Side by side refrigerator organization for real life

Messy & Odd Side By Side Refrigerator Organization

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“What’s in your refrigerator is the prompt for our Where Bloggers Live group this month. And even though I consider myself an organized person, I am almost embarrassed to show our side by side refrigerator organization. (BTW, I did NOT tidy it up before these photos, because I’m real like that. Besides, maybe it will make you feel better about yours).
In my defense, things are in a whirlwind around the Filogomo household considering we just moved houses this week and have ten dishes spinning in the air at the same time.

Quote of the day: “That’s the very reason they put rubbers on the end of pencils…because people make mistakes.” Phoebe Waller-Bridge

I know the side by side refrigerators aren’t the coolest and trendiest type anymore.

But we LOVE this fridge. How much? Well, we’ve bought it twice.

Here’s the story.

Back 9 years ago when we downsized in Colorado, we bought all new appliances for the townhouse we were moving into. This exact style and model of fridge was one of them.

It fit our needs, it worked wonderfully (we’ve had issues with the water/ice dispenser on an older fridge), but not this brand and style.

What you should also know is that we have an extra fridge AND freezer in our garage. I like to have food around, LOL.

When we moved from Colorado to Arizona 5 years ago, the house in AZ had a fridge in it. And the inspection didn’t say it was bad. So we decided not to move the fridge and go with the existing fridge which was a French Door Type.

BAD DECISION. Not because it was a French Door type of fridge. But because the fridge was NOT new as the description said, and it wasn’t inspected (our bad, we missed that by only looking at the red parts of the inspection) because it wasn’t plugged in.

Needless to say, days after we moved in, the fridge started beeping in the middle of the night, and the home warranty wouldn’t cover it because it wasn’t inspected.

We learned the fridge was over 10 years old and it would cost as much to repair than to buy another one.

So we bought the SAME fridge that we had in Colorado. And we moved it to our new house this week even though there was a supposedly working fridge there. We weren’t going to go through the same issues a second time, haha.

Messy refrigerator

Truthfully I am a Type A personality and think of myself as organized. While some things fall through the cracks, I have shared other organizational articles that I am proud of.

The Wins of Side By Side Refrigerator Organization

While my side by side refrigerator organization isn’t going to win any awards there are some good tricks that I use.

This pantry bin is definitely one of them.

Pantry bin for side by side refrigerator organization

We must have bought this pantry bin at the Container Store since we only have one. But gosh, you can get a much better deal on Amazon. Granted you get more than one, but basically for the same price.

This is where we store our liquid supplements (including the cat’s supplements as shared in what I consider the best senior cat products).

The pantry bin works wonderfully because Rob pulls it out every morning to concoct our morning tonic drink and then it’s all in one place.

Dog food on the door for side by side refreigerator organization

Doors: Side by Side Refrigerator Organization

We keep our “wet” dog food on the door of our refrigerator along with her supplements.
This Super Supplement for dogs is so impressive with its ingredients we give it to Piper every morning.

Insider tip: I created a tab on my site as a place Just For Pets, to share the great companies that care for our fur babies as much as we do.

Piper’s area is also shared with our “milk”. When we drank cow’s milk, it had to go inside the fridge to stay colder, but the advantage of nut milk is we don’t have to worry about that.

Insider tip: I’m sure this is common knowledge, but because the refrigerator doors are close to the outside and open frequently, you should only store products there that won’t spoil easily.

Clear egg carton, pantry bin used for side by side refrigerator organization
Inside the aluminum foil: Mom made us gluten free banana bread on the left
I cooked a whole chicken on the right. We kept the carcass and then made chicken soup.

Clear Containers

I’ve learned over the years that clear containers are ideal for knowing what is in a container.

So you have to laugh when I talk about this, yet there are aluminum foil items here too.

But my focus was on the clear egg container. And under the banana bread is one of the glass clear containers we use.
We reuse this clear egg container as we buy the 5 dozen eggs from Sams, and then refill as necessary.

Insider tip: If you like plastic clear containers better because they are lighter then this brand has them BPA free.

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The Messy Part of Side by Side Refrigerator Organization

I have yet to take the time to try to organize and figure out the best methods for storing my produce.

One time I shared a great trick about storing fruit in mason jars to keep them from molding.

I tried it.

And while our strawberries didn’t mold, they did ferment. So we haven’t done that since.

Veggie bin

Our veggie drawer is always packed full since we follow the nutrient dense diet. If you’re interested, I’ve talked about this way of eating in more detail years ago.

Insider tip: The one thing I’ve been doing lately that I LOVE, is to premake a large salad and have it ready to go. I just include the different greens and some veggies, but I leave off the dressing, nuts, seeds, and anything that would darken. You can see the type of bowl we use right above the produce drawer.

Fruit bin

And the fruit drawer is also full. Those lemons, grapefruit, and oranges are all from the trees in our backyard.

Insider tip: One of our favorite snacks recommended by our nutrient coach is an apple and almond butter. Eating an apple alone can spike your sugars (as explained wonderfully in the Glucose Revolution book), so adding in the protein with the almond butter makes it better.

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Messy & Odd Side by Side Refrigerator Organization

Side by side refrigerator organization

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