Ideas and reasons to keep your skinny jeans

Multiple Reasons to Keep Your Skinny Jeans

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There are multiple reasons to keep your skinny jeans. You may read all of the articles about what is out of style and if so then you’ve heard that skinny jeans are being replaced. Yet in all reality, skinny jeans should be a staple in your wardrobe.
Funny story: when I was telling my cousin about this post and the reasons to keep your skinny jeans, she was flabbergasted that skinny jeans were considered “out of style”. This goes to show, that if you aren’t reading all the fashion articles, you may not realize skinny jeans aren’t as trendy since all of the stores still have them for sale.

Insider tip: Even if something isn’t the most stylish clothing item, you can make it so by pairing it with newer things.

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Quote of the day: “Each of us has a spark of life inside us, and our highest endeavor ought to be to set off that spark in one another.” Kenny Ausubel

I consider one of my sparks is the ability to inspire others in the styling of their closet. Styling clothing in many different ways tickles my fancy and it’s good for our wallets too.
Or as I like to say, “We are the bosses of our clothes.” And being the boss of my clothes includes finding multiple reasons to keep skinny jeans as part of my wardrobe even if the “fashion experts” are saying they are outdated.

Reasons to keep your skinny jeans
1-They tuck into boots so easily
2- Consider them as leggings/tights to wear under dresses
3- Great for balancing out an oversized blazer
4- More comfortable with longer tops that don’t cover the bum
5- More skinny jeans outfits

If you really analyze skinny jeans, then you might realize that their silhouette is similar to leggings or tights. They are more form-fitting, which can have many advantages depending on what you like to wear on the top half.
So even if you don’t want to be wearing them with your shorter sweaters or jackets anymore, I have 4 great reasons to keep your skinny jeans instead of throwing them out.

1-Tuck into Boots

Reason to keep your skinny jeans to tuck into tall boots
Jeans: Kancan ~~ Sweater: Zaras~~ Boots: Target~~ Earrings: Amazon~~ Purse: DSW~~Hat: Bealls (identical to this one on Amazon)

One of the biggest reasons I plan on keeping my skinny jeans is the advantage of tucking them into my tall boots. If you like boots as I do, then skinny jeans are the way to go.
You don’t have to wrap them around your ankle and tuck them into your socks like I used to have to do with my straight-leg jeans.

The other thing that happens with the wider jeans, is you get that poof of the material above the boots. Whereas with skinny jeans, the jeans stay flat and look great.

Details of the Outfit

I would also say those skinny jeans are a great option with any top that is oversized which you will see in Lesley’s case too. This sweater is not only oversized but they only had a bigger size available when I saw it at the store, but I couldn’t pass it up.

I wore this same sweater with black leggings and black boots last winter. So it’s nice to see how it pairs with other items from my closet.
This is the kind of sweater that would work if you are going to be outside and don’t want to wear a coat. Because it’s oversized, you can layer many things under it.
For example, I wore a fleece top, but you could also wear a turtleneck as well as another sweater.

Accessories and Footwear

Since this sweater has a lot of personality on its own, I didn’t feel the need to add another color to my look. Instead, I wore a light blue hat which brings out the light blue of the sweater. And wore my white furry earrings and carried my ivory purse crossbody style.

Insider detail: These earrings (found on Amazon for a steal) actually help keep your ears warm in colder weather.

These white cowboy boots were a fabulous buy from Target. Right now they still have limited sizes available in black, tan, and grey options. I have been impressed with the comfort since they have memory foam in them. If you like them, I would suggest clicking the “notify me when they are back in stock” because I have been wearing them a lot.

Graphic oversized sweater

When Your Dress is Too Short

Wearing skinny jeans under a dress
Dress: Amoretu c/o~~Jeans: Hue ~~ Shoes: Jambu “Woodbury”~~ Scarf: gift from me~~ Earrings: Complete Gourmet store in Littleton~~ Purse: Rosetti

Charlotte’s reason to keep skinny jeans in her closet was for modesty. She decided to wear them with a dress that seemed too short for her because it falls above her knees.
You can see this dress when we first received it from the company, and to counteract that detail, she paired it with tall boots.

This idea for skinny jeans is how I like to remind us not to categorize our clothes. Yes, these are jeans. But if you think of them as something form-fitting for the bottom half of your body, then they can also be considered leggings or even thick tights.

When you think of them that way, then there’s no reason not to keep them and wear them as better insulation under your dresses in the winter.

Details of the Outfit

Charlotte wore a white, long sleeve top under the dress also which you could see when she took off the scarf. But since she wore the scarf for these photos, it’s hidden.

And wearing a long scarf like this down the middle of the dress is a great way to make the dress almost seem like a duster. My mom wore the scarf because it was chilly this day, but it also helps flatten the front of the dress since it has tiers.

Accessories and Footwear

There are so many colors in this dress that you could easily match earrings of different colors to the look. She also grabbed a color-blocked blue purse that she wore crossbody style.

