More Daily Outfits: Simple Ways to Style for Autumn: 10.23.21

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More Daily Outfits: Simple Ways to Style for Autumn: 10.23.21

Showing more daily outfits as simple ways to style your clothing for Autumn. The weather may be starting to cool down, yet this transition time can be perfect for still wearing some summer items before pulling out all of our winter gear.

Don’t forget how tired we get of our winter pieces come spring. So there’s no sense trying to wear it all now if you still have some lighter-weight clothing that doesn’t need to be put away.


Summer dress with ankle boots

I felt bad that I hadn’t worn this summer dress much, so I decided to layer it for the fall weather.
Normally we think of layering over a dress like this, so instead, I got creative by layering under it.

If it were colder, I might have worn my red turtleneck. However, this 3/4 sleeve top was a great option, because it has the same boatneck style neckline.

Instead of wearing red shoes which would have been too matchy matchy for my tastes, I chose my brown booties. Brown is a wonderful neutral that can be dark for autumn, yet not as heavy as black.

These booties are made from recycled water bottles.

If you missed the post, all three of us gave our thoughts regarding the styles we chose from this brand called Vivaia. My discount, JTS, gives you15% off.

I added in a brown bracelet to make the brown boots look intentional.

And even though the earrings are big and bold, because they are thin gold, they aren’t overwhelming.

Sunday for More Daily Outfits

More daily outfits for fall for women over 50

The only reason I wore jeans is that we were going to our community outdoor music concert in the evening. This pair of black jeans have a baby flare to them (not super evident in this photo).

If you struggle on shoes to wear with the wider pants/jeans, I always think boots are great.

This pair of brown boots is my Eagle Jambu pair which are very low in stock but make sure to check out all their boots because many are on sale, THEN with my discount, Jtouchf21, they become such a steal (under $50).

I grabbed a fun cardigan and accessories with brighter colors. This necklace my mom bought me on her Panama Canal trip and the earrings are leather which makes them so lightweight.


More daily outfits with a summer dress transitioned to fall

Another summer dress is being transitioned to fall today. In fact, after this photo, I even added a pair of skinny jeans under the dress. I’ll be taking them off when “summer” returns about noon.

I swear this dress is the lightest dress ever and it feels like a nightgown. Since it’s sleeveless, I added a longer chambray shirt over it as a jacket.

My thrifted Converse sneakers were a fabulous colorful option. I find Converse sneakers too flat for a day of walking.
But if I were walking a lot, I’d add in my Sole Insoles that you can find on Amazon.


Faux fur pink teddy bear jacket for women over 50

Today was projected to be the coldest day we’ve had for fall so far. Now don’t laugh when I tell you that it’s going to get up to 79 degrees. Because in the morning it was under 60 degrees which is chilly.

I was going with my mom to her eye doctor’s appointment, so I wore “work” pants as part of this daily outfit post.

Many times I try to keep the outfit more subdued when going to doctor appointments, but I decided to go all-out colorful this time.

This faux fur jacket is new, which is why I wore it last week too.

The t-shirt was a recent purchase when I took mom and Lesley to Zaras. And the boots were thrifted.

I decided to keep the earrings relatively smaller. These colorful stud earrings are the kind I love since they are small but bold.

Now I will say that when it warmed up in the afternoon, I switched out the faux fur jacket to my pink denim jacket.

Insider tip: If you have a piece you love, it’s good to have the same color in different varieties. For example, if you wear red jeans a ton, then make sure you have a red skirt, or red shorts because you know you’ll have a ton of tops that will pair well.


Dress, jacket and ankle boots for fall

I was meeting up with a woman who reads my blog and lives near us, so I had to wear a lot of colors. Then again, when don’t I wear a lot of colors?? LOL.

This dress is over 8 years old. It seemed a tad short when I first bought it so my mom added the band of black at the bottom. It looks like it was made that way, right?

The jacket is also that old because I used to wear it to work.

The yellow booties are a recent purchase off of Amazon and they are still available (plus they are in a ton of colors and under $40). I did size up a half size, and they are super comfy!

The earrings bookend the color of the booties, and I layered a bunch of bracelets to bring in the red, black, and yellow colors.


Cropped white pants with striped sweater and ankle boots

It might seem silly to wear cropped pants in the fall, especially with a sweater but it works for our temperatures.

This cardigan is preloved from an online thrift store whose mission is to empower low-income women.

I added one of my longer Gibby’s scarves (use code Jodie20) and doubled it before I tied it.

Then I added in purple with my boots, earrings, and bracelet. Even my glasses have purple polka dots on them.

I’d like to point out that I may not look long and lean, yet I feel fun and creative in this outfit.

BTW, the earrings are the lilac ones featured in this post. You can still get a discount on Joan’s site with the code Jodie20 until Nov. 2, 2021.


You can see how I tend to wear more pants when it starts cooling down. These daily outfit posts are a great reminder of our habits and ruts, so hopefully, I’ll be making sure to wear dresses more.

These silky joggers are from Naomi & Ruth Boutique online. Many joggers tend to be very casual, so I thought these were a wonderful option.

I have another pair of velvet joggers that I thrifted and wore a couple of weeks back too.

I always think that sneakers go with joggers like PB & J, so I grabbed my newest Naot pair to give them another go.

Even though joggers are considered casual, I think the top is dressier with the sheer floral overlay. I always consider this mix of styles to be joyful. You may think it’s silly, but then again, I am a tad silly too!!

BTW, I was very, very serious when I was working as a dentist. In fact, I felt like the world was on my shoulders. So you could say that I’m making up for it now by being silly. Either that or it’s my version of a midlife change!!

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