Monday’s Amuse Bouche #8 -Cheap Glasses

Amuse Bouche (ˈä-ˌmüz-ˈbüsh): literally translated into “mouth amuser”.  Wikipedia definition: a single, bite-sized hors d’oeuvre.

 Jodie’s use of the term: a small hint or clever tip!  (Think Hints from Heloise!!)

Cheap Eyeglasses

Nowadays there are many options on the internet for less expensive eye glasses!  I am not being paid for this post but I thought  because most of us in this age group wear glasses I would pass this option onto you.  I had a former patient tell me about a couple years ago.  I have use this website so let me describe to you how it all works!

First you pick your frames from a nice selection. In the photo above, I am wearing the frame style called “Adept” from–the entire cost for these glasses were priced at under $25 with shipping and lenses (single vision).  Heck, many of their frames are under $15.  I absolutely LOVE them!  I know many of you are saying, but how could I buy a pair of glasses without trying them on?  Well here are my suggestions:

1-Since these frames are plastic, I think they are perfect for your spare/extra pair–or maybe even a crazy look that you’re not sure you’ll wear tons, so don’t want to spend an arm & leg on.  Thus, maybe they don’t need to be a “perfect” fit.

2-I’m sure you have a pair at home that you like.  Measure the dimensions and compare them to the frames you like on the website.  This will, at least, make sure the frames fit on your face nicely.

3-There is a try on button where you can download a picture of you and “see” what the frames will look like on your face.

4-This company has a replacement guarantee (once every 12 months) or even refund within 14 days if you don’t like them.  I know because I had to use this…I accidentally entered the incorrect prescription, so when my glasses arrived, I could not focus with them.  The replacement was truly no hassle (even though it was my fault) and I only had to pay the $6 shipping for the new pair.  It was an impressive experience.

Overall, I think this is a great way to discover different colors and styles that you normally wouldn’t try!

If you do want to try this, you can save 5% off your purchase with the code: IFX9PE3W6R or check out the discounts they have running here.

Thank you so much for spending the time to read my blog.  Don’t forget to come back the rest of the week for Black & White outfits!


  • My husband and I both wear progressive lenses, and a pair of glasses from any local place is about $400. Last year we did some research on online companies, and we found Zenni Optical. They are FANTASTIC. I just got a pair of progressive lens glasses, scratch coating, glare coating, indexed lenses, plus 2 pair of matching clip-on sunglasses for $89. The quality is as good as, if not better than Lenscrafters (where I got my last ones), and the prescription is perfect.

    They have a huge selection. You can download a picture of yourself and “try on” frames (I never thought that would work because I am REALLY picky about being able to try frames on), and it was great! You do have to make sure you have your prescription information, and you do need to read the instructions carefully on how to make sure everything is accurate, but other than that, it’s a dream come true! 🙂 I can now actually buy several pair of glasses in different styles, and have some variety. Goodbye Lenscrafters!

    • I’ll post a picture later today once I have some makeup on! 😀

      • Definitely…I want to see!! It’s nice to know there are tons of options out there! Who doesn’t love a great deal! I’ll have to check out Zenni too!

  • If only I wasn’t so blind, I would have a wardrobe of glasses! My LENSES alone cost me $700.00! Um, yeah… 🙁

    • Darlene, let’s be realistic….how important is it to see, anyways?! We take that money that you normally spend on your lenses–hire a chauffeur, and buy great clothes at the thrift store!!! Problem solved!! ha ha !!