The Month of April a Sentence at a Time

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The Month of April a sentence at a time

If someone asked you how your April went, what would you say? It’s so hard to remember specific days and events when every day goes by in a flash, right? So I joined forces with a couple of other bloggers to keep track of the month of April a sentence (and some photos) at a time. There’s a link up below if you’d like to see the other’s participating in this project, and a huge thanks for Leslie for organizing us!!

April 1: I finally got around to shopping om Poshmark thanks to Sherry! (You’ll see my purchase below with my new scarf from Imapico!)

Rob & Jodie with big smiles

4-2: Remember that IKEA table we put together (from last month’s diary, here)? Well it only involved 3 more trips to IKEA which consequentially called for a stop at Maggianos and indulging in  their bloody marys!!

4-3: Blogging, blogging and tired fingers from blogging (no potato chips in the house either so I had to resort to peanut butter pretzels)!!

4-4: It snowed and as we always say, when there is snow during April (and May) “welcome to spring time in the Rockies”

Purple sweater & Green pants & floral shoes

4-5: Here’s my new sweater purchase that I talked about on April 1, and if you know me at all, then you know I had to pair it with color!!

mint green long skirt

April 6: I was working on altering a prom skirt for a friend’s daughter—isn’t it such a pretty color?

Asian Slaw

4-7: I made an Asian slaw with peanut sauce—there’s enough for an army!!

4-8: We visited the cheese shop in downtown Littleton—it’s Rob’s candy store!!

4-9: Don’t you love days without an alarm clock—of course, this doesn’t include the feline alarms (ugh)!!

4-10: Frozen pizza—it’s what’s for dinner, but at least we had wine too!!

Hand Knitted Vest

April 11: I finally finished the vest that I’m making for Cathy—hopefully she’ll love it!!

Women over 50

April 12: Say hello to my knitting buddies, and yes, this time I got permission to put their photo on the blog 🙂 (Sorry Diana, I should’ve crouched lower so we could see your face!!)

April 13: One word–migraine….

Necklace organization with hooks

April 14: I finally organized my necklaces like I had done for mom & Nancy years ago!!

April 15: Rob & I has such a relaxing day that included snacks at 10 am after a walk and snacks at 4 pm after grocery shopping!!

Family Fun

April 16: Happy Easter from the clan!!

April 17: I received my first check from a consignment store, and now I question whether it’s really worth it? What do you all do with old clothes?

fruit bowls for Easter

April 18: I’m showcasing the fruit “bowls” I made for our Easter brunch…aren’t they cute?

April 19: Finally made it to my boot camp class to work out my booty!!!

April 20: And today the other “m” word: Mammogram!

April 21: My husband and I love food, so we got to try out a new restaurant with friends in Broomfield!!

Cats waiting for treats

April 22: And you thought my husband was the only one who waited around eagerly for treats?? 🙂

April 23:We finally saw the movie Hidden Figures streamed at home and isn’t streaming movies the best/most convenient thing ever?

Banana Republic shirt for Women over 50

April 24: As a shopaholic I love the text that comes saying I have a $5 reward at Banana Republic that will expire soon, so this baby came home with me for less than $20!

April 25: Facial love with my lovely friend and aesthetician!!

Style for women over 40 clothing items

April 26: Here’s a preview of one of the Covered Perfectly items that will be on the blog soon! You don’t have to wait for me, though—you can use the discount anytime: buy 2 and get one free OR get 20% off with the code JF20.

Women over 50 looking stylish going out to dinner!

April 27: Tonight involved dinner out with Sally & Nancy (you may remember Sally and this cardigan from our #LoveChicos Girlfriend Event, here) at Vesta’s in downtown Denver!

April 28: Did you believe me about what I said on April 4? Well, here we go again…..

April 29: Saying farewell to my niece who is moving to North Carolina!!!

April 30: We watched the Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks since I had read the book years ago!

Thanks so much for tagging along with me through my monthly antics. It’s fun for me to look back, but it is a pain in the tookas to make sure to record my daily events! Will I do it again??

And if you have a post that describes your month in a sentence a day, join in the link up!!

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