.22

9-Be Decoration

Just because these magnets are functional doesn’t mean you can’t just wear them as pretty. I thought this red dress needed some decoration at the waistline and it was too hot for a long necklace.
While I’ve been loving wearing my brooches at my waistline lately, I didn’t want to put a hole in this silky material. Therefore, my Maggie’s Snaps to the rescue.

You can see how I used the button covering over it.

Insider tip: These aren’t only for women OR clothes. I saw an idea to use it as a tie clip for men.
And in your home decorating. You could use them to hold the curtains back. Come on, I bet you can think of other ways.

10-Combine 2 Items

I decided to create a kimono from 2 similar-sized scarves with my Maggie’s Magnets. The example can be seen worn on Saturday in my Daily Outfits post.

Maggie's Snaps-Multitudes of ways to use and style

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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