Options on ways to style lime green vest

Multiple Ways to Style a Lime Green Vest

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Let me introduce you to other magnificent women I have met recently. Laura, Gurmeet, and I all have the same sweater vest from our local boutique, Naomi & Ruth, so I thought it would be fun to showcase the 3 of us wearing it.
I love being able to prove that there are multiple ways to style this lime green vest from different color combinations to different pairings with other clothing.

Quote of the day: “I believe that one defines oneself by reinvention…To be yourself. To cut yourself out of stone.” Henry Rollins

I have written about other vests and showcased how we wore them

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  3. Why you might wear a vest in the summer

Naomi & Ruth Boutique

Let me introduce Andrea, of Naomi & Ruth Boutique who is the woman in pink below. Our vests were all purchased from her shop. And when we were getting together for happy hour, I came up with idea to surprise Andrea by having the three of us showcase multiple ways to style the lime green vest.

3 ways to style a lime green vest and Naomi & Ruth

If you get my emails then you know the name Naomi & Ruth. She is one of the local boutiques that I love to support. Recently I was able to be added as an ambassador for her company, which means I can offer you a discount as well as receive a small commission on any of your purchases.

She has an online site that I hope you peruse and the best part is that she adds new products every couple of weeks.

Insider discount: Andrea graciously gives my readers a discount. Use code Jodi15. And many Saturdays she has a Saturday Surprise where an item is discounted for the weekend. I share this in my emails but you can also join her FB group.

What makes her company different is she is a huge champion of women. She isn’t trying to stick older women in a box of what they can and can’t wear, and she also gives a portion of each and every purchase to The Dream Center in Phoenix, Arizona.
I talk about her boutique a lot, but I thought it might be more personal if you could see her face and read her story.

Now, this vest isn’t still available on her site anymore, but she does have the lime green top in the photo below that is still available in a medium or large.

Lime green is one of those colors that are fresh and fabulous for spring and summer, so make sure your closet has at least one thing in the color. As for color combinations with it? We are showing just a couple, but trust me, there are more.

Style a Lime Green Vest Over a Dress

Ways to style lime green vest with one button
Dress: Velvet Heart from Naomi & Ruth~~ Top: Forever 21 ~~ Shoes: ~~ Boots: BOC-Nordstrom Rack~~ Earrings: MoDzines-local jewelry designer~~ Purse: Madden Girl-Nordstrom Rack

First I’d like you to meet Laura who is the face behind Scrub Studio Soaps. She’s a former forensic scientist who started making soaps when her youngest son asked if they could make
soap for homeless patrons during our pandemic. Now if that isn’t a heartwarming story, then I don’t know what is.

I talk about some of her products that grace my favorites list in my email from time to time. Of course, Rob and I love her soaps, but I’m also a huge fan of the scrubs. I never knew that scrubs could be such a help for my dry skin. Truthfully I like this sugar scrub better than the coffee ones. The coffee ones are too messy for me, whereas the sugar ones dissolve better.

Insider info: Scrub Studios will be launching a non-toxic line of fragrances soon. I’ve been beta-testing a couple and there’s one that you HAVE to get for the summer!! Make sure to join my email list to know when it comes out.

You should definitely sign up for the emails below. Besides the free eBook, my email family gets personal tidbits of what’s going on in my life along with other happenings, sales, information, giveaways, extra photos, and inspirational articles.

Dress & Sweater Vest

Dresses are amazingly versatile if you stop thinking of them as just a dress. They can be a skirt, top, and/or a fabulous layering piece all in one.
What you may not realize at first glance about Laura’s outfit is that she layered a black 3/4 length sleeve t-shirt over her tiered dress. And then added the lime green vest for a pop of color.

When I complimented Laura about her innovation of layering with this look, Laura told me she was channeling her inner “Jodie” which melts my heart. Doesn’t her smile just prove how looking good can have such an uplifting effect on our mood?

That flower sticking up around the neckline?? That’s part of the t-shirt and gives the look such a great point of interest.

I’d also like to point out that Laura only buttoned the top button of the vest.

Insider tip: Just because your top, jacket, or vest has buttons doesn’t mean you have to button any or all of them.

More Details

These tiered dresses and skirts are still trending for the spring and summer and can give your look a contemporary vibe.
What I love that Laura did is styled her chunky ankle boots with the dress. Most of us think of a dress as feminine, yet these boots bring in a masculine detail.

Notice her shoulder-scraping earrings that pull in the lime green color. Since she has long hair, it’s good that she sticks to lighter color earrings so they can be admired instead of blending into her locks.

Then the backpack is a fabulous option to bring in more colors to the look as well as add some details to the rearview.

Insider tip: Remember, just as many people see you from the back as the front. Give them something great to see.

Tiered dress and ways to style a lime green vest

Ways of Styling a Lime Green Vest Over Another Top

Tunic and short lime green vest
Jeans: Democracy on Amazon- found here ~~ Top: no label-bought in India 6 years ago ~~ Boots: UGGs ~~ Bracelet: SGSparkle on Etsy~~ Earrings: SGSparkle on Etsy

This beautiful woman is Gurmeet who I met at Naomi & Ruth’s once when I was shopping. She is good friends with Laura because their sons are best friends. And I had the honor of taking her shopping to help evolve her style and build confidence.
Not only is she a smart cookie but she has an Etsy site on the side where she sells many Indian pieces as well as the jewelry she is starting to make herself.

