May Highlights

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May Highlights

Welcome to the post where I highlight some of the fun events and happenings from the previous month.

Day 1-4: The Everything Food Blogging Conference was as amazing as last year. In fact, I was able to meet up with a woman who I’ve “talked” to on Instagram named Staci. There was a TON of learning, and some great food too. Exhausting for an introvert like me, but well worth it.

Day 5: The very next day I had agreed to meet up with 2 different women that were going to be here in Denver. Even though we were exhausted, it was SO worth it. I always love meeting new friends. The one on the left is Terri from Peach which is an athleisurewear brand. I’ve become an ambassador for this company and you can see one of my outfits on this IG post. Then Kathrine on the right is another fashion blogger who was out here for a wedding. She is as wonderful as her smile. Make sure to check out her blog too.

Day 9: Mom came with us to the Goodwill Shop and Share Event. We both had a really fun time and happened to find some “goodies” to bring home. You can read about the event in the blog post. This little bag was the first thing my mom decided to purchase!!

Day 11: Photo shoot day, and since Nancy was still in Italy, I recruited another friend, Shelly, to join us. You can see her styling white jacket on the blog post. And the best part is that after the photos, her husband, Mike, met us and we had breakfast together.

Day 13: So this is one reason I LOVE knit day as an activity to get together with my knitting friends. Not only do we catch up on life and knit together. But we also give each other inspiration on what we want to knit next. Isn’t this cowl just amazing? I’m sure I have the yarn to do it…..

Day 15: The warmer weather is our favorite. We just love going for walks around the neighborhood. It gets us outside and moving and connecting with each other. Of course it’s always fun to stop and rest on the play equipment too, LOL!

Day 17: Both Rob and I just love seeing plays and musicals, and our local theater has some wonderful productions. We were lucky to see Sister Act on opening night, and the cutest thing was one of the actors proposed to his girlfriend at the event.

Day 18: For our fun photo shoot day, we traveled down to Colorado Springs to check out the Michael Garner museum. You can hear more info about it on the blog post, but this is all in miniature. It’s super cool especially because of the holograms included in the displays!!

Day 20: After my post about trying to embrace my natural curls, one of my readers suggested this book to me. If I love it a ton, I may even purchase it.

Day 21: Book club tonight and our new book is Celine, by Peter Heller. We’ve read books by this author before because he’s a Colorado guy, but this one is my favorite so far. At the end of the month, I’m already half way through.

Day 25: Blog photo shoot day took us to a local small airport where we then had brunch. And dang, the food was actually great. Anyone else ever eaten at their local small airport?

Day 26: If you get my emails then you know I was lucky to meet up with a wonderful high school friend that I haven’t seen in about 5 years. And I found this photo of us from 1985 to compare. We haven’t changed a bit…LOL

Day 29: We finally finished and produced 2 YouTube videos. One shows when to wear and not wear belts. The other is the shortened version of the talk I did about Getting Creative With Your Clothing.

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