My Boho Style for Women Over 50 With Dichotomy

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My Boho Style for Women Over 50 With Dichotomy

My boho style is starting to evolve. When it was trending in the 70’s, I was still being dressed by my mother since I was in elementary school. So let’s just say it was non existent then. As an extra special treat for this post, please welcome Sarah with her boho style. You’ll learn some very interesting things about Sarah below.

Quote of the day: “None of us is as smart as all of us.” Kenneth Blanchard

I think that quote says it the best. Any of us who think we know it all are living in lala land. Because we can get so much inspiration and ideas from others if we are open to the possibility. Even if you think it’s something you wouldn’t wear.

Just like for Lesley who considers herself more conservative. Heck, even my mom who is in her 80’s loves to experiment with all kinds of styles. Especially when they are pretty like the embroidery details of the boho trend. As for the place we went for these photos? It’s definitely unique.


Let me introduce one of my readers, Sarah. Obviously, I LOVE to include other women to showcase on my blog, because I think it gives even more real style for inspiration. Just like I included Gail who had suggested how to wear wide leg pants last week.

Sarah and her husband have downsized like no one’s business. Because they live in a RV and travel around. Right now they are hanging out in Arizona which is how we were able to get together. So if you are complaining about a small closet, then I think Sarah has got you beat!

One of her secrets? She has a lot of scarves that she uses to change things up. But she only has 3 purses and ONE lipstick!! I need lessons from her.

Black and white dress

Dress: White House Black Market-thrifted~~ Boots: Franco Sarto ~~ Scarf: Amazon~~ Earrings: ~~ Purse:

Boho Dichotomy

Since Sarah is so limited for clothing, I asked her what she wanted to style for our get together. She said she has some boho pieces so I came up with the idea of mixing up our boho with other kinds of style.

Sarah considers this dress both classic because of the black and white color combo yet boho too since the sleeves are flared. The scarf is another great bohemian detail while the boots add a modern vibe.


You can see the wonderful fringe on the scarf that gives it the boho look. And if you look closely, you’ll see Sarah is wearing pearl earrings. Now that’s a detail that I would consider as a classic piece of the outfit.

The Boots

Even though we live in a warmer state now, I still adore the over the knee boots. So I was equally surprised and happy that Sarah does too. In case, you think you are too old for such a style, then make sure to see how my 80+ year old mother wore them.

I know someone once asked me about sitting in them and wouldn’t they hurt the back of your knees. This is a good example of how many of them get around that fact. Others are a softer material that is flexible.

And if you are looking for a wonderful neutral boot for the winter, this charcoal grey goes perfectly with the darker pieces. I almost like it better than black. Hmmmm…I might need to go shopping, ha ha!

This Dress and Sarah’s Boho History

Boots and my boho style dress

The interesting part of this outfit is that, with the exception of the boots, it’s what Sarah got married in 3 years ago. The dress was a $15 resale find.

Sarah recounts that back in the 70’s her mom used to make a lot of her clothes. She’s always loved the hippy looks that her mom would wear with the beautiful bright orange, pink and green floral fabrics. Somewhere along the line, Sarah became a “neutral girl” probably because she’s a musician and had to have a lot of black and white clothing ready to wear for concerts.

Now as a full time RV-er, she relies on neutrals since her clothing storage is so limited. She will tell you that I have influenced her because now she has more color than she’s ever had. And let me tell you that hearing her say that makes me SO happy (and it makes her husband happy too).

Jodie and My Boho Style

For my boho style and dichotomy mix, I wanted to add in a sporty side to the bohemian. And maybe a little classic too.

Pants: Willow & Clay c/o Trendz~~ Top: Peach ~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles c/o~~ Bracelet: thrifted ~~ Earrings: Charming Charlies ~~ Purse: World Market


I wasn’t planning on wearing the pink velvet ball cap too; however, it was a bad hair day. And heck, it matches the sweatshirt perfectly. Plus it adds that sportiness too.

This purse was a wonderful find from World Market. Now there’s a place to get your fill of boho style for some accessories. And you thought it was just food and kitchen items.

As for the bracelet, it’s a resale find. I’m not even sure what style you would classify it as. Any ideas?

Sweatshirt & Pants

Boho and sporty combined

I don’t consider myself a super sporty dresser. I think that’s why I really was drawn to this velvet sweatshirt. It’s from a company called Peach that I work for to showcase some of their pieces. The exact link to this sweatshirt is above, and I love how this winter they have some wonderful pink items.

This ruffle type pants reminds my husband of the Chiquita banana girl. In fact, whenever I wear something with a boho flair, he always calls me his “hippy chic”. Truthfully it’s not his favorite kind of style, but he tolerates it on me.

The Navy Suede Heels

Navy blue heels

While pumps are not in any way, shape or form boho, I thought this was a classic style to make the outfit not seem to hippyish. Besides, they match the navy in the stripes and worked perfectly.

These are the Walking Cradles pumps that I showcased earlier this week. I would consider them truly a basic. Along with the fact that they come in nude, black and leather versions too. And for this week until Sunday, November 24, 2019 they are on a HUGE discount. While you can’t use my extra discount with this special sale, I will get a commission if you go through my link, so thank you.

My History with Boho

Striped ruffle pants

Since I don’t remember much about this bohemian style as a child, I feel like it’s a fun and new style to me. I remember when all three of us first styled fringe on the blog.

And little by little I have been adding more boho items to my closet. Do you even know the definition of boho? I looked it up and it says “socially unconventional in a way regarded as characteristic of creative artists.” Sure, I can live up to that, can you?

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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