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More Daily Outfits for November

I appreciate each and every share. Thank you!

Why did I decide to show a funny face photo as the title photo for my daily outfits post? Because we see each other this way in normal life. It’s just not captured in a still photo all of the time.
Unfortunately, when a “blooper” is captured we get upset and think it’s unflattering. I’m pushing myself to love and embrace myself even in these comical photos. And I hope to inspire you too.

My daily outfits are occasionally bloopers also. I know I could play it safe by copying outfits I’ve worn and liked in the past. But that holds no challenge or joy for me.
So I have a “bad outfit” day. It can’t be worse than my bad hair days, haha!!

I actually liked all of my daily outfits this week. Sure, you may think that Wednesday is a tad too much. However, my personality can be that way too some days (just ask my mom, she will agree, LOL).

In fact, you may think my daily outfits this week are somewhat subdued compared to many in the past. My hypothesis is our moods and activities are reflected in what we wear. And this week I felt less bold for some reason.

More daily outfits for November
Saturday– A maxi dress and tights
Sunday-Burgundy dress and ankle boots
Monday-Velvet jeans and sweater
Tuesday-Corduroy overall dress
Wednesday– Tweed jacket and jeans
Thursday– Handknit Sweater & olive green jeans
Friday-Plaid leggings and layers


Maxi dress with colorful tights and sweater

Who knew I would wear my fleece-lined tights in Arizona? But the mornings are really chilly (at least in our house) so they are helpful to keep me warm.

Granted my outfit will change before the day is done.

I wore this dress last week and it looked a tad tight in the chest. SO I figured, I could change the focus with a couple of necklaces.
Did it help??

This cardigan was my mother’s from when she was even younger than me. Therefore, it’s vintage!!

Insider tip: Just because it’s a cardigan sweater doesn’t mean you can’t wear it like a crew neck sweater.

Print shoes were important to me to break up all of the solids in the look. I vacillated between snakeskin sneakers and these camo flats but chose these to show off the tights more.


More daily outfits with burgundy dress and gold cardigan

We were off to church this morning, and then to a local restaurant to help with their Toys for Tacos event to help out a child in need. If you happen to live in the Phoenix area, I hope you will give Mesquite Fresh Street Mex a try. There are stores all over the valley.

I am wearing a burgundy short sleeve dress. It was from Belong Lifestyle (online) years ago, and I love it can be dressy or casual.

Since it’s chilly in the mornings, I wore a metallic gold long cardigan. My friend found this at a garage sale for $1 and gave it to me. I’ve had it for ages.
In fact, I wore it over a yellow dress for an idea for a spring wedding back at the beginning of the blog. (I still have everything from that old outfit too)

My leopard ankle boots are the “Shine” booties from Walking Cradles. If you search for Shine booties on their site, they only have the snakeskin print available right now.

I kept the outfit pretty minimal today. The necklace is a new thrifted purchase that I doubled up to be shorter.

I almost think the outfit needs a belt. What do you think?


Camo jeans and burgundy sweater

Oh, look at that. Two days in a row wearing burgundy. I didn’t mean to do that, but the fall season does seem perfect for it.

Today I wore my velvet camo jeans that I found while thrifting. These were showcased last winter on the blog with grey.

I am print mixing with the blouse under the sweater, but it’s not “in your face” print mixing. It’s a black and white polka dot blouse that you can see in its entirety here.

Since we were accessorizing sweaters this last week as the blog theme, I wanted to showcase a collared shirt under a solid sweater with a statement necklace.

My wardrobe does not include too many purchased sweaters since I love to knit. It’s only been in recent years that I have succumbed to buying them since it takes me SO long to knit my own.

This sweater is from one of my Fashom boxes which is an online clothing box that only comes when you request it.
I never thought I would like these boxes since I love to shop so much, yet it’s been such a pleasant surprise to get items this way.

The shoes and necklace are both thrifted!!


Green and rust for fall

Even though I don’t think I change my color selections when the weather changes, I can see by my daily outfits that obviously I do.

So far this week has much more burgundy and browns in the looks. I may have to see if I can switch that up.

I pulled out this corduroy overall dress to pair with this green silk blouse. It seemed a little plain on the front, so I added a brooch.

Who else has a bunch of brooches in their jewelry box that hasn’t been worn in ages?? Even though they aren’t trending per se, I’m going to try to remember to add one here and there.

These are my recycled water bottle booties from Vivaia. The three of us have really been impressed with their footwear and we have all continued to wear the shoes. (Original post can be seen here).


Tweed jacket and jeans

I was inspired by my friend, Jess, who posted an outfit similar to this.

Of course, I made the outfit mine by using the leopard in my earrings and belt instead of with leopard booties and wearing pink sneakers instead.

This tweed jacket has been worn on the blog before. I just love tweed, and this jacket was made by my mom. Truthfully she was making it for herself until it seemed a tad small. Yay for me!!

The jeans have a wide-leg silhouette and they have these fun flowers on the front. You’ve seen me style them in my how-to-wear wide-leg pants post.

I chose sneakers today because we have to walk down to the neighbors in the back through the grass for our HOA yearly meeting. Sneakers are better for that.
This pair is from Jambu and you can still get 20% off until Dec. 5 on their site. They still have this shoe available. It is called Lilac and is available in other colors too. Use code Jtouchf21.

Absolutely nothing is new in this outfit, yet I’ve never paired these pieces together before. That’s the best thing about shopping our closets and getting inspiration from each other.


Daily outfit for a fall casual day

Today we all went to an Arboretum for a field trip (and blog photos, of course).

A day like that, and I start my outfit with the shoes. I picked this pair of Walking Cradles called “Osmond Bootie”. I love them because they look like ankle booties yet they are really a sneaker.

Since we would be walking on dirt trails, I also thought that my skinny jeans would be perfect. This olive green pair is one of my go-to’s for the fall and winter.

I lightened up the outfit with an orange shirt and then wore a hand-knit sweater. You can hear more about this outfit in a couple of weeks on the blog!!
The sweater is quite a special one to me!!


2 longer layers with plaid leggings as part of my dailyoutfits

I do think that pants seem warmer in the colder weather, but I’m still going to try to wear my dresses and skirts a couple of days every week.

Even here in Arizona, I love the fleece-lined leggings. They just aren’t as thin in the fall and winter. If you haven’t tried them, I linked a couple below. They are perfect if you tend to be cold yet still like to wear leggings.

Insider tip: If you don’t want to buy new leggings, you can always layer 2 pairs of leggings over each other. Or layer a pair of hosiery under your leggings. I am the queen of layering to keep warm, so if you need tips, I’m here for you.

Since we all like to be somewhat covered in our leggings, I experimented with 2 different longer layers that both show due to their asymmetrical details.

The white sweater is from Peach (my link gives you $10 off your first order, make sure to put my name-Jodie Filogomo as the referrer), and the denim cardigan is Chicos.

I accessorized with a beaded necklace given to me by Lesley (yes, we all swap items now and again), and I layered 3 different beaded bracelets.

These black boots are from Jambu years ago (Jtouchf21 for 20% off) and are part of my black bootie collection. As we discussed, black booties are classic and if you wear them a lot, it’s good to have a couple of versions.

My mistake this day was not taking the time to put on my Sheec socks. My feet felt clammy all day in the booties.

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