My Best Purchases In The Recent Years

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There are times you look at the things you’ve bought and think, “Hey, I really hit the jackpot on that purchase.” So I thought it would be fun to share my 10 best purchases from these last couple of years and also one regretted purchase.

The best part? If you share what you consider some of your best purchases, it may be something I need too!

Quote of the day: “You only have to do a very few things right in your life so long as you don’t do too many things wrong.” Warren Buffet

I’m not sure I agree with the quote, but it made me stop and think. We all make fabulous and not-so-fabulous purchases. And it’s silly to think we will never make the bad ones anymore. Some of my best purchases were a total fluke or impulse buy, and yet they still ended up on this list.

Keep reading to see what you think and tell me if you agree about my regretted purchase.
As a fashionista, you might be surprised that it’s not all about clothes. And in all reality, I would also include all of the items from my fashion kit essentials.

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My Best Clothing Purchases

When I talk about my best clothing purchases, they aren’t even clothing per se. But they have proven themselves time and time again.

Rancher’s Hat

When these types of hats started showing up on Instagram, I thought it might be a nice winter hat. I found this one on Amazon for a great price (compared to the retail stores), and found I wore it almost weekly.
I liked it so much that I also bought one in light blue for variety. It comes in 20 different colors and has a shape very similar to your sun hats.

Insider tip: There is a tie to adjust it if it’s too big. Otherwise, I find this hat tape to be helpful (BTW, I use the hat tape to make my cuff bracelets smaller too).

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Macrame Belt

I bought this belt from Target last year (or the year before that) when one of my cohorts suggested it. It’s one of those accessories that just goes with everything and looks perfect for the summer.
I wouldn’t have thought to purchase it myself, but thanks to my cohort’s push, it’s been one of my best purchases.

Even if you don’t wear belts much, this one is going to be a surprise for you. It adds that summer vibe to dresses, shorts, pants, and skirts.
There are many other varieties on Amazon too.

Strapless Bra/Body Tape

I call both of these the unicorns of strapless bras. Why? Because a comfortable strapless bra was something I thought was only found in fairy tales.
So for the longest time, I gave up on them, and only bought tops where I could wear a regular bra.

Until I decided enough was enough. I wanted to wear the cute, summer tops like no one’s business. When this attitude set in, I made it my mission to find a bra that would hold up my 30D chest and not make me feel like I couldn’t breathe.
I bought (and returned many) in an article published in 2021. The Fashion Forms were the best thing I found and I even bought a second set.

BUT THEN, I was sent the Gatherall bra from a PR company and it changed the way I think about strapless. Because of this product, I updated that 2021 article and then even published a new post all about this innovative design. Heck, I even made a YouTube video trying to show how to put it on (and yes, there is a slight learning curve).

Insider tip: Don’t fall for the cheaper versions on Amazon. I’ve tried those and they do not stay up at all!

Being the scientific person that I am, I then wanted to explore the possibility of body tape that all the young girls were using as an alternative. At first, I wasn’t a fan, but after watching a handful of videos on how to use it, the “aha” moment came to me and I am now the hugest fan!

My favorite brand of body tape is Risque because it really stays put. I find it on their site (use code JTOUCHOFSTYLE) or on Amazon.

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Sheec Socks-The Best No-Show Socks

When I first heard someone talk about these, I had to buy a couple of pair to try out. And immediately I was hooked. In the past, I thought all no-show socks were the same, but that’s not true.
Sheec has some revolutionary differences, one being the fact that they are sized to your shoe size (it’s not a large range of sizes like most socks) as well as the sole hugger technology.

Insider tip: I have found other brands of no-show socks that cover the entire foot that works okay also. But for your ballet flats and low-cut sneakers, this brand is the BEST. I have a discount code on my page yet it’s only on your first purchase. However, occasionally they promote a discount for returning customers that I share in my emails.

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Tayloani Hair Masque & Thermocap

We all know how things change as we get older, and our hair can be one of those things. I’ve never had thick or fabulous hair, and that’s one reason that I decided to get a pixie cut a couple of years back. Yet, I knew my hair still wasn’t super healthy, and there was a loss of hair around my temples.