Her site is called SGSparkle and everything is very budget oriented.

When I suggested ways to style our lime green vest, she opted to wear it over a longer tunic top. And doesn’t it look fabulous? The contrast of the bright blue with the lime green is the perfect spring color combination.

Long Tunic with Short Vest

I love how Gurmeet layered the shorter lime green sweater vest over a longer tunic top. This kind of tunic is always great for any body shape because of the slits at the side.
Those slits are not just functional for ease of movement, but they act as bits of asymmetrical details.

Let me also point out that Gurmeet buttoned the top 2 buttons compared to Laura buttoned only the top button. I have some examples below where I didn’t button it at all.

And since Gurmeet is even shorter than me, she was excited to find these petite jeans on Amazon.

The Extras

Gurmeet also has long, dark hair so again it’s nice to see large and colorful earrings which stand out. These earrings don’t have the exact colors of the vest in them, but they work because they bring out the lightness of the lime green.

What you don’t see is a purse. That’s because Gurmeet doesn’t use them. Instead, she requires clothing with pockets. If there aren’t pockets, then it won’t work for her.

Another great point about her look is the grey boots. Notice there isn’t any other grey in her outfit, but because grey is neutral, it’s a fabulous option. If she had worn black boots, they might have looked heavy, but the lighter grey blends fabulously with the light and bright colors on the top half.

Styling a Lime Green Vest Backwards

Ways to style lime green vest backwards under blazer
Pants: No label~~ Jacket: from Just Be Youtiful ~~ Shoes: Converse- thrifted~~ Necklaces: long one from Chicos ~~ Purse: no label-thrifted

Since both Gurmeet and Laura were styling their lime green vests over other items, I wanted to show how the vest could be layered under something. Yet, when I put it on the normal way, it didn’t seem to show. My answer to that problem? Turn it around and wear it backward.

Insider tip: It may be obvious, but when you wear any kind of cardigan backward, you should button it up first, and then pull it over your head. You can see how I did this with a cardigan in the past.

I thought I’d also share two other times I’ve thought of ways to style this lime green vest. Both of those times I didn’t button it at all.

The outfit with the blue top is reminiscent of the color combination that Gurmeet put together. Instead of wearing a longer layer beneath the vest, I tucked in my top and wore a belt. This goes to show there are many ways to style this kind of sweater vest.

Lime Green and Brown

I had oodles of options of jackets to pair with the lime green vest, but I landed on this brown print one that is from the other local boutique I love called Just Be Youtiful. Just Be Youtiful’s online site has a different selection from her store, so it’s nice to peruse both her FB page and her online site. And code Jtouch15 gives you a discount.

Even though there is no lime green in the jacket, it’s still a wonderful option. In fact, The vest lightens the autumn vibes that the jacket gives. You saw me wear this jacket with yellow jeans in the past.

I grounded the look with white pants. These are wide-leg pants found on the first outing we had here in Arizona. If you are looking at the proportions of my outfit from the side or back views, it’s not ideal at half for the blazer and half for pants. But the front view is a tad different, so I still liked it.
Both TJMaxx and Marshalls have very similar pants in the widget below.

Lime Green Extras

I decided to wear as many of the lime green accessories as I could. That included these preloved Converse sneakers, a thrifted purse, and even a pair of earrings.

Insider tip: For me, Converse sneakers are fun but not supportive. I add my Soul Insoles to them for days we are walking. The Soul Insoles can be transferred to multiple pairs of shoes so they are a good value for the money.

I also used 2 different necklaces for the look. The longer one and then a multi-strand shorter one. These pull the colors from the jacket and keep a vertical line to the look.

Brown print blazer and white wide leg pants

Layering Tricks

Layering is what gives an outfit depth and can create such interesting looks. Don’t be afraid to try it with all kinds of clothing items, not just the ones you normally layer. Here are a couple of tips that we used with our ways to style a lime green vest:

1-Remember the words “over and under” are key. Almost everything we wear can be layered both over and under other items. And that creates amazing versatility.
2-Don’t worry about the length of your layers. The outer layer does NOT have to cover the bottom layer.
3-You are the boss of your clothes, so if something isn’t working, maybe there is a fix to it. Like for me with the showcased outfit, turning the vest backward made such a difference.
4-Most importantly have fun with layering. If you try it and don’t like it, it’s no biggie. Every day you get a mulligan to put together new outfits. And the only way you learn is by trying.

LIme green vest styled with variety

What you don’t see in my outfit until I pull down the jacket is I do have a “layer” under my vest. I’m wearing one of my Halftees which gives me warmth, and then I also don’t have to worry about washing my sweater vest. I always would rather wash less expensive t-shirts.

Halftees are shirts that can give you coverage for your arms or chest but don’t cover your midriff. I am an ambassador for the company because I love its products. Use code Jtouch20 for 20% off.

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Multiple ways to style lime green vest

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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