Monthly Updates for October 2022

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When the month comes to a close, it’s amazing to look back and realize why you’re so tired (insert laugh here). I’m all for relaxing in my retirement years yet I find that my curiosity and need for social interactions have increased.
This is why October’s monthly updates post includes other wonderful women.

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The Places We’ve Gone

This month we stayed close to home for most of our blog photo shoots. Yet in reality, this is the time to get out and about now that the temperatures have cooled down significantly.

The two places that we did go to were the Arizona State Fair and Montezuma’s Castle.

I had never been to a state fair before, so I figured it would be good to experience it. And seeing the Flying Royals was super amazing as they are the only crisscrossing flying act. The rest of it wasn’t really our jam, but at least we can say that we went.

Now Montezuma’s castle was very eye-opening, to see how people lived on the side of this mountain thousands of years ago. More photos of this place were included when I invited you to join me on how a field trip like this gets planned and executed.

The People We’ve Seen

People. They are the icing on the cake for our life, right? This month we enjoyed helping to support some of our favorite local businesses. My goal is that as our BIG shopping season approaches, that we remember these smaller venues by showing we care about how we spend our money. Sure, you might get better deals at the big box stores, but you can change lives with your purchases.

1-Naomi & Ruth shut down over the summer due to 5 losses in her life. She wasn’t even sure she would reopen, but the interest from a buyer has changed all of that, and it might soon be another woman’s mission. What I love about Andrea (the woman with the white scarf on her head) is how she donates 10% of all sales to local charities.
And yes, I did purchase a couple of things. Her online site is here.

2-My other favorite local boutique is Just Be Youtiful which celebrated its 1st year in business. That milestone is so impressive, and Kym has been such a great supporter of my blog as well. Women who support each other are the best kind of women.
What I love about Kym is that she is all about body positivity and believes (as I do) that size shouldn’t hold you back from looking and feeling great.
She also had a fashion show in Tucson (2 hours south of us), that I was honored to help at, and I even gave a short presentation. Her online site is here which has new items every week (use Jtouch15 for a discount).

3-In the last photo, my friend, Jack (in the middle) was here from N. Carolina and it was wonderful to connect with her again. I used to write for her site when I had more time. But the best part is she has a store of products that are part of this collective of women over 50.
You’ll also find a ton of interesting articles on her site that range from money matters to fashion and everything in between.

I feel like with those 3 sites, you might be able to get a lot of holiday shopping done and make a difference for these real women who are wonderful.

Beauty Products

My curiosity doesn’t stop at new places to explore. I also love to try out new skincare and makeup items. BTW, I try to update my Favorites in this tab on my site. It’s not organized as well as I like yet, but it’s on my list of things to do.

1-The body creme is made by my friend, Laura of Scrub Studio, who used to be a forensic scientist. I say that to drive home the point that she knows her chemicals, and makes everything non-toxic. My favorite product of hers is her scrubs but I’ve also been loving the body creme. It amazes me how many toxins we can put on our bodies with some of the OTC products.
If you are looking for stocking stuffers, then the mini versions of the scrubs are perfect. This scrub is unlike any other I’ve tried because it emulsifiers instead of staying crunchy. And this is one way to help dry skin. By exfoliating, you are taking off the dead skin so that your moisturizers can work better.

2-This Dr. Wells Magic Wellness cream came as a PR package, yet I found it very, very helpful for a couple of sore muscle days. Just like Scrub Studio’s products, it is ALL NATURAL which I appreciate.

3-I created some content for the Revant brand and was very impressed with the eyeliners. They are made for mature women so they glide on without pulling or tugging on the skin. And it’s nice they have many colors so you don’t have to resort to black. The information I received said they were non-toxic but I don’t see the ingredient list on their site.


Obviously, I spend a ton of time on my site and social media, but I try to do other things too!

1-I organized my purse wardrobe by hanging up new hooks. Unfortunately, the command hooks break down over time with the heat, so this is something I will need to do occasionally.
BTW, the wardrobe was a steal from IKEA as it was a floor model. I use a sweater holder to contain the smaller purses in the middle and other hooks for the bigger ones.
It still looks like a mess, but it’s an organized mess!

2-I’ve been on a mission to reorganize my yarn storage (which you can see in more detail in this article). Having them in the cubes is great, but it’s not easy to pull out and plan what yarn to use for future projects.
So I finally ordered a couple of the “X” dividers from Ikea, and have been slowly trying to make it better.

3-And this sweater was finally finished. Long story long, I started knitting it 3 years ago for a friend who wanted one in the same pattern as one that I had in Denver. Needless to say, she changed her mind when I gave her the original one. Yet, I’d already knitted half of this one, so I figured I should finish it.
I’m really not sure I’ll wear it here in AZ, because it’s very warm. So I was super happy to sell it to a long-time reader when she saw it on Instagram.


I have this thing for footwear, and these two pairs are new to my closet. Want to hear more about these shoes? I talked about them in a 5 minute FB live here.

1-The loafers are a pair that I won from an Instagram giveaway with New Bella. I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable they were and I’ve already gotten a bunch of compliments on them. (BTW, you’d look at their site and think, oh, those are for young women only. But I’m all about rebeling against that).
BTW, they gave me a discount Jodie15 if you want to try out any of their footwear.

2-This tan color must be my favorite for the fall because my new favorite boots are these Walking Cradles combat boots called the “Knox”. This brand is my go-to for comfy shoes, and these Knox booties have a faux fur lining!! Who doesn’t love that?? Yes, they come in black too, but this milkshake color will get a lot of love from me.
Discount code Jodie15 on your first purchase of Walking Cradles.

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