What Happened in May

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What Happened in May

I’m so glad you’re joining me again for the project of journaling each day with a sentence! There’s quite a few of us involved in this activity, but I have to thank Leslie, Sarah and Andrea for the push to do it! If you’ve been keeping track of your month this way, we’d love to see you link with us at the bottom of the post!!

Food at Bookclub

May 1: Book Club at Jeanne’s who put together the best Bibimbap and cheesecake (see, this is the real reason, I belong with this group-the food is almost as good as the conversation!!)

What I bought shopping in May

May 2: On our nightly trip to Target, somehow these earrings found their way into my shopping cart?

May 3: Organizing the Fierce 50 Follow Friday for Instagram—did you request to join the Revolution?? We would love it if you join us in trying to change the perception of women over 50!

May 4: I had to run over to mom’s house to take photos of her for our post on our VIPme dresses!

May 5: And today, I went over to Nancy’s house for the photos of her dresses from VIPme.com! And you thought the life of a fashion blogger was all glam–ha ha!

May Shopping

May 6: Did you know that World Plus Market has some fun purses and accessories?? Who knew??

wallpapered Ceiling

May 7: We Went to look at some model homes for inspiration, and check out that they wallpapered the ceiling….so interesting!!

May 8: You know the hail is bad when it’s on the national news!!

My May as Journaling...

May 9: I had a little help in my blogging today….isn’t she the cutest?? She’s actually trying to tell me she needs some attention, I think!!

The Month of May by sentences

May 10: It’s the second Wednesday of the month, so that means the knitting ladies are over, and this is a knitting bowl!!!

May 11: We had a metro district meeting where we got to walk around the area and see what improvements are needed!

What happened on your days in May?

May 12: So see? Now I have proof that I really get out and leave the house occasionally for a nice walk around the lake with Sandy!

May 13: Finally decided to chop my hair off……and absolutely lovin’ it!!

3 Generations of Women having fun!

May 14: The women of Jodie’s Touch of Style really don’t get along very well—ha ha!! Happy Mother’s Day from the Denver Botanic Gardens! ps…you’ll see these outfits in an upcoming post!

May 15: Our book club had read A Man Called Ove last year, so we congregated at Jeanne’s to watch the movie…and a couple tears were shed by all!

May 16: I really do have a boring life if the highlight of my day was patching the walls & steam cleaning the carpets!!

May 17: Just call me Jodie Uber because I chauffeured both my mom and Nancy to different places today!!

Spring time in the Rockies

May 18: Sure, this may not be your normal view in the month of May, but like we always say, “Welcome to Spring time in the Rockies!!”

Thrifty Women over 50

May 19: I was so blessed to be part of this group of women for our Follow Friday on Instagram! If you’re on Instagram, see the post here and I welcome you to include these women into your Instagram family. We all are part of the Fierce 50 Revolution and are thrifty!!

May 20: It was a fabulous dinner with our neighbors (who you might have seen in this post) who will be helping us remodel parts of our home this summer!!

May 21: My wonderful husband helped me work on trying to figure out how to make my blog load faster….but we’re not having much luck…

May 22: Rob is struggling with a blocked tear duct…poor guy!

What Rob Wore in May

May 23: It so warms my heart when Rob wears the vest that I knitted him many years ago!!

May 24: Photo bombed by Spookie showing our finished new bed frame from IKEA with the fabulous drawer storage under it! Now we’re just waiting for our Nectar mattress!!

May 25: This day included a trip to my acupuncturist to try to help with my allergies!!

May 26: Hot date night with my sweetie at Colt & Gray!!

May 27: With the addition of more sunglasses to my collection, I was trying to get creative about organizing them without spending more money. I came up with the idea of cutting off the top portion of a cardboard, magazine storage box and sticking it to the inside of our closet closest to the garage door. How do you store your sunglasses??

May 28: Our friends Stacy & Ron came over for a hamburger BBQ, along with my mom who brought the cherry pie!! Yum!!

May 29: My sweet husband put a new and way brighter overhead light in our closet!! 🙂

May 30: I learned from my cousin that my dad’s sister just passed away this morning. She was my favorite pen pal when I was a little girl, and will be sorely missed.

Nectar mattress

May 31: Well, we received our Nectar mattress. I’ll keep you up to date if it’s a winner or not!!

Thanks so much for joining me on my daily treks through this month!!

Keeping in Touch

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