I’ve written about the changes over time when I started using a hair serum, and most recently with this Tayloani masque and cap. Truthfully, I had a multitude of people commenting on how my hair looked so much better, which prompted me to reach out to Tayloani to become an affiliate.
I first bought the system after reading about it on another blogger’s site. And it worked so well for me that I’ve continued to use it over a year later.

Insider tip: In my opinion, the Thermocap is what makes it different. I feel like you could find a natural hair mask with other brands, but the cap is not something I’ve seen elsewhere. And yes, you can buy the items separately on Tayloani.
Use code JODIEF25 for a discount.

Sea Buckthorn Supplements

If you get my emails, then you’ve heard about this product multiple times. I’ve struggled with sinus issues for the past 8 years and none of my doctors or functional medicine providers could find a solution.

Until I heard a doctor talk about how the nasal cavity dries up like the rest of our skin and bodies after menopause. This doctor suggested Sea Buckthorn Oil Supplements and I decided it couldn’t hurt.

After increasing my dosage to 3 pills a day, I found incredible relief.
My nasal glob went away and I found I wasn’t blowing my nose throughout the day. It was AMAZING.
Because of these changes, I also didn’t have the sinus pressure I’ve been experiencing that would make it hurt when I bent forward especially when practicing yoga.

I’m a huge believer in supplements, and this one is in my daily pile now. I can’t recommend it enough.
I find it on a couple of sites including iHerb, Pure Formula, and Amazon.

Insider tip: It’s good to try it out with just one per day to start. But after a week, then increase your dose. As of right now, I’m taking 3-4 a day. Don’t take them before bed as they can interrupt your sleep.

Air Fryer

Everyone probably has an AirFryer by now, right?
We bought one a couple of years ago but we tried the oven version instead of the basket version. We liked it okay, but couldn’t understand why everyone was so gaga about it.

Needless to say, our friend told us he switched from the oven version to the basket version and it was amazing. We took his advice to heart, and haven’t looked back since.
You can find these everywhere including Walmart, Amazon, and Target.

Of course, if you have an air fryer, I’m sure you’re already using the silicone tongs too. We love ours and use them on our cast iron pans also.

Whole House Water Filtration System

This was not a purchase that I had been considering. It was all Rob’s idea when we went to the Home and Garden Show. But the truth of the matter is we had been filtering the water in our house since we moved in.

What you may not realize is that Phoenix’s water tastes awful. And it’s super hard with minerals. Many people use a water-softening method, but when we researched this option, there were many reasons we didn’t like it.

Originally, we had a water filter in our refrigerator, and then Rob put a filtration device (found on Amazon) under the kitchen sink (but it can only be hooked up to the cold water line).
After reading my friend’s book about toxins and our bodies, we also bought a water filtration system for our shower. It was amazing the difference in how our skin wasn’t as dry after this.

The whole house water filtration system we purchased is called Earthesmart and after researching why they are different, we decided to try it. It’s been one of those things we constantly say we are SO glad we bought.

Laundry Love Book

This is the only book that I’ve ever purchased after borrowing it from the library. The stain removal guide has been a huge help and I refer to it constantly.
I may not agree with how the author spends an entire day on laundry; however, I have saved a bunch of clothing from the trash because of his stain-removal guide.

In fact, here are the stain removal items I’ve purchased because of this book, and trust me, I’ve used them all and a lot!

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My Best Purchases In a Nutshell

Regret Purchase

I know many, many people love their Instapot, but I would say it’s something I wish we hadn’t bought. We have used it a couple of times, but it doesn’t seem to tickle our fancy for what we need and cook.
For instance, I tried to cook rice in it, and I used the booklet for how much rice/water ratio, and the rice came out crunchy.

We did use it a couple of times for beets and sweet potatoes and it worked fine.

So I will ask you, what are we missing? I’m sure there is a way to get more use out of it.

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