Modest Ways of How to Style a Wrap Top

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Strappy cami under wrap top

Modest Ways of How to Style a Wrap Top

There are many ways to think about how to style a wrap top or dress. I seem to have a lot of these kinds of pieces in my closet, so I thought I’d get creative with them to show they can be worn modestly.

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There was a time when I wouldn’t even give these items a chance, just because of the reason I had to “fix” them to wear them. Granted, not everyone worries about covering up the girls, but I am more comfortable that way.

So let me give some obvious ideas and hopefully a couple you hadn’t considered about how to style a wrap top.

Red and green and mustard

How to Style a Wrap Top with a Cami

You may recognize this outfit from my post about styling sneakers 3 ways. I am wearing a red, polka dot wrap blouse that was given to me years ago by a friend. I’ve worn it before on the blog when we styled polka dot blouses. In fact, this is how I always think about wearing camis, for under a piece that needs some modesty.

While the idea of wearing a cami (or any of these other ideas) to “complete an outfit” can be annoying to some, let’s look at the advantages.

1-You can add other colors to the look.

2-It enables a much higher coverage of your chest if you want.

3– This can be a way to add texture to the outfit.

4-Or if you’re always cold, like me, then it’s another layer for warmth. If you are always warm, then you’ll like the bralette options the best.

Insider tip: If you don’t have a cami in the color you want, check your scarves. I’ve worn a small scarf tucked into each side of my bra to add some coverage.

Strappy cami under wrap top

Cover With Straps

There are some interesting strappy coverings that can add the coverage you need. This is not that much different than the bralette idea below, except it tends to look sportier.
I bought this piece from Belong Lifestyle when they were having one of their sales. Sure, it’s called a bralette, but I wear it OVER my regular bra, and take out the padding.
If you had seen me in real life, you would realize that the top of this blue strappy bralette is not super high. However, I think the straps give a great camouflage that you are showing off your wares. You can also find this detail on tank tops.

Let me also talk about the other details of this outfit. The jeans are Chico’s No Stain white jeans which are the only ones I buy nowadays. Grab them when they go on sale because they really don’t stain with liquids. I proved it with soy sauce no less, on Instagram TV.
And these psychedelic booties? They are a birthday purchase thanks to my mom’s gift card to Macy’s.

Insider tip: If you like these earrings, I’d recommend checking out Pam’s site. I’ve bought a couple of Pam’s pieces because they are so unique. Even though Pam’s items are more expensive than Alison and Aubrey (who I also love especially because they are a mother/daughter team), you sure aren’t going to see anyone else wearing the same thing.

Bralette as one way of how to style a wrap top

Do You Have a Bralette?

I’ve talked about bralettes on the blog before. In fact, I never thought I’d wear one until I realized I could wear it OVER my real bra. This gold, lacy bralette is also one from Belong Lifestyle that I purchased during one of their sales.
Why even bother with a bralette in the first place? Because it can be basically a cami only shorter. It’s the pretty covering over the functional bra without covering your midsection.

This is one of those outfits that I look back on and think it’s not my favorite. I’m sure you all have your own opinion, but I bet a tan purse would have been better.

Insider tip: Don’t have or want a bralette? You could easily wear a tank top or t-shirt under a wrap

Wearing a wrap sweater backwards

Have You Thought About Backwards?

One of my mom’s secrets to many of her tops is to wear it backwards. Many times the front is too low for comfort, so she just turns it around. And if you’re worried about how to style a wrap top because it’s too low in the front, this may work for you too.

Since I was showing off my back this way, I decided to continue the whole strappy theme with one of my Peach sports bras.
I’ve also been enamored with the idea of shorts and over the knee boots since I tried it a couple of years ago. Of course, in Denver, there were tights involved. I doubt I will wear these shorts without tall boots or tights because they show a lot of leg. Besides, they are velvet which would be hotter in the summer.

Insider tip: Sometimes when you turn a top backwards you have the label to deal with. This blue sweater was from my third Fashom box (order your box with my link and get $20 credit) didn’t have this issue. I wore the scarf because sometimes the top seems too high so I wanted to lower the focal point.

Wear your wrap top over a dress

How to Style a Wrap Top Over a Dress

Just like you can wear your wrap top over another kind of top, it could also work over a dress. I’ve worn this dress for our elf inspired outfit and the colorful wrap top? I knitted that. In fact, it was featured on one of my #YarnDay Saturdays on Instagram.

Since there was so much color in the outfit, I wore my nude pair of heels with this. While I don’t see as much emphasis on nude heels in every article anymore, they can certainly be so functional.

Insider tip: Even your jewelry can act as a fill in for a bare decolletage. Even thought I’m usually drawn to the bigger necklace, this Alison & Aubrey delicate layered one fits the bill nicely.

The Perfect Time To Wear a Crop Top

I feel like we are good at layering over our dresses with cardigans pretty well, but tend to forget that we can layer under them too. Case in point, this faux wrap dress needed a layer for me to feel more covered up. So I grabbed this crop top.

Sure, it’s not like you go out buying crop tops all the time at this age. But just in case you shrunk something, or bought it off Poshmark and it was shorter than you thought (eeek!!), there are still ways to wear it. Or if you’re always warm, then maybe you SHOULD buy more crop tops.

Insider tip: Any top would work for this idea, like a t-shirt, or a white blouse like we’ve shown in the past.

Modest ways of how to style a wrap top

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo


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