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The prompt for Where Bloggers Live was to share our favorite bloggers. For me, that’s incredibly hard because I have a ton that I follow between blogs and Instagram (I don’t really watch much YouTube).
So I decided to go a different route (story of my life, haha) and talk about my inspiration when I first started blogging.

Quote of the day: “Start slow if you have to. Start small if you have to. Start privately if you have to. Just start.” James Clear

The year was 2014. It was a year after selling my dental practice, and I was thinking about being a personal stylist. You know how much I love to shop, right? So why not do it for others?

I had taken some fashion and styling classes and had even started shopping for other women. As my husband and I were talking about it, we decided that I needed something to do while I built up my clientele. So he told me to start a blog.

As part of doing something different (because I have trouble with just going with the flow), I thought it would be more inclusive to include my mother and stepmom since they lived close by. There really weren’t many blogs at the time catering to women over 50, but I wanted to include more than just myself.
I hear the statement, “you can wear anything because you’re slim”, so I thought it would be nice to include other women with different body shapes, different ages, and above all different thoughts of style.

But I still needed some inspiration on how to put it all together. SO I googled fashion blog for women. And landed on a couple that became favorites of mine.

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J’s Everyday Fashion

J’s Everyday Fashion

The first blog that I became obsessed with was Jeanette from J’s Everyday Fashion. I would check her site every morning and look forward to her outfits. It was through her that I learned how you could style a dress as a skirt.

Jeanette didn’t have long or drawn-out blog articles. But what I loved is how she shopped on a budget. I would comment every day and basically became a groupie. When she came out with a book, I bought it and read it. Even when she started designing ethical clothing, I bought a bodysuit and styled it.

Life has evolved for Jeanette. She and her husband opened up a photo studio in Orlando so she really doesn’t blog anymore although she keeps her site up.



The other blog I found at the time that I liked was called The Classy Cubicle. Mary changed the name years ago to Memorandum, and I always liked her professional vibe.

Mary is one of those women that always seems so perfect, but she has a sarcastic humor that makes you realize she’s human.
I stopped following her many years back when I decided to have more fun with my style. But I do see her on Instagram occasionally, and her videos always crack me up.

Brenda Kinsel

Brenda Kinsel

The last woman I really loved to read was Brenda Kinsel. I actually met her virtually through our Forever Fierce Facebook group (which you should join if you are looking for a group with a kind vibe).

Brenda was an image consultant but wasn’t boring and stuffy like others I had encountered. AND her writing. Man, could that woman tell a story. I only wish I could be as entertaining with words.
Plus her glasses were so fun. Maybe that’s where I got my inspiration to have more interesting spectacles?

The saddest thing is she passed away unexpectedly a couple of years ago. Her daughters announced it in an email and we were shocked. Luckily her site is still up because she was quite a source of great information and opinions.


Now, I love to get inspiration from all of the blogs and women I see on Instagram. I have learned to stop limiting myself to only one way to style my clothes and instead have fun which is why I enjoy reading all kinds of blogs from women of all different sizes and styles.

The funny thing is many of the women I used to read years ago have stopped blogging for various reasons. And when that happens, usually their site goes down too because it costs money and hard work to keep it updated.
That’s life. We all evolve and change courses over life. I keep thinking I should come up with some eBooks with all of the style hacks I’ve discovered so they would all be in one place.

Insider tip: That’s why it’s a good idea to somehow save ideas or photos of outfits that you really like. Who knows when a site could be taken down?

Where Bloggers Live

What is Where Bloggers Live? It’s kind of like HGTV’s “Celebrities at Home,” but…Bloggers! Who doesn’t like to peek behind the scenes and hear all about the personal backstories and interesting details? Go take a gander at everyone else’s favorite bloggers. This should be a good one.
FYI, we don’t all post at the same time since we all have different schedules and live in different parts of the country

Where bloggers live

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