March Highlights

I appreciate each and every share. Thank you!

March Highlights

One way to remember our lives is to journal it. And that’s the idea behind these highlights from each month.

In case you’re wondering, any days that aren’t listed here, are probably full of blogging, housework, the occasional nap, and fun along with tea and potato chips.

Denver women in March

Day 1: Thanks to Jill, a group of Denver women met up together. These women span from Mrs. Colorado (that’s Sylvia), an Author (that’s Nadine), a fashion designer (that’s Brooks), a fashion blogger (that’s me!), a commercial pilot who designs jewelry on the side (that’s Laura), and a radio show host and advocate for people with dementia (that’s Jill). It was SO inspiring to talk and listen to everyone’s stories and make new friends like this.

March highlights at the Puzzle Room

Day 2: OMG….we had SO much fun at the Golden puzzle room today. I thought it’d be a fun activity for all of us as part of our blog photos. You can read more about the experience in the western inspired outfit blog post. As for the activity?? We’d  never done it before and truly enjoyed ourselves. And if you want some tips about an escape/puzzle room…check out the blog post.

Packing for a trip in March in Arizona

Day 4: I had to include my packing photo for our upcoming trip to Arizona. We go out to see our snowbird neighbors in Phoenix in the spring and Spookie looks like she wants to come with us. She cracks me up!

Pizzeria Bianco in March in Arizona

Day 5: As soon as we landed in Phoenix, we then went out for pizza. Not just any pizza. This is the place my husband has wanted to go for 2 years. It’s called Pizzaria Bianco, and is super famous. Was it worth the hype? Rob can tell you in his blog post!

Spring Training baseball in March in Arizona

Day 6: While we were out in Arizona, we even went to a spring training baseball game. Rob used to LOVE baseball back before they went on strike. We still enjoy live games, but he’s not as obsessed anymore. The spring training game was very fun because it’s more intimate and smaller. We saw Seattle playing Oakland. And it was a perfect night weather wise. Look, I had bare tootsies. And you may recognize this shirt as my sun shirt from Anthony’s. You can still use the code Touchofstyle for a discount on anything on their site because they have some cool pieces.

Meeting Kay in Arizona in March

Day 7: Then, while I was in the state, I had reached out to another blogger that I follow. Her name is Kay, from Dressed for my Day. Even though she lives south of Tucson, she agreed to meet us between the cities. She was absolutely delightful and such a dear person to get to know in person and visit with for a couple of hours. You should definitely check out her blog too. Not only does she have a fashion blog, but she also has a woman empowerment blog at Kay Harms. She is an author and speaker, and all around amazing woman.

Sunset in March in Arizona

Day 8: It’s not like Denver doesn’t have wonderful sunsets, but the view from our friend’s casita is always so spectacular. It’s the palm trees that are so cool since that’s something we don’t have here.

Day 12: We had a funeral to attend today. At least it was a friend’s mother who was in her 90’s. It seems better when it’s a life well lived. I actually wrote a post 2 years ago on why I like attending a funeral. Maybe many of you feel the same way?

Bomb Cyclone in Denver in March

Day 13: You may have seen on the news that we had a crazy blizzard this day. They called it a “Bomb Cyclone” which cracks me up. Were we out in it? Of course! But luckily we got home before the worst of it came.

Ring from Art by Daan won in March

Day 14: I won a giveaway from Nancy awhile ago. It was a gift card from the artist Art by Daan, and I almost didn’t use it because the shipping was as much as the gift card. When I told Nancy to give it to someone else because of this, she actually told me she would pay the shipping. What a sweetheart. So here is the ring I chose. What a beautiful piece!!

Flemings date night in March

Day 15: As a consolation prize for not being selected for the Sephora Squad, my hubby took me out to dinner. Thanks to ALL of you who sent in a testimonial as it was SO heartwarming when you told me what you wrote. Seriously. You made me out to be better than I think I am.

Day 16: Blog photo day took us to touring Fort Logan and an officer’s house that has been restored. It’s been so wonderful getting to explore our own city this way.

Day 18: Book Club evening with such a wonderful group of women. Last month we read The Life we Bury by Allen Eskens. It was one of those suspenseful books that I couldn’t put down.

Day 20: I was really honored to be included in the TrailBlazers section of the online magazine Voyage Denver.

Healthy eating when we eat out

Day 23: Blog photos at a fun place in Denver. Sure, the food was great, but it’s also a mecca for games and fun. Check out the post tomorrow to see more photos and what it has to offer.

Day 24: So this is how I get some of my great deals. I had some Banana Republic rewards burning a hole in my pocket. I get them for using their credit card. The striped top was $35 originally, but 50% off. Then because I used my BR credit card, I was eligible for 10% off, and I had $15 in rewards. It cost me under $1. Now the snakeskin jumpsuit was $150. Normally I would never pay that kind of money. Yet, sometimes when I have these rewards I like to splurge. So I had a special coupon for 15% off and a $75 rewards to use. Therefore I saved over 60% on it and got it for $55.

Day 26: Here’s another beauty product I am going to be trying out. It’s from MBK skincare and uses microcurrent technology help make the skin around your eyes look better. Keep your eyes peeled…punny, right?

Day 27: We were able to meet up with a blog reader, Evlayne that just moved out here to Denver. It was like meeting a long lost sister.

Day 28: I’ve befriended an artist on Instagram, Sandy, and purchased one of her pieces above. It’s so cute and she even included a card with it. Of course she loves color like I do and even included me on her recent blog post about color.

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