There are Many Options for Buying your Eye Prescription Online Glasses

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Sunglasses and prescription glasses purchased online

6 Options for Buying your Eye Prescription Online Glasses

Ever since retiring both Rob and I have been trying out eye prescription online glasses instead of getting them from our eye doctor. Since we have had good experiences and not so good ones, I thought I’d share with you our trials and tribulations.

This is not a sponsored post, although I was gifted a couple of these glasses to promote. I will explain which ones I purchased and which I was gifted. Either way, it’s my honest thoughts and experience.

Why purchase online? If you wear prescription glasses, then you realize how expensive they can be. Especially once you start adding in the progressive part. Heck, last year I had new lenses put in a pair of already purchased frames and it was still almost $300. Now I’m all about supporting my local businesses, but I also like to be smart with my money.

And as with everything in life, there are always pros and cons with every option. While I tried to research the details that are important to us, these online sites and options are ever changing. If you’re interested, I’d suggest to check out the companies online yourself. Sometimes there are even promo codes available. I’m showcasing the 6 brands we’ve used (in alphabetical order) along with some tips to have a successful purchase.

39 Dollar Glasses

Eye prescription online glasses with 39 Dollar

I bought this pair of prescription sunglasses from at least two years ago. These are my prescription but not progessive. I don’t remember if they didn’t offer the progressive option at that time, or if I was too cheap to think I needed it for sunglasses. Needless to say they do offer that now.

Who knows how I found this company. I’m sure I was searching online and trying to find something in my budget. At the same time I purchased these sunglasses, I also bought a normal pair of progressive glasses. However, the prescription never felt right so I don’t wear them. Shame on me for not reaching out to the company to try to make them right. My fault.

Options Available

1-Re-Lens your frame. We haven’t tried this with this company, but it’s an interesting feature.

2-Progressive Along with Prescription Sunglasses and Transitional from normal to sunglasses.

Options Not Available

1-No virtual try on but you can print the actual size picture of the glasses

Discount Glasses

Discount glasses online

At the same time as I was buying the, I came across Obviously I was on a mission to find some prescription sunglasses at that time. This company does not offer their sunglasses frames with a progressive prescription although they have transitional ones.

I did purchase these and while they work great, I don’t love the translucency of the blue lens or even the shape that much. It’s my fault though because that’s what I requested.

Options Available

1-Virtual Try on.

2- Progressive Along with Prescription Sunglasses and Transitional from normal to sunglasses.

Eye Buy Direct

Eye Buy Direct is the first company I purchased eye prescription online glasses about 4 years ago. The company had been recommended by a patient even before I retired. And then recently Rob just purchased his sunglasses in a progressive prescription from this site.

My red pair of glasses have been a favorite and are the pair that I ended up having my newer prescription changed out at the eye doctor’s office. However, I recently broke the side arm so I just threw them out when I received my new red pair below.

Does this mean the glasses aren’t good quality? Yes, and no. Yes, many of the less expensive frames are plastic. Which is nice because they are lightweight. But it also means you should be a little more careful with them. Which I’m not! I was taking off a shirt and left my glasses on when the side arm broke. My bad.

Options Available

1-Virtual Try on

2- Progressive Along with Prescription Sunglasses and Transitional from normal to sunglasses.

Glasses Shop

Glasses Shop just reached out to me and gifted me this pair of prescription sunglasses. While I didn’t pay for these, they didn’t pay me for this post.

I just love the big shape of these to block out the sun. What I didn’t realize is the company does offer the transition option, or I would have requested that. However, I’m not sure they would end up as dark as these if they were transitions.

The company has many deals on their site every time I look. There is also a discount code to my readers to use GSHOT35 for 35% off entire order (sale frames excluded).

Options Available

1-Virtual try on

2- Progressive Along with Prescription Sunglasses and Transitional from normal to sunglasses.


Both Rob’s and my glasses from Liingo were gifted to us after I reached out to the company. Rob put together a video for Instagram with both of us wearing them. (If you watch the video, please make sure to click the heart to show you loved it.)

My frames are probably a little narrower than what they should be for progressives. It did take me a day or so to get used to them, but ever since that time, they’ve been great.

Options Available

1-Virtual try on from 3 angles, not just one

2-They also have an in home try on for 5 different frames you can use before choosing a frame for your prescription.

Options Not Available

1-No progressive prescriptions for sunglasses

2-No transitional sunglasses available

Voogue Me

Voogue Me just recently reached out to me to try out a pair of their glasses. That means this pair was gifted to me. I was not paid for including them in this post.

Now some of their styles are a little out there, even for me. Yet, why have a boring pair of glasses?? They certainly have some normal frames too. Along with the fact, they offer some frames for $6.95/$9.95 which are updated every Wednesday.

As you can see above, they don’t get super dark with the photochromic option. Yet my eyes did not feel strained at all. And this company is offering a $5 discount to my readers with the code jodie. I realize $5 is not a huge amount, but the cost of these glasses is even inexpensive without the discount. Seriously! The pair above that was gifted to me would have only been about $150. That’s frames, progressive lenses and they change into sunglasses!

Options Available

1- Progressive Along with Transitional from normal to sunglasses.

Options Not Available

1-No progressive prescriptions for sunglasses frames only.

2-No virtual try on

Different online options for prescription glasses

Tips for buying your eye prescription online glasses

1– If you do have progressive lenses, it’s better to opt for a larger size frame for your lenses to have enough room to incorporate it. I learned this at my eye doctors. And although I haven’t read it anywhere with the online options, I have a feeling that’s why my normal pair from didn’t work out so well and why my Liingo pair took a day to get used to.

2– Sure, it’s good to use the try on virtual option if the company has it, but it’s even better to use the measurements given. If you have a pair of glasses that you like on your face, use those as comparison. And it may be a pain in the butt, but you can take the measurements, and basically draw out the glasses on a piece of paper. Heck, you can even cut them out and try them on enough to see if you like the shape on your face. It may be a lot of work, but it can save you headaches in the long run.

3– Look more for the shape and style of glasses than the color. I have found that what you see on your monitor isn’t always the same in person. For example my Liingo glasses. I thought they would be more green from the photos online. I still love them, but in person they are more teal colored.

4-If their is something wrong after you get the glasses, reach out to the company. For my first ever pair of EyeBuyDirect glasses, I screwed up the prescription. Even though it was my fault, they replaced my glasses and I only had to pay the shipping. I’m not sure if they still have that policy, but it can’t hurt to ask if something doesn’t seem right.

5-If you’re not sure of an option or how it might look, I would recommend asking before you purchase. For me, I wished I asked about what it meant for the % of tint in my Most companies have a number to call or email to reach out to.

6-Many companies seem to have the transition option available now. This means your normal glasses will darken to sunglasses and back depending on the light. However, the option can’t always be seen until you put in your prescription and click through to the lens type. If you’re not sure, just keep clicking as if you’re going to purchase the glasses. You aren’t committed until you put in your credit card number.

Which Company is the Best for Eye Prescription Online

Go ahead. Ask me which company I’m going to buy my next pair from! But it’s going to be a tough one.

For sure, it’s going to be one of the companies that I can order the transitional glasses (or photochromic) so I don’t have to worry about carrying a pair of sunglasses with me where ever I go.

After that it’s going to depend on the frames and cost factor. I feel like the quality of all of these glasses have been great. Needless to say I alternate between glasses almost daily. So I may look at quality differently than someone else.

Please feel free to email me at if you have any questions about our glasses or any of the eye prescription online companies that I’ve discussed.

Photo credit: Rob & Jodie Filogomo

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