Men’s Summer Style with Shorts

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men's summer style

Men’s Summer Style with Shorts

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Men’s summer style usually revolves around shorts. In fact, does it make you wonder why women feel the need to stop wearing shorts after a certain age, yet men never consider it? Just a little food for thought…

And even though Rob is wearing what you’d consider a t-shirt and shorts, I think there is certainly enough interest in the outfit so it wouldn’t be considered plain or sloppy.

Rob’s Outfit:  Here we are scouting out some fun places to take photos for some upcoming blog posts!

And you thought blogging was all fun and games!! We wanted to make sure that the lighting would work for some photos we will be taking for a fun collaboration next week! And since Rob was showing off his men’s summer style so well, I figured he might as well pose for the camera!

Shorts for Men over 50

His shorts are some that I think any man could wear! When I looked at their tag, it seems like they are golf shorts. Not that Rob golfs anymore, but the shorts look great!

Since these are black and white, Rob has worn them for both casual and somewhat dressier occasions! If this is a men’s summer style that would work for anyone in your family, then I found even nicer shorts below. If you are partial to the black and white versions, then this pair is more equally black and white. Whereas this pair is more white than black!

Summer mens fashion with shorts

The t-shirt is certainly not fancy, but I love that it has more details than a plain shirt.

I know we found this shirt while walking through Gordmans, so it couldn’t have been very expensive.

Rob doesn’t wear a baseball cap much anymore, but I think there are some that are great! If they are popular in your family, then I came across some interesting versions like the corduroy one or the two toned one!

Shorts for guys' fashion for men's summer style

But my favorite part of the outfit has to be the red sneakers! I’m sure I’m biased because I am such a shoe lover. However, I am so glad that Rob enjoys a fun pair of shoes too! Just like in his last men’s style post, where he wore yellow shoes!

If your man prefers more tame sneakers, I can understand. But let me tempt you with a couple of fun ones like black leather or black tweed!  However, there are some unique sneakers if you want to check them out too. This pair is more subtle in the front and then a party in the back! Or there’s the all out, colorful pair, that will grab anyone’s attention!

Men's Summer Style with Shorts

Shorts: Grand Slam (similar here)~~Shirt: Modern Culture (similar here)~~Shoes: Old Navy (similar here)~~Hat: (similar here)

I’d love to hear what you think about wearing shorts and a person’s age. I know many women will say it’s because their legs aren’t perfect anymore. But I’m always quick to point out that I have a scar from my cleft lip that is front and center on my face! And I can’t just wear a bag over my head to hide it!

What’s your verdict for men’s summer style?

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