March Highlights and Happenings

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March Highlights and Happenings

Given the state of affairs that transpired in March, many of our events and plans were cut short and cancelled. Luckily there is still many ways to stay in touch with everyone, and to still have fun. Even though it was a tough month for all of us, I still enjoy remembering the good happenings.

Funny how I still have a lot to talk about which goes to show we are blessed.

Day 1: We attended an event called Fairy Tale Tea for the charity, Happily Ever After League which helps mothers fighting cancer. I was able to meet many of the Arizona women that I “know” through Instagram. It’s exactly one of the reasons I do think social media can benefit us (which I’ve written about on the blog).

Day 5: We toured the Musical Instrument Museum which houses over 10,000 instruments from all over the world. It was such a wonderful experience, and a great place to visit if you are ever in Phoenix. These are the outfits we wore to showcase the gemstones and Birdsong Design Jewelry.

Day 7: We finally hung some curtains and lights on our pergola. Granted, it’s still a work in progress, but I just love how it’s coming along. This evening we went over to Lesley’s house for classic movie night. The movie was Blazing Saddles which I’d NEVER seen. Have you?

Day 11: Haircut day. It’s not a ton shorter, and that’s a good thing. My hairstylist from Denver suggested I go slow, so I took her advice. It’s the back that is better shaped now. Thanks so much for everyone who gave me inspiration photos and suggestions. It was SO helpful.

Day 13: Classic movie night. We don’t schedule these at a specific time. Sometimes it’s dependent on our schedules and how fast the library has a movie available. So our selection was Viva Las Vegas, and it came fast. So less than a week later, and we had another fun evening. Do you know that I had NEVER seen an Elvis Presley movie?? And I don’t need to see another one, LOL.

Day 14: My dear friend, Marilyn and her husband, James were here in Phoenix so we met for lunch (at our favorite Pizzeria Bianco, of course). She used to sell yarn imported from Ireland, so needless to say, we have been fast friends. In fact, I’ve made many sweaters from the Black Abbey Yarn along with this one and this one.

Day 17: Happy St. Patrick’s Day
I thought you might need some comedic photos during this time. Here is one from our annual St Paddy’s Day party back in dental school (and you thought all we did was study…haha). I am the one in the middle with the shamrock boxers. Maybe not my best look?

Day 18: One of the perks of this job is trying out new products. If you’ve never heard of Winky Lux, they are now in Target. This is a makeup company that doesn’t have parabens, sulfates, gluten, phthalates or do animal testing. I’ve become much more picky about the products I want to try out now that I’ve focused more on natural items. I’ve just started using some of these and will keep you up to date.

Day 20: We explored an area about an hour north of us called Lake Pleasant. And laughed at the wildlife we saw on the side of the road.

Day 21: I made a cheesecake. And I rarely bake anymore. The joke is I used to make Rob cheesecakes when we were dating. Along with the fact that my mom made him pies. Then when we got married, the desserts ended…LOL!!

Day 23: We finally organized the garage so we can find everything. Isn’t everyone organizing while they are at home?

Day 24: Here’s how to practice yoga when your kitty would rather head butt you and get some loving…haha

Day 24: My good friend sent me this GIF when I confessed that I was struggling. It made me write a blog post on the best tips for dealing with stress that work for me. Makes me wish I had a pup!

Day 26: Classic movie night was Part 1 of Gone with the Wind. Rob had never seen this movie before!! Anyone else out there a GWTW novice?

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