For her feet, she wore her favorite duck shoes from Jambu. We were taking a walking tour of the Scottsdale canal, so we needed comfortable shoe options. This shoe style has been recommended by APMA for foot health and is filled with fleece for warmth.

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Tiered dress and skinny jeans as leggings

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Reasons for Keeping Your Skinny Jeans: Balance for an Oversized Blazer

Wearing an oversized blazer as one reason to keep your skinny jeans
Jeans: ANA JCPenny ~~ Blazer: And Now This-Macys~~Blouse: Vine & Love –Naomi & Ruth Boutique~ Boots: Jambu “Emery”~~ Vest: Style & Co-Macys~~ Necklace: ~~ Bracelet: ~~ Earrings: ~~ Purse: no label

Having balance in an outfit is one tactic to not have oversized items be too overwhelming. For instance, this oversized blazer that Lesley is wearing. This is one of the perfect reasons to keep your skinny jeans because they balance out the longer, bigger jacket since they are form-fitting.

This is the same concept as my oversized sweater above only Lesley is showing her example with ankle boots.

Details of the Outfit

The blazers are making such a comeback which I think is fabulous. Even if you don’t have any in your closets, you might want to keep your eye out for some great deals. They don’t have to be just for working women anymore.
Many of the newer blazers are oversized which you might think is overwhelming, but it has more advantages than you think.

For one, it creates the reason for keeping your skinny jeans since the slimmer jeans balance out the look.
Plus you can layer more under the blazer for warmth.

Insider tip: Think of the oversized blazer as your outerwear. No need for another coat when you wear it.

Lesley wore not only a spotted blouse under the blazer but also a black sweater vest. She pointed out that the blouse doesn’t have grey in it to match the blazer, yet it coordinates fabulously.
And the cherry on top is the ruffle sleeves that poked out of the blazer since she rolled up the blazer sleeves.

Accessories and Footwear

I love how Lesley added a punch of color by carrying a red purse. Even though there is no other red in the outfit, it creates a very modern approach to styling and makes her look contemporary.

Insider tip: Every generation has its style preferences, and if you continue to style things the way you did when you were young, it will seem frumpy or old-fashioned. Learning the tricks to keep it looking modern is one way to make us seem smarter.
Remember, we are visual animals, so it’s only human nature to create a story about a person by the way they look.

Lesley is also wearing a pair of Jambu footwear (this style is not available now, but all of their footwear is comfortable) for our outing of the day. Her boots are from 2 years ago and you can see how she wore them back then (with the same jeans).

Balance reasons to keep your skinny jeans

Longer Tops That Don’t Cover the Rear

Reasons to keep your skinny jeans for oversized blouse trend
Jeans: Levi’s -Salvation Army~~ Vest: Walmart clearance ~~ Top: hubbys no brand very old ~~ Boots: Walmart~~ Purse: Michael Kors

Another great reason for keeping your skinny jeans is for those longer tops that don’t quite cover the bum. You may not feel comfortable wearing those tops with leggings, and for the times you don’t want to tuck in the shirt, this works as an alternative.

Cathie is showcasing how these jeans give you a slimmer silhouette with longer tops, but they aren’t as revealing as leggings.

Details of the Outfit

Cathie “borrowed” one of her husband’s white, button-down tops to layer under this sweater vest. The funny thing is when Lesley wasn’t wearing her blazer, she and Cathie were basically twinning. It goes to show that style really is ageless.

I love how sweater vests are so popular now. And some of the sweater vests are oversized which can be another great reason for keeping your skinny jeans. For Cathie’s example, she wore one that allowed the white shirt to hang out underneath it (as opposed to Lesley’s vest that covered the shirt hem).

As a knitter, sweater vests are fun to knit because you don’t have to worry about sleeves. Those sleeves always take so long to knit up.

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Accessories and Footwear

It’s not easy to see, but Cathie’s earrings are a red plaid material. She kept her purse black to coordinate with the vest and boots.

But let’s talk about the boots. Combat boots may not be on your radar because you consider them clunky and manly. Sure, they are that, but that could be said for denim jackets too. Yet you’ve seen denim jackets on women for so long that they seem “normal”.
Pretty soon, I bet combat boots will seem normal too. They can add a touch of edginess which gives that yin/yang element to make an outfit modern.

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Insider tip: Remember, footwear can make or break an outfit. By wearing the newer trends in shoes, you appear more modern. And combat boots are advantageous to older women since they don’t involve a heel.

Skinny jeans and plus size woman over 40

More Inspiration for Skinny Jeans

I know skinny jeans have been popular for many years, so there is no reason to stop loving them now. Figure out reasons to keep your skinny jeans by having them work with what makes you feel and look good, and you will make your closet much bigger.

1I wore a pair of skinny jeans with a tunic top. You can compare it to my mom’s outfit with wider jeans.
2Those same jeans in #1 got dressed up for a fancier occasion.
3-The disadvantage of skinny jeans is how some can sag over time. I researched and wrote an article to say goodbye to saggy denim.
4Ways to add sass to jeans and a t-shirt.

Women over 40 in skinny jeans
Multiple reasons to keep your skinny jeans

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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