The Month of June Day by Day

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June journaling

The Month of June Day by Day

Every month goes by whether you keep track of it or not, right? So the thought of journaling the days with a sentence has been surprisingly fun!!

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June 1: The beginning of the month started with my mom and I making Coconut Covered Bananas for a snack!

June 2: You know I have a shopping problem when I even look forward to grocery shopping!! And we even bought the grilled chicken that smells so good when you drive up to the store!!

June Events in Denver

June 3: It was our first time to visit the Larimer Street Sidewalk Chalk Festival. I even posted a bunch of these amazing creations in my Instagram stories!! If you’re on Instagram, I’d love it if you follow me because I try to post different things on each of my different social media!

June 4: And since it was the weekend, we finally took the time to hang up our new “nightstands” that will enable us to use the drawers under the bed!!

June 5: I made chicken soup from the carcass from our dinner from Friday night!!

June 6: The new mattress seems to be working well, but the pillows they sent ended up being king sized for our queen mattress. Rob & I share just one of the pillows so that it doesn’t hang over the edge!!

June 7: A trip to the airport to bring Nancy (the 60+ model on the blog) home safely from her Baltic Sea & Iceland trip!

Month of june Eating

June 8: Easy dinners for the summer months are key—FYI, that’s plain Greek yogurt, not sour cream on our nachos!!

June by a sentence

June 9: I’ve been trying hard to put on a cute dress, even when I’m just staying home and blogging all day! Credit for making the dress goes to my mom (the 70+ model)!!

Remodeling by taking down walls

June 10: You may have seen the start of our remodeling job on Instagram! Down comes this wall….

June 11: I am definitely not a neat freak, but living in dust does take some getting used to with this remodeling, LOL!

Events in June

June 12: My favorite dentist, Claire, who bought my practice, needed a couple of alterations on this fun, 1940’s style dress that she’ll be wearing to a party!!

June 13: Every home remodeling project comes with unexpected surprises, right? Today I needed to order some more flooring….

June Fun Happenings

June 14: Knit day is never complete without lots of fun projects in progress!!

June fun every day

June 15: The remodeling continues and Monkey loves to sit on drywall dusted paper—why???

June 16: It was the Follow Friday for our Fierce 50 group where we get to showcase other women! I have met the most amazing women this way, and I hope you check them out too!

June 17: Home Depot is our store of choice right now as we pick out tile for the fireplace, return items and figure out what else we need!!! How many times can we go in one day?

June 18: Happy Father’s Day to all as we celebrated with the moms!!

My month of June a sentence a day

June 19: Have you gotten the 13 bagels for only $7 at Einstein’s on a Monday?? This is how I make my husband happy!!

Events in June

June 20: This is what it looks like at the start of having your driveway repaved!!

June Purchase

June 21: Through my blogging, I’ve been so blessed to have met different women, and this skirt I just recently bought from a Denver designer, Brooks!! It’ll be perfect for our upcoming trip to LA!

June 22: The remodeling of the now extinct entry way wall is pretty much done, besides all of the changing of the decorations! You’ll see it soon in an update in July!!

Organizing in June

June 23: One of my blogger friends, Lorena, had an idea for my question of how you organize your sunglasses? She uses a shower caddy. I love the idea and now I can see them all much better!!

June Day by Day

June 24: We were dog sitting Jacquie & JazzyMan for the weekend, and I only was able to get butt shots, ha ha!

June 25: Most Sundays we will cook our meals for the entire week so I don’t have to worry about it every night!! This week we are having an egg & veggie dish for lunches and an eggplant casserole for dinners!

Events in June

June 26: Book Club night!!!!

June events

June 27: The fireplace remodeling job got started today. This was one of the items on my summer bucket list to remodel in our place!!

June 28: Today was the day we were able to pick out our new clothes for the event below!!

Trendz Boutique

June 29: It was the Trendz meet and greet evening!! If you missed that post, you can read more about it!!

June 30: Leaving on a jet plane….LA, here we come!!